How to Stay Ahead of the Social Media Curve

Let’s have a moment of pure honesty. No one is TRULY on top of all things social media. Every day, every hour, there’s a new feature released that’s all the craze. If you work in marketing, you’ve probably experienced that moment of panic when your pal says something like, “Hey, don’t you love that new feature Instagram just launched?”

social media curve
Learn how to stay on top of social media the easy way.

You start to panic.

Your mind races with questions like “How did I not know about this?” “Did I forget to update my apps this week?” “How the heck am I going to leverage this new tool to grow my brand?”

Since no one can stay ahead of the social media curve 100 percent of the time, the best thing to do is to not be so hard on yourself. However, there are a few tools you can put in place to help regulate how you receive your social media news. By simplifying the amount of new information you receive, you can gain some peace of mind.

Here are 3 things you can do to stay ahead of the curve right now: 

  • See what’s trending on Instagram’s explore tab

Undoubtedly one of the most popular platforms, Instagram does a great job of keeping their users “in the know” with their explore tab. Whether it’s world news of Beyonce’s latest pregnancy announcement, you’ll know what’s trending by exploring this tab routinely.

  • Subscribe to social media blogs

Make your social media news come to you by subscribing to credible social media blogs. There are thousands of blogs that specialize in keeping its readers abreast with the latest features and tech developments, so you’ll never have to worry about searching Google for credible sources. A few of our favorites are Search Engine Watch, Hubspot Marketing and Social Media Examiner.

  • Hire someone! 

If you really want to take the burden off your shoulders, hire someone to do the digging for you. Social media management has become a high-demanded job in recent years, and for good reasons. Managing social media can be cast off as an “add-on” to job descriptions all too often, resulting in over-worked employees. If you feel like you need someone to solely focus on these efforts, then consider hiring a social media manager.