Our Favorite Tricks for Creating a Better Instagram Story

On any given day, about 80 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram, receiving an estimated 3.5 billion likes. The average Instagram user is between 18 and 29 years old, but that range is quickly expanding to include multiple other generations of users.

With the world seemingly on Instagram, it’s logical that you’d want your business to have a presence on the popular platform. Because Instagram focuses on visual content, it’s important to make sure your feed and your stories reflect a clear, polished message. Finding what works for your business is key to establishing a quality calendar and bank of content to post from.

While you sift through best practices, we encourage you to explore some of the below tools and tricks that could enhance your Instagram presence — specifically your story.

Tricks for Creating a Better Instagram Story

Instagram is always releasing new and fun features for adding to your Instagram story (viewed at the top of your home screen). Stories are a great way to convey your company’s message and also show your audience your creative, fun side. Here are just a few tricks for making your story more dynamic:

Play around with colors.

You’re no longer limited to the classic Instagram rainbow. While the platform still only offers three fonts (classic, modern and neon), it does allow you to “color drop” images to find the best font color. Make your story feed stand out with this custom feature!

Instagram story of a bike ride

Add music.

This has been one of our favorite Instagram features. You can now add 15 seconds worth of tunes to your story. This feature is accessible through the “stickers” tab, which also houses a smorgasbord of emojis, images and other features like polls and questions.

Instagram story of options to add to story

Jazz it up.

If you’re uploading a photo from yesterday or last year, Instagram allows you to change the size of the image within the story. From there, you can “jazz up” the image with type, music, different fonts — the options are truly endless. Look around and see what looks best for your content. Once you’ve found a look and style that you feel matches your brand, run with it!

Instagram story jazzed up