The 5 Biggest Social Media Updates You Need to Know About

Social media updates never ends. Between Youtube announcing plans to live stream videos to Snapchat filing for a $3 billion initial public offering, it can be hard to stay on top of the headlines. Here are just 5 newsworthy social media updates we think you should know about right now:

social media updates
The news you need to know
1. Youtube launches mobile live streaming

For Youtube’s most popular users (specifically, those with more than 10,000 subscribers) live video stream is now an option. Taking note from social media powerhouses like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Youtube made a bold move by throwing its hat in the live video streaming ring. This can be a game changer for any marketer whose strategy depends on video.

2. Instagram releases photo album feature

Instagram users can now post as many as 10 photo in one post. This feature mimics Facebook’s photo features and allows users to post at higher volumes. We’ve seen marketers play around with Instagram albums in several ways. Some are harnessing the feature to post multiple informational photos, while others are treating it as a way to show photos to their audience in a gallery-style fashion.

3. SNL produces first-ever skit just for Snapchat

NBC’s Saturday Night Live is upping their snapchat game. The popular show recently produced a skit exclusively for the social media platform. SNL (@nbcsnl) launched the skit over their snapchat store, engaging countless viewers.

4. Snapchat files for $3 billion initial public offering

Snapchat made another bold move recently by putting a $3 billion initial public offering on the table. There’s been buzz about Snapchat going public for some time, keeping marketers on their toes. We can only think that Snap Inc. is feeling pressure from other social media megastars who released competitive features within the last year.

5. Facebook cracks down on discrimination and fake news

Amid political fire, Facebook has been hit hard with pressure to vet more of its content. One way the digital powerhouse is addressing this issue is by launching The Facebook Journalism Project. The platform plans to partner with journalists to screen articles posted to Facebook with the hopes of flagging and targeting false news and discriminatory content.

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