Easy Ways to Revamp Your Blog

Even the best blogs can go stale sometimes. We run out of ideas and our creativity goes dry. When this happens, don’t slam your laptop shut and abandon all your hard work. Instead, take some time away and go back to the drawing board. Even the best bloggers need to reevaluate their strategy sometimes. In fact, we recommend taking routine breaks from blogging to come up with new, fresh ideas.
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When writer’s block hits, or you just feel like you have nothing else to stay, try one of these tricks to revamp your blog: 

Do some research

Thanks to the Internet, inspiration is only a click away. When you feel like you need to get fresh ideas, search a topic relevant to your industry to see what other people are saying about it. Take a day to peruse other bloggers and make a list of topics that spark your interest. By the end of the day, you should have at least a few ideas that can help you start blogging again.

Ask your audience

A great strategy for breathing new life into a dead blog is to ask a friend (or, in this case, your audience). If you have a strong following on Facebook, ask your readers directly “what topic would you like to read about next?” After all, your blog’s first purpose is to provide valuable information to your reader. Take some time to connect with your reader and hear what they would like to read more about.

Get proactive

Instead of blogging about things, DO things. Spend a day on the other side of the sales counter or attend a conference in your field of work. Take photos, talk to people — document the whole experience. Infusing action into your blog (and life) is always a refreshing way to spice things up. Check your community’s calendar for ideas, or ask a friend if they know of anything interesting going on locally that would be worthy of being featured on your blog.

If you still find yourself stuck in a blogging rut, contact us today and we’ll help you out!