Instagram Reel Ideas You Need Now


Instagram Reels are here to stay. These powerful, entertaining short-form videos have taken over the Instagram app. They are especially important for businesses and content creators as Instagram has announced it is transitioning to being primarily a video app.

The best part for small businesses is the potential reach Reels offer. Since this is the latest feature IG has rolled out, they’re giving a huge priority to them. Reels offer the ability to reach so many more users through the explore page and sheer reach they offer. The best part is, it’s not too late to get in on the trend!

Making reels takes time, and there are a few key rules when creating them, but the time is well worth it. So today, we’ll be providing you with a list of Instagram Reel ideas you can implement ASAP. We’ll also share a few of those rules so you can be successful in making them.

Instagram Reel Ideas

Teach People Something

People love learning from experts in a field. Whether it’s a makeup tutorial or how to change a tire, people will enjoy that content. It’s also highly likely they’ll engage with it by saving it for later.

Show Your Funny Side

Showing the face of your brand/company is always a good idea. People want to feel something when it comes to making purchasing decisions. Create an online bond by making a funny reel. If you need some inspiration, watch a few reels, and you’ll find a treasure trove of trending funny reels.

Make Something/Show Behind the Scenes

Everyone loves a how it’s made style reel. Artists painting, woodworkers carving, photographers shooting… If you can show people behind the scenes, do it! Even small clips of how you work or the process will fascinate more people than you realize.


Simple talking videos with a list of items people need for or steps to take in doing something also are so popular. This could be a list of 3 things to pack on your next vacation, 4 ways to prevent pests in your home, etc. They can be simple as they can be, as long as they’re useful to your audience.

Dispel Myths

Teach your audience things that aren’t true about your product or field. You can list one or multiple! It’s a great way to inform them of important facts and capture their attention simultaneously.

Rules for Reels

Repurpose the Right Way

Creating Reels is a process in itself. Some people like to repurpose Youtube Shorts and Tik Toks for them, which is a great idea. However, if you’re planning on doing this, it is key that you DO NOT simply plop the Tik Tok into Reels. Instagram will penalize any videos that have logos or emblems for other video apps on them. They also want you to use their editing platform and will prioritize those videos.

Keep Them Short

Right from the start, we mentioned how Reels are short-form videos. They can’t be more than 60 seconds in length, but most should be much shorter, if we’re being honest. 15-30 Reels are often the best bet. Keeping them shorter will also challenge you to make them much more impactful.

Place Your Text Strategically

While you’re creating your Reels, it’s important that you watch where you place your text. Instagram offers guides to show you how high and low on the frame they can be. It’s also important that you not go too heavy on text; it’s supposed to be video-focused.

Keep it Vertical

Reels are simply not designed to be oriented in landscape. So keep your videos vertical (up and down, not side to side) to keep people watching them.

These Reel ideas may be a little generalized, but they will give you plenty of potential ideas to run with! Keep them simple, and more than anything, remember to have fun with them! They’re made to be entertaining and light, so let them be.

We hope this Instagram update has helped and that you’re able to get a head start on your Reel content!