Your Spring Cleaning Marketing Checklist

Your marketing strategy could use a spruce up

Spring is officially here. For most of us, this season signals new growth, longer days and mild weather. It’s also a time to recharge your marketing strategy. Clean out the clutter and dust off your marketing approach with this easy-to-execute list:  Do a Content Audit Performing a content audit can help you understand exactly how […]

Easy Ways to Revamp Your Blog

Even the best bloggers get writer's block sometimes.

Even the best blogs can go stale sometimes. We run out of ideas and our creativity goes dry. When this happens, don’t slam your laptop shut and abandon all your hard work. Instead, take some time away and go back to the drawing board. Even the best bloggers need to reevaluate their strategy sometimes. In fact, […]

6 Copywriting Errors to Avoid

Writing concise copy doesn't have to be hard.

Writing good copy is challenging. Even the best content marketers struggle with writing simple, concise copy that is direct and easy to consume. The truth is, there is no “ultimate guide to becoming the perfect copy writer.” The only way to become a rockstar at copywriting is practice, practice, practice. There are a few cardinal errors, however, […]