Purpose of Social Media for Home Services

Purpose of Social MediaAs a home service provider, online marketing can easily feel overwhelming. You already have a business to run, employees to manage, clients to keep happy… now you have to add in SEO, social media, and a website? You’re not alone if it all sounds like too much.

Today we wanted to share the purpose of social media marketing, specifically in the home services industry.

Let’s start by making one thing clear, the purpose of social media marketing and SEO are very different. Some online resources may lead you to believe they’re the same, but they are decidedly not. SEO is all about boosting your ranking on search engines, and social media is more about brand awareness and communication. Both have positive yet different implications for your business.

While your SEO could potentially be affected by your social media, Google has never come out and said it has any effect at all. There are plenty of theories about how tags, mentions, and links can all impact your SEO. So, in theory, the more you post quality social media content and interact well with others online, there could be increased SEO benefits.

The Purpose of Social Media

Now, let’s dig into the main reason we’re all here. As a home service provider, you may feel like you’re one in a vast sea of competitors. One way to make your business stand out is through social media. 80% of businesses on social media today say their number one goal is to build brand awareness.


Social media allows companies to meet customers where they are and ultimately build trust with them. Posting on social media provides businesses with the opportunity to engage with their customers, share important information, promote new services, and show off their brand’s personality.

This also gives clients a glimpse into what your company is really like. Do you post helpful how-to posts or tips? Is your brand humorous or creative? Your brand truly has a chance to shine in its own unique way on social media. Your website is more about your services and factual information, and social media is where your personality can really pop.


Social media is also a great tool for disseminating important information, new advertising campaigns, and promotions. Customers love seeing what a business is up to and if they have any sales or promos currently going on. This helps with customer retention and can ultimately lead to a lot more business. New, potential customers who have found you online are more likely to buy from brands that post regularly and prove themselves trustworthy online.

One other purpose of social media is for customer service and communication. In today’s social-media-crazed world, customers love posting real-time reviews and opinions. Being active on these platforms allows brands to quickly respond to customer critiques, reviews, and issues right where they are. They can easily ask questions and connect with you less formally, appealing to younger generations. It also allows you to gauge what your customers truly think of your service. Posting polls, asking questions, and providing a place for customer feedback in a less formal way is a great way to increase customer engagement.

In Summary

The more current and potential customers see your brand name pop up online, the more likely you will come to mind when they need your home service. While this may be more of a long game, it is effective.

If your business isn’t already on social media, we can’t encourage you enough to go sign up. It doesn’t have to be for every major platform either. Find out where your customers are spending their time online, and meet them there. Even if it’s only one platform to start, it’s going to make a difference.