WordPress themes

WordPress is widely recognized as the most popular platform to create a custom website. Statistics show that it powers 38% of the internet, meaning that 1 in every 3 websites you visit is likely a WordPress site. It’s a powerful content management system (CMS) that has helped millions of users design and launch websites.

It was launched back in 2003 by its founders, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, as a fork of b2/cafelog. When it initially launched, it was more geared towards blogging than general websites. Today, while it is still ideal for blogging, it has also expanded and grown to accommodate websites better than ever. It’s even become a popular option for E-commerce stores!


-Business Websites

-eCommerce Stores

-Mailing Lists



-Membership Sites

-Media Galleries

…and really anything else you could possibly need.

One fascinating fact about WordPress is that it gets more monthly unique visitors than Amazon and the same amount as Facebook. Y’all, Amazon, and Facebook… let the enormity of that soak in. In fact, over 60 million users have turned to WordPress to launch their websites, with tens of thousands of new sites being launched every single day.

People love WordPress because it’s so customizable. It offers many themes and plugins that users can use, so they don’t have to be developers. With over 54,000 free plugins and 5,800 themes in the official WordPress Plugin Directory, there are so many great tools for users to pull from. Anyone can create a custom website with ease, which is a huge part of why it is so popular.

It’s so popular that even UPS, Jay Z, CNN, The NFL, and TED use it to host their websites. The most popular type of user, though, is businesses. Since it offers many great business solutions like eCommerce stores and mailing lists, it’s the perfect match for them. Because of this, WordPress powers a multi-billion dollar economy. Businesses using it sell products, services, memberships, and more all over the world.

Another draw is how phenomenal it is when it comes to SEO. Most of the WordPress themes are designed to be SEO-friendly. They’re also designed to be incredibly user-friendly and attractive, which play a big part in SEO ranking. WordPress is also known for quick loading sites and SEO-specific plugins, which can make a huge difference.

WordPress is a phenomenal content management system that has proved it’s here to stay. Since it launched in 2003, it is older than both Twitter and Facebook. Users keep flocking to it daily due to its ease of use and customizable nature. As the largest CMS in the world, it’s a giant in the online world.

If you’ve been waiting to build a website, start a blog, build a mailing list, or your current website isn’t working for you, run to WordPress. You can download it and create a login within 5 minutes. You’re sure to find a theme that fits you!