Instagram Hacks Every Marketer Should Know

With more than 500 million active monthly users and 40 billion photos shared to date, Instagram is arguably one of the hottest social media platforms right now. When it first came on the scene in 2010, most marketers dismissed it as a photo sharing tool for teens. Today, however, the app has phased out of its teenage years and grown into a mature platform all marketers should know about.

Up your Instagram game.

Whether you use Instagram to market your business or as a personal account, these hacks will help you enjoy all the social media platform has to offer.

Use the bio link

If you’re marketing your business on Instagram, make sure to include a link in your bio directing viewers to your website. If you’re running a specific promotion, you can temporarily swap out the link so customers have another outlet to accept your offer.

Add multiple accounts

Most of us now have two accounts — one for personal and another for business. Instagram makes it super easy to switch between the two thanks to their multiple accounts feature. To add another account, go to your settings and then scroll down to “add account.”

Upload camera photos to your story

If you want to add content to your story but don’t have anything worthy to take a picture of, hold your finger down at the top of the “story” screen and pull down. Your most recent photos will appear for you to post.

Tap photos to see editing differences

Not many people know that you can see how your photo has changed during the “editing process” by holding your finger down on the photo. This feature gives you a good idea of how much editing you’ve done to your photo.

Hide hashtags

Instead of posting a bulky caption overflowing with hashtags, hide tags by applying periods or dashes after your caption separated by line breaks. This way your hashtags won’t appear unless you click “more” on the photo.

Experiment with Instagram live

Now that Instagram gives you the ability to save your live videos, the incentive to go live is strengthened. Going live is a fun way to show your business in a personal light. It lets customers take a seat next to you and get an insider’s look into your world.