10 Struggles Only Marketers Understand

Let’s be honest. Digital Marketing can be a volatile place. Algorithms are constantly changing. Facebook launches a new feature every other day. Your phone storage is constantly maxed out.

The list goes on and on.

Luckily, we’re all in this together — and sharing a good laugh about it all can definitely alleviate some stress. For all the digital marketers out there, we understand your plight. Your friends think you spend all day on Facebook (which is kind of true) but we know better. Cheers to your hard work. Hang in there.

When an influencer shares your post

digital marketing


When Instagram introduces a new feature and you’re the last to know


When people discover you’re retargeting them on Facebook


When someone calls you on your phone and you’re in the middle of posting something


When you lose service doing a Facebook Live


When no one shares your blog post


Finding out Facebook changed their algorithm (again)


When someone asks you about a social media platform you don’t know about


When you send out a tweet from the wrong account


When someone says you’re up on all the marketing trends


The struggle is real.