5 Brands to Follow on Social Media in 2017

Social Media saw a lot of action in 2016. From the presidential election to Facebook introducing Facebook Live and Instagram following suit, it seemed like digital communication was amplified this past year. As we look ahead to 2017, we have no doubt social media will continue to play a key role in how people share information.

Being based in Birmingham, Alabama, we’ve taken note of a handful of brands that harnessed the power of social media in 2016 and really got their name out there. We tip our hats to these brands for their creativity, consistency and ability to make us smile while skimming through our newsfeeds. There are many more local brands that knocked our socks off this past year, but here’s a short list of those who especially shined. Make sure to follow them in the New Year and pick up some of their tricks:

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We Have Doughnuts

It’s hard to not make mouths water with a well-photographed old fashioned doughnut. We Have Doughnuts markets their dough in a simple, fresh way by letting their followers know what the daily flavor is and how many doughnuts are left. They prove that sometimes simple, clear digital marketing is all you have to do to make your product fly off the shelves (or out of the kitchen). Follow them on Instagram here. 

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This company was founded on celebrating community — and it shows. Their hats have become a hot commodity in Birmingham, flying off shelves faster than they can be replenished. Their branding is crisp and instantly recognizable, a hallmark of great marketing. Follow them on Facebook to see how they integrate personalized marketing into their brand story.

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Saturn Birmingham 

They’re quirky and they know it. Saturn has only been around for a few years, but in that short amount of time they’ve attracted countless musical acts and poured copious amounts of coffee. By taking advantage of Facebook’s events feature, they’ve advertised all their events (the Sunday cereal bar might be our favorite) and kept their followers constantly in the know. Follow them on Facebook here to find out what cool even they’re hosting next.

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Shipt was born in the Birmingham in 2014, and since then their grocery delivery service has made its mark on the Magic City (they recently claimed some skyline real estate downtown). By frequently using videos to explain what they do, Shipt has succeeded in communicating their service and enticing potential customers to try them out. Marketing an intangible good can be tough, but Shipt makes it look easy. Follow them on Facebook here.

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Pepper Place Market 

Besides offering some of the best local produce in Birmingham, Pepper Place Market does a great job of using social media to advertise their vendors. By updating their Facebook and Instagram pages frequently with their hours and vendor list, they make waking up early on a Saturday easier than ever. Follow them on Facebook here.

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