Why Voice Assistants and Voice Search Matters for Your Business

woman doing a voice search

Technology is a wonderful thing when it adds convenience to our lives, right? A prime example of this is when we speak directly into our smartphones and electronic devices instead of typing or keying in requests.

How handy is it to say, “Hey [insert your favorite voice assistant here], remind me to call mom at 6 p.m.” without even lifting a finger? As voice accuracy increases, more and more customers are going to find the information they need by using this advanced technology known as voice search.

But what is voice search?

Voice search is still a very new term to define. But it’s a function that uses speech recognition to search and deliver web results. Voice search is accomplished through virtual assistants like Google Virtual Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Siri.

Voice search is quick! It requires less effort than typing. And it’s conversational. The big takeaway from voice search is the use of natural language.

And why should you consider Alexa, Siri, and Google Voice Assistant in your marketing?

Customers are searching for specific answers to specific questions. Voice assistants scour the Internet on a person’s behalf, sifting through countless search results to find the best-ranking answer.

These virtual voice assistants help us accomplish tasks and act as a hands-free personal assistant – a voice assistant. Voice devices are making an impact on our everyday lives. When you think about it, they’re helping us make a decision about purchasing products and services.

Consider a customer who’s looking for a particular service. They may use their iPhones for assistance.

“Hey Siri, find the best pest control service near me.”

Do you know what search results Siri will return? Businesses that are optimized for voice search, with 5-star or near 5-star ratings near the person’s location that provides these services.

voice search on voice assistant tablet

Could voice search be a win for your business?

Voice searches are geared towards local listings. Queries and requests usually end with “near me.” This is why your Local SEO is so important.

Incorporating voice search optimization into your marketing can help your business achieve the following:

  • Improved click-through rates
  • Increased traffic
  • Greater brand visibility
  • More Calls – More Business

Voice search utilizes long-tail keywords compared to text search with shorter keywords. We tend to use more words when we give a voice command and fewer words when we type a request. Keep this in mind when you optimize your business’s web presence for voice search.

By 2020 – this year – 50% of searches will be voice searches. 2020 is here, and customers are searching. Is your business on board with voice search?