Why You Should Have a Brand, Not a Business

What’s the difference between a business and a brand? Not much — except one key quality: Personality. Sure, a business has personality. But a brand IS personality. There’s a big difference. People buy your product because of your brand, not your business. Think about it. We buy certain products because we associate that product with a personality that we would also like to embody.

Create a brand

Apple is a prime example of this idea. Apple exudes sleek design, sophisticated technology, and smart tools. Who doesn’t want to be sleek, sophisticated, and smart? When we buy Apple products, we’re buying their brand.

So, where are a few areas where we can let our business’s brand  (aka, personality) shine? Here are a few places:

Our language.

How do we talk to customers on social media? What kind of content do we put out? These are questions to ask yourself if you’re wondering how your brand is looking to the outside world. If you want to be perceived as laidback, then consider having a more conversational tone. If you want to appear high-end, then maybe use more high-brow language.

Our design.

What kinds of colors are you using? What fonts are you using? Design impacts how buyers see us. If you want to come off as playful, consider using bright colors. If you want to capture a more simplified appeal, then maybe stick with black and white.

Our placement.

Where is your business showing up in the world? Where are you advertising your products and services? In order to get in front of people who want what you’re selling, you have to be in the right place. Go where your customers are hanging out. Get to know them.

This is just a starting point for establishing a strong brand personality that correlates with what you’re offering. Focus on establishing a solid brand, and your business will follow.