Marketing During the Coronavirus Part 2: Your Complete Playbook

Marketing plan during coronavirus

In our last post, we highlighted the power of social media and harnessing the many channels of digital communication to keep in touch. Using the right tone and posture, maintain and even increase your presence online because that’s where your customers are these days.

“Plan, Don’t Panic”

Many companies are in a tailspin and figuring out how to pivot during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) predicament. This is definitely a time to revisit your marketing plan and take another look at how you offer your services and products. This isn’t a time to act out of panic though. Take this time to plan and strategize.

Share how your business is providing resources and support to your employees and customers. Continue to provide industry tips and share relevant news that affects your community. Let customers know the measures you’re taking to maintain their safety and that of your employees.

Embrace your leadership as a business owner and provide consistent updates on your progress. Share your business continuity plan because it may also be helpful to others. This is a great time to show your expertise in your field and stand out, while others are waiting around to see what happens next.

Marketing planning during coronavirus

Use Your Resources

One of the big takeaways is to maintain communication with your customers and among your team. Social media is and will be a very useful outlet to do this. You can stay connected this way, which helps keep the morale up. You can create pre-scheduled social media posts. Make sure they match the tone of the current environment.

Leverage your media and marketing sources. Microsoft and Zoom are offering some of their online collaboration services for free to help businesses that aren’t well set up for remote work.

At Fusion One Marketing, we’re big proponents of digital marketing and can help your company navigate it successfully. It’s very helpful in working with other minds outside your business because new perspectives bring new ideas to the table.

We’ll use Zoom to chat and brainstorm with you to come up with ideas for conducting business, providing strategic guidance. We’re all in this together right now and it’s more important than ever to tap into your community and digitally connect.