5 Reasons Why your Brand Image is Important

Many factors impact your brand’s image. Your logo, your website, your social media presence — all of these things convey a message to your audience. Even if your product is amazing, if your brand image isn’t polished, your audience might miss out on what you’re selling.

Here are just the top 5 reasons why your brand image is important:

It communicates your purpose

First and foremost, your brand image should communicate exactly what your company offers or does. For example, if you’re in the fitness industry, then your brand image should convey health. You wouldn’t want a doughnut in your logo if you’re trying to help people shed pounds! Your purpose should be loud and clear within your brand image. It should tell your audience what you offer, and why it’s unique.

It forms relationships with your audience

Your logo, website, social media — these are all like “handshakes” to your potential customers. They introduce you, your team and your product or service. They form a relationship, so to speak. You want to make sure that relationship is strong from the first moment you “meet” your customer. By creating a consistent and clear brand image, you can establish yourself as a reliable contender for your audience’s business.

It establishes your product within the market

Sometimes, you have to be your loudest cheerleader. Promoting your brand and creating a strong brand image has the power to firmly establish your product or service within your market. Think of posting content and sharing your company’s message as “elbowing” your way through a noisy crowd. Your brand image allows others to notice you and have easy access to learn more about your product. It might feel like you’re shouting your brand message at the top of your lungs, but really, you’re just playing the game we all must play!

It creates consistency

One of the best things you can do for your branding is to create a consistent image. Always cut through the confusion and allow your audience to clearly understand what it is you’re selling. This is created through consistent imagery and content. Stick with one color scheme, one mission, and one marketing strategy. Once you establish a “look and feel,” own it. Think of brands like Apple or McDonalds. They stick with one image (the apple, the golden arches) and never stray.

It tells your story

Most importantly, your brand image helps tell your story. Through consistent imagery, you can convey who you are as a company. Your story can be told in a number of ways through your brand imagery. Your logo, your slogans, your taglines — all of these are visual elements that add to your overall brand imagery. They help tell the story of where your brand comes from and where it’s going.