Marketing During the Coronavirus Part 1: What Every Business Needs to Know

Marketing Your Business During Coronavirus

It’s at the forefront of everyone’s mind and everyone’s talking about it – from a safe distance, that is. Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has forced many of us to adjust to a new normal, personally. We know the pandemic has also affected the economy and many businesses now must adjust.

In all honesty, no one knows how long we’ll be dealing with the economical repercussions of the pandemic. But your business has a golden opportunity to connect with your customers and refocus your marketing strategy right now in the present. We’ll explore how to do this in a two-part blog post.

Physical Social Distancing Doesn’t Mean No Communication

We’re all practicing “social distancing” these days. While most people are quarantined at home, they’re likely on the internet. Time spent online has surged this year. Internet traffic has increased 20% since the middle of February. As a business owner, this presents a golden opportunity for you to speak to your captive audience online.

There are many forms of communication and ways to keep in contact with others. Texting, phone calls, video chatting and email are all digital channels you can make use of to check in with your customers and let them know how your business is still there for them. Now is the time to communicate with your customers.

Marketing Your Business During Coronavirus

Use the Power of Social Media

The rise in social media traffic is no surprise right now. It’s a great time to interact with customers through interactive social posts and live video. Acknowledge the Coronavirus and let your customers know. Show your audience how you’re handling social distancing. Let them know what’s happening with your staff and team. Stay connected with your staff and team through social media.

Keep your social media profiles updated by posting daily. You can take your social media activity to the next level by sharing a live video every week, updating your followers on how your business is adapting to these sensitive times.

Social media is now your direct line of communication with your clients and customers – and a powerful one at that. It’s instant, interactive and varied in how you can communicate your message.

Tap into Your Existing Customer Base

Let’s look at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for example. These major platforms allow your customers to send a direct message to your business. It’s a two-way street allowing you to answer the incoming messages and have a conversation going with your audience.

Ask your customers questions that will help you better serve them. In turn, you can gain ideas from your audience on how to tweak your business services to adjust to these times.