Need Creativity? 7 Must Things to Do!

Creativity takes multiple forms. There’s no one definition for creativity. Especially in the marketing world, creativity can come in the form of writing, design and a long list of other arenas.


No matter your job title, thinking creatively is always an asset. Whether you manage marketing and sales or launch Facebook ads, staying on top of your creative game is necessary. Here are 7 things we think all creative people need to do to keep their creative edge and stay relevant:


1. Try new things

What better way to expand your creative mind than trying something new? Research suggests that by stepping out of your comfort zone, your mind and skill set is challenged. Getting out of your “creative box” can work wonders for the creative soul. If you work in graphic design, try a ceramics class. If you manage social media, spend a day with a marketing exec. You’ll be surprised at what you learn and how it helps you in your career.

2. Have a trusted circle of creative friends

Chances are you already have a few creative friends you call on for advice. If you do, great. If not, it’s time to branch out. Keeping a community of friends who work in creative fields is key to “staying in the know.” It also creates a built-in support system for advice. With social media, it’s not hard to find these people.

3. Be open to change

Social media and marketing is an ever-changing field. What’s hot one day is irrelevant the next. Being open to change helps you to embrace new methods and practices. It also keeps your creative eye sharp, since you’re always looking for ways to adapt. Staying open to change is key to staying relevant in this fast-pace, creative world.


4. Subscribe to creative content

Nothing helps with staying in the know more than consuming a steady stream of marketing-related news (follow us on Facebook or Twitter if you need some help 😉) This can be quick and easy. Crop out 5 minutes somewhere in your day to peruse the news. Better yet, subscribe to a publication that delivers daily emails. This’ll ensure that you get the most news possible in a time frame that fits your busy schedule.


5. Trust your instincts

You’re considered a “creative person” for a reason. You have a good eye. You have an innate taste for what looks good. Trust that. This is both a blessing and a curse. You can instantly spot when something looks right. However, if you’re working on a project and you know something needs to be tweaked, but your supervisor suggests otherwise, then you might want to consider speaking up.


6. Take breaks

Taking time to recharge your creative batteries is crucial. This can be a 15 minute walk or a 15-day vacation. Whatever you need to do to keep the engine oiled, do it. No one can be creative 24-7.


7. Critique your work

Reading and editing your work is paramount to ensuring you produce top-notch content. Creative people need to take the time to analyze their work so they can spot strengths and weaknesses. Staying close to your work will help guide you in your own creative process and help you understand how your creative brain works (which, let’s face it, looks like a madhouse sometimes!).