How to Improve Your Business Photos

improve photos

In a world dominated by the internet and social media, representing your business well is more important than ever. One key step in doing this is by having professional-looking images. We know that this is easier said than done, but taking professional-looking photos isn’t something out of reach. With a few simple steps, you can improve photos and take your business to the next level.

Lighting Is Everything

One of the biggest steps in upping your photo-game is understanding lighting. For photos, there are good lighting situations and bad lighting situations. Examples of “bad lighting” would be putting a person directly facing the sun, speckled lighting, or when there isn’t enough light. When taking photos for promoting your business, the best kind of lighting is open shade. Open shade is simply a shaded spot where you can look up and still see the sky. This will help prevent hard shadows, squinting, and unflattering lighting.

Location, Location, Location

You may not realize the impact that the background of your photos makes. A busy, distracting background will weaken your photos and make them look unprofessional. It will also detract from the service or product that you’re trying to sell. A clean, non-distracting background allows the subject of your image to shine. It is also more visually appealing and will stand out online. This is a simple trick used by professionals that is sure to help set your business apart.

Camera Quality

You don’t have to invest in the newest and nicest professional cameras to take high-quality photos. Today, cell phone cameras are better than they have ever been. Investing in a phone with a nice camera will allow you to take beautiful pictures right from your phone. Of course, if you do have the money and interest in a professional camera, there are tons of great online resources to help you learn how to use it.

Editing Applications & Presets

It’s easy to make simple tweaks to photos nowadays thanks to mobile-edits apps. Most phones even include editing options within your phone’s camera. Other apps, like Lightroom, allow more control over the photo than your phone’s basic settings.

The first time that you log into an editing app, it may be overwhelming. Don’t worry though, practice makes perfect. Start with small changes like brightening your photo, or straightening it. Little changes like this have a much bigger impact on photo quality than you would think. The more you use editing applications, the more comfortable you will get with them.

If you would rather not learn about how to make edits, there are a variety of presets available for sale online. A preset is a basic photo edit that you can apply with one click. There are a variety of styles and price-points to choose from so you’re bound to find something that will work for you.

Hiring a Professional

If thinking about taking and editing your own photos seems too daunting and time-consuming, don’t worry. You can always outsource image creation. It is so easy to find a local professional photographer to partner with your company. Some even offer weekly or monthly content creation packages. Having a professional photographer on your team is sure to elevate the look and quality of your business’ photos.

If you apply these simple steps when taking photos for your business, it’s sure to make a huge impact. Being intentional with the images you choose to represent your company online is the most important step. With consumers becoming more and more drawn to visuals over time, you can help your business stand out against the crowd.

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