Branding: This is What a Custom Logo Accomplishes For Your Business

You know branding when you see it — even if you don’t realize it. And a logo design has a lot to do with this. People will sometimes see a logo before they meet the business. In fact, a custom logo can reflect your mission, values and product or services in one glance. A brand may take time to form in people’s minds. The logo is a part of the branding elements that help form that brand over time.

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Custom logos help identify your business

Your business’ identity is a combination of elements and ideas that we often call your branding identity. A logo is a mark of identification. It’s a representation of what your business stands for. As a small business, you’ll find it important to distinguish your company from competitors. A custom logo is designed with you in mind. From the font type chosen to the imagery created, a logo design captures the concept of your business.

Logos communicate what your business does

Let’s say that you have a roofing business, for example. You may want a design that includes your company name and hints at the service you offer. This might be something as simple as a triangular outline or building blocks and includes your brand colors. This would be an exemplary design that clearly communicates your industry and product. When a customer sees this logo, they have an idea of what your business is and does.

Branding: This is What Logos Accomplish For Your Business

Logos can trigger an emotional response

When it comes to giant corporate logos like the chrome-colored, bitten apple, a swoosh or golden arches, you know these brands. You have memories tied to these logos. You probably associate a personality with these logos. You likely trust these logos. Why? Because the logos reinforce a connection you’ve built with the brand.

You’ve come to recognize and associate a feeling with a company that’s triggered by the sight of its logo. It’s subconscious but powerful. The right color shade, the right shape, and the right concept contribute to name recognition.

As customers become familiar with your branding over time, your logo can elicit feelings of trust that encourage them to make a purchase. This is brand loyalty. This is often why a customer chooses to do business with your roofing company over the other roofing company they’re not so familiar with.

A custom logo is a part of your branding and marketing. This branded image can make a first and leave a lasting impression.