Tips to Slow Down and Gaining Perspective

We live in a fast-pace world. Thanks to technology, we can access our email at any time of the day. Whereas our ancestors had to hang their hats when the sun went down, we can crank up our laptops into the wee hours of the night. While working hard and staying on top of projects are important, slowing down is also critical for our mental and physical health. If you find yourself regularly exhausted, then take some time to slow down and gain some perspective

Tips to Slow Down and Gaining PerspectiveUnplug

Literally. Unplug it all. Spend at least 30 minutes every day without your digital devices. Take a walk, read a book — whatever puts you in a comfortable zone where you can let your mind wander.

Don’t Over Commit

Sometimes saying yes is easier than saying no. If you say yes to everything, however, you’re really saying no — because no one can give 100 percent to every task if there are too many tasks on the table. Take stock of your commitments. Weed out the ones that are not mutually beneficial.

Ask For Help

You’re not super-human. Sometimes, you need help, too. If you find yourself stressing over getting a project done in time, ask for help. Sometimes a little deadline extension can go a long way.

Know Your Limits

Know how much you can have on your plate before the proverbial plate cracks. If you’re the type of person who can only take on a certain number of commitments, then stick to that number. Know your limits and you’ll know more peace and relaxation.