Understanding the Value of a Custom Designed Logo

custom designed logo

As an entrepreneur, you might feel a tinge of jealousy when you see a custom designed logo for another brand. After all, people often associate the business with its logo. What comes to mind when you see the large, yellow M? You may or may not like the food that McDonald’s serves, but there is no doubt that you can recall them by their logo. This is the power of a decent logo. People all over the world can relate it to the business. In other words, the logo is the face of the brand. Thus, you shouldn’t refrain from investing in high-end custom logo design services.

Here are some ways in which a custom designed logo can prove a catalyst for the success of your business:

A Good Logo is Memorable

As in the example of McDonald’s mentioned above, a good logo is memorable. People immediately think of the brand the logo is for, even if they haven’t interacted with the brand before. As the old saying goes, making a solid first impression on your target audience is a must. With a well-designed logo, you can take a major step in the right direction. If you can impress potential customers with your logo, you are that much closer to converting them into a lead.

Reflection of Your Brand

A logo isn’t just a symbol or a shape selected randomly. The logo reflects what your brand offers and stands for. If you are targeting millennials with your products and services, you need a logo that is vibrant and eye-catching. Professional logo designers know the importance of using the right color scheme and other factors to create the right impact with the logo, while keeping the target audience in mind. Hence, your logo will reflect your brand effectively.

Reputation Management (A Feel-Good Factor)

When you are interacting with a brand, i.e. making a purchase or even visiting their website, the brand’s logo often pops up in your mind. For example, you will associate Apple with the actual fruit with a chunk bitten off. This image serves as a reminder that you are dealing with the world’s largest tech brand. This sense of familiarity and comfort is the key to fostering brand loyalty.

A Consistent Message

Brand logos have to be consistent, even if you choose to update or freshen up the design from time to time. You can ensure a sense of familiarity that your target audience associates with your brand by keeping a consistent logo. Pepsi is a great case study in this regard. Even though the brand has been around for several decades and they constantly keep updating their logo, the color scheme remains consistent. You look at the red and blue with white and you automatically know it’s Pepsi. No wonder Pepsi is one of the leading brands in the world today.