Instagram Update: How to Navigate Multiple Links in Your Instagram Bio

Instagram Update

Many creators ran into a hiccup when Instagram only allowed for one link in the bio. This caused many to turn to third-party link tools such as Linktree to share the links they needed. Whether it’s a Liked to Know It, Amazon links, or a personal website, creators need the ability to share links and content in an easily accessible way. Sharing links in a way that works for followers is important for the success and reputation of content creators. While many have turned to link tools, it opens the conversation about third-party tools, their usefulness, and their place on social platforms.

According to Instagram, this has been the highest requested update for some time now. While some changes are only for business or creator accounts, multiple links will be available for all Instagram accounts. The update is still in the early stages and while some have the feature, it will take some time for it to roll out to all accounts. As of April 18, Instagram now allows for up to 5 links in the Instagram bio. Instagram announced on their Creators page, “Today we’re launching the ability to add up to 5 links to your Instagram profile. 🎉 We hope this flexibility can help you more effectively express yourself so your audience can learn more about YOU – your passions, causes you to care about, brands you love, businesses you run, or anything else you want to share! 🙃”. This is a long-awaited change but has the wait caused users to grow loyal to the many link tools available? We share what we know so far about the new Instagram update and how to implement this feature on your profile.


How to Add Multiple Links to Your Instagram Bio

  1. Edit Profile: Go to your profile and tap ‘edit profile’ then find the section for links. You’ll tap ‘add external link’.
  2. Insert URL: When you add an external link you will then insert the URL for the site you want to use and include a title.
  3. Repeat Steps 1 and 2: Repeat the first two steps to add additional external links, up to 5 total.
  4. Reorder Links: After you have added the URLs, you can reorder the links by dragging them into the desired order. It is important to note that on the profile view, only the first link will be visible to viewers.


Do You Need 5 Links in Your Instagram Bio?

While most are over the moon about the new Instagram update, there is still some controversy. Some creators believe that more than one link will be confusing and cause followers to not click any of them. Some users suspect that adding a ‘link in bio’ or referring to links, in general, will hurt post engagement. Not to worry, we are here to ease your concerns. Studies have shown that including links in your profile and referring to them in your Instagram posts will help boost engagement! Not only are links beneficial for optimizing your profile, but they also help spark interest in your audience. Including links in your Instagram bio is extremely helpful for SEO. It helps increase organic traffic to your site which then helps Google with verification. This process plays into the authoritativeness and trust that Google heavily emphasizes in its algorithm. Although we have yet to see the results of this update given its recent launch, likely, utilizing more than one link will further help your SEO efforts and Instagram engagement.

Now that multiple links are available, you need to be strategic about how you use this option. We know that when given too many options, many users will not make a decision at all. You need to pick important links that are optimized and will serve your SEO and digital marketing efforts all around. With a feature such as this one, we have to think outside the realm of Instagram. Your first link options should be your most profitable and most important. This could be your website, your online shop, or a newsletter. This is one of those times where quality trumps quantity. Pick the most valuable links that will be most beneficial for your business. So, although not all five links need to be used, this feature opens the door to more possibilities. Be strategic, use these links to your advantage rather than simply filling all five spaces. The external links you choose will be specific to your business, your industry, and your marketing goals. While we cannot tell you a one size fits all answer, we can help you determine your objectives and help you use the most effective links for your business.


Optimizing your Instagram Profile

Optimizing Instagram Profiles is an important part of creating a strong foundation for your business on social media. A well-optimized profile can help make a positive first impression on potential followers and customers. Your page should be easy to understand, it should be clear what you do and what value you provide to them. In the case of adding multiple Instagram links, these links should directly relate to your business, your services, and your other platforms. Optimizing your profile is essential for improving discoverability and engagement. By adding the right links, relevant keywords, and specific topics, your profile will be easier for users to find you. By utilizing the term, ‘link in bio’ and referring to your added links often, your followers are more likely to engage with your content. Ultimately, a well-rounded and optimized profile will lead to better conversion rates.

How to Optimize Links in Your Instagram Bio

Links are a frequently used Instagram feature for creators and businesses alike. Optimizing links in an Instagram bio is an effective way to drive traffic to your website, blog, or other online content. Here are some ways you can optimize links to improve SEO for your Instagram account:

Incorporate Keywords: Using relevant keywords related to your profile and your audience will help search engines understand your page. Incorporating keywords related to the industry in your Instagram Bio links will help improve visibility.

Use UTM Parameters: UTM parameters are tags that you add to your links to track where traffic is coming from. Including UTM parameters in your links can help which posts and stories are driving the most traffic to your website.

Include a Call-to-Action: Add an effective call to action within your posts and stories. This could include, “get started,” “learn more”, or “click the link in our bio” to encourage users to visit those links.

Change Links as Needed: Depending on your goals, you may need to change the links in your bio from time to time. Make sure to keep it up to date with the most recent version and links so your followers have the most relevant content. This step is important for your business and SEO.

Now, with the Instagram update, optimizing your links is more important than ever. There is a larger pool of links as well as more content to pick from on your page. To stand out from the crowd and help with visibility, your links need to work with the necessary SEO factors and guidelines.


Instagram Bio Links vs Link Tools

The Instagram link update offers a simple and easy way for users to find your links. However, there is still a limit, whereas Linktree and other link tools allow for more than five links, and some have unlimited link options. They offer more advanced features beyond linking, allowing for themes and aesthetic designs. While the look and organization are important for many, the convenient nature of Instagram links may prove to be the more effective option. Although the addition of more than one external link may help you optimize your profile, third-party link tools allow for more links which is necessary for many businesses. As we mentioned previously, the update is still new, and it will take time to reach all accounts. While both options offer great benefits, it will take time to understand the full effect of the update and determine which option is more beneficial for your marketing strategy.

There are many factors to consider and include in optimizing your Instagram profile, and the new update adds even more. With more features come more benefits, but it can also cause more confusion. If you are looking for help navigating social media updates, SEO optimization, and digital marketing, talk to our team. Follow along with our Fusion One Marketing Blog for more marketing updates and tips.