Why You Should Always Create Before You Consume

“Create before you consume” is becoming a popular saying among many people who work in the creative field. Basically, the saying means that before you start looking to see what your competitors are doing, you should create from a place that is solely your own.

Create before you consume

Here’s how this concept could play out in real life.

Example #1

Say you’re looking to generate creative ways to reach your audience on Facebook. First, you write down a list of posts that your audience has engaged with in the past. Then, you look for patterns in that content and try to re-package those ideas in new, creative styles.

In this scenario, you are practicing the “create before you consume” mantra.

Here’s a situation where this concept isn’t being used.

Example #2

You want to improve your Instagram feed and generate more warm leads for your business. Instead of taking time to think about what kind of message you want to deliver to your followers, you go straight to your competitor’s feed to see what they’re doing.

Unknowingly, you have already let what others are doing influence your creativity. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it does take away from what makes your brand authentically your own. You’re creating from a place of persuasion, not purity.

By first creating content without outside influence, you’re allowing your mind and heart to show up more in what you create — which is what we ultimately want, right?

Creating before you consume can be tough. There’s no doubt about that. To create from a place of authenticity requires a lot of self-questioning and rummaging through layers of thought to get to the heart of what you actually want to deliver to your customer. In this process, however, you’re allowing your true voice to be heard.

This concept can also, in a way, be applied to productivity. If you open your computer and first check all your social media notifications, then you are beginning your day by consuming. If you open your computer and start chipping away at projects, then check your notifications, then you’re creating first. Because creating is more often more difficult than consuming, you’re getting the hard thing done first and leaving the easy tasks for later.

Try posting this saying somewhere near your desk. Make it a habit, and you’ll begin improving not only your business strategy, but also improving your productivity.