3 Reasons to Invest in Video Marketing

Using video marketing

Attention spans are much shorter these days and everyone’s on the go. Everyone’s also watching videos online, whether they’re consuming news, entertainment, or information on services and products. You can build and nurture a relationship with your customers through video marketing – if you haven’t already started.

Video marketing gets your message across quickly and creatively in many ways

A big advantage of video is how succinctly it communicates a message. If images and graphics are worth a thousand words, can you imagine what a video is worth? Video has claimed a large chunk of web traffic – as high as 80% – and its views can be measured for marketing use. Here are some ways video marketing helps you connect with your audience.

1. Video personalizes your brand

It’s one thing introducing your business and services to potential customers through a print ad mailer. It takes things up a notch meeting your potential customers through video because it adds a personal touch. Customers want to know who they’re buying from. Video allows you to literally put a face on your brand.

Sprinkle in your brand voice and personality, allowing people to see you in action. Seeing the people behind the company names communicates trust and this is what drives someone to support a brand – trust.

Using mobile phone for video marketing

2. Video can be repurposed for future content

You can get creative and do many things with video content. Let’s take a look at a 30-second commercial, for instance. Your business has this promotional tool to reach more people. This video can be used on social media, in emails and presentations. You can also re-edit and chop up this video to make a slightly different one to fit other marketing campaigns.

Make new content based off your video:

  • Develop a blog post from video transcription
  • Gifs and memes for social media content tailored to your brand
  • Develop audio soundbites to share online

3. Video converts fans into potential customers

Marketing can be a long game because you typically have to make contact with people multiple times before they consider making a purchase from you. Along the way, you’re building a relationship and gaining trust with your target audience.

Because you can determine how many views a video gets, you know people have watched it. These viewers are now familiar with your business and likely to seek out more information. These viewers become warm leads who can become potential customers.