Why your business needs a strong Internet presence

Let’s face the facts. We live in an age where it’s easier to plug in credit card numbers online than do business face to face. Because of this reality, having a strong internet presence is more important now than ever. Your social media platforms and website aren’t just for brand quality purposes. They’re for business, too.

But this doesn’t mean creating a strong internet presence can’t be fun (along with adding immense value to you!)

Before creating a long list of social media accounts, your first step in creating a great internet presence is developing a clear, clean website. Your website is where all other areas should point back to. By establishing a great website, you’re building the foundation for your “Internet kingdom.” From there, investigate which social media platforms will be best for your business. Chances are, they will include one, if not all, of the below:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Spapchat

Once you’ve created your accounts, it’s essential to delegate who on your team will be in charge of regularly engaging with these platforms. If you’re just starting out, that person might be you! If you’re a bigger business, it might be wise to designate someone on your team to own this area – or freelance out the work to someone else who can do it full time. Always have a plan in place for when content will be posted and what kind of message it will deliver.

From there, you should make sure your Internet serves two critical purposes – to sell and promote your products and services and to also communicate what your brand is about. Sometimes simply letting your audience know who you are and what you do makes for the best content. Let your users feel like they know you, and can trust you.

One of the best ways to strengthen your Internet game is to simply look at what other businesses are doing. Analyze their strategies and swipe ideas that may work well for your business, too. Because the world wide web is always evolving, it’s important that your strategy evolves right along with it.