Apple Maps iOS 15 Update 

apple maps update

Apple has been promising some major updates to the Apple Maps iOS system. This September those changes finally rolled out to users and it’s important for businesses to take notice.

In the past, people have heavily criticized Apple for the “major updates” that have fallen flat. With competitors like Google Maps and Waze, people have wondered with Apple would ever be able to compete with them. The iOS 15 update finally has people saying it can compete with them.

So, what has changed in this new update to maps? Here are the major changes: security enhancements, improvements to native apps, changes to the interface, bug fixes, as well as some new features and functions. There have also been changes to local SEO that are important to take note of. Mainly the improved filtering options for local business searches.

Better Filtering Options for Local Business Searches 

Apple has taken a major step to help users find the most relevant search results.

An example of this update is searching for a local restaurant. Now those searches can be filtered according to several new options. Users can search for those that are currently open, or by the type of food offered.

This update is important for small businesses to take note of. It’s more important than ever to make sure your business information is current and thorough to help you show up in your target audience’s search results. If your information is outdated or only skims the surface you could be losing potential customers to competitors who have more comprehensive listings.

Updated Curated Guides 

Curated guides are not a unique feature to the iOS 15 updated. What is important to take note of is that Apple has updated this feature to make it more accurate and accessible to users.

These guides provide users with access to information on great local places to visit. This is similar to how Trip Advisor works. All Curated Guides are regularly updated, so users can be sure to discover the most up-to-date information.

The Curated Guides are created based on the expert opinion of major companies like the Washington Post. Users can also create their own Guides to share with friends and family.

No matter whether created by professionals or one that has been created by individual users being featured in a Guide could lead to higher exposure and new customers.

Why Businesses Should Care 

More and more people are flocking to use Apple Maps for its seamless experience with their Apple devices. Apple Maps currently hosts up to 100 million users in the US alone. With the newest updates, this number is expected to continue growing.

Businesses can start taking advantage of this platform by claiming their Apple Maps listing. It’s easy, fast, and free to do! Once your account is made, be thorough in filling out your listing information. Everything from business hours to your address is very important.

It’s also to remember that having a great online presence is a part of the puzzle. Having good reviews on Yelp, Google, and the like plays into your ranking factors on Apple Maps. In the world of SEO, every little thing plays into your overall ranking and reach.

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with the latest Apple iOS 15 update, it’s time to take action. Whether you need to create a business listing with them or need to go and make sure your listing is current there are steps you can take. We highly encourage you to go and optimize your profile so you can leverage it to reach potential customers like never before.