The Biggest Marketing Trend of 2017: Personalization

In a world of automation, there’s one trend that is giving a faithful nod to the past.


Personalization is key to successful marketing in 2017

Human nature craves personalization. If we feel like someone understands us and has our best intentions at heart, then we’re more willing to trust them. It’s how we’re hardwired, and no amount of technology can changes that.

So, how does personalization fit into a fast-pace, digitized world? It’s quite easy, actually.

Personalization can profess itself in a number of ways. While planning your 2017 digital marketing strategy, it’s important to make personalization a top priority. Companies like Netflix, Amazon and Spotify are great leaders in this arena. These companies are using behavior-based data to reach out to their customers and use personalized content to engage them. It’s the ultimate form of targeted marketing.

Before you begin customizing campaigns and personalizing offers, however, it’s important to start at square one by segmenting your customers into identifiable groups. Segmentation can be based on location, gender, interests and a long list of other characteristics depending on the product or service you’re selling. Once your audience is segmented, you can begin building customized messaging to reach them on a more personal level.

Here are a few simple strategies to harness the power of personalization:

  • Add a “recommendations” section on your website. Amazon uses this tactic frequently when you purchase a product — suggesting similar items you may like.
  • Use a “build your own” feature. This is something Nike has leveraged for a long time, allowing customers to personally build their own shoe — creating a sense of uniqueness. If you work in the food industry, this could be a “build your own meal” option. Or, if you’re a consulting company, this could be a “build your own plan” option.  
  • Get on a first-name basis. Most inbound marketing allows you to personalize subject lines with your customer’s first name. This creates a friendly feel, and can build a sense of trust.
  • Respond directly on social media. This seems small, but it has a huge impact. If you have social media accounts for your business, take  time to personally engage with customers on their posts.
  • Go live. Live video streaming saw a big boom in 2016, and it’s not going away in the new year. Going live on social media creates a sense of vulnerability, which in turn creates a sense of authenticity. If you want to “get real” with your customers in 2017, try going live.