Biz Talk with Matt Whaley of Utility Wraps

kelly daniel

Matt Whaley of Utility Wraps joins us to talk about how vinyl vehicle wraps can increase the visibility of your business. He is also going to answer your most frequently asked questions & cover the red flags you should watch out for when selecting your wrap provider. To learn more about our marketing services, visit: […]

5 Quick Tips for Better Mobile Videos

Years ago, a filmmaker or videographer wouldn’t dare shoot a video with their smartphone. But that’s all changed. Smartphones have improved their video quality capabilities so much in recent years that they are being used more and more in shooting high-end videos. With features such as 4K, raw, and slow-motion shots, this pocket-sized production device […]

How to Start a Podcast

Compared to other mediums, podcasts are relatively new, so there are tons of opportunities for you to show off your business on this platform.  According to a recent blog on, there are just under one million podcast episodes compared to over 500 million blogs and 31 million YouTube channels. Of course, some categories are […]