5 Ways to Boost Teamwork and Productivity

Let’s face it. Motivation is a fleeting thing. We usually start a project energized and excited and then, well, we start to fade. What can help combat the mid-project blues?




Teamwork is essential to making sure all the wheels keep rolling and a project gets to its final destination. Here are 5 ways to boost teamwork and, in effect, increase productivity:


1. Take a break together

Take a break and get social with your team members. Sometimes taking time out to ask others about their non-work life can energize us — and remind us that we’re all human and need some rest.

2. Re-visit your purpose

Clarifying your “why” can go a long way in increasing team productivity. If members forget why they’re working, then they’re more likely to let tasks fall by the wayside.

3. Call out others’ successes

This one is huge. Taking time to call out others on what they’re doing well can push a team toward success. If members feel appreciated and valued, they’re more likely to perform better.

4. Weed out unproductive tasks

Are there tasks that aren’t contributing to the common good of the team and the project? Weed it out. Busy work distracts us from the important tasks, and discourages us to keep going.

5. Give an incentive to finish strong

If team members are losing motivation, then giving an incentive can remind them that there’s something fun waiting for them at the finish line. An office party, a day off or jeans Friday can encourage members greatly.