How to Know if Your Business Needs a LinkedIn Presence

Ever feel like LinkedIn is the estranged cousin to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? Yeah, we feel you. LinkedIn, in many ways, is still like the wild west of social media. No one really knows the rules and everyone is kind of nervous to swing through the saloon doors and sit down.  If you’ve been wondering whether or not you should hop on the platform, then check out the below list. If you identify with any of these, then chances are you need to log in to LinkedIn!

Your target demographic is tech-savvy

LinkedIn PresenceIf your target audience loves to stay in the know about all things tech, then chances are you need to be on this platform. Most content on LinkedIn is in article format. It’s sharing information with users about “the cutting edge” and what’s new on the market. If your business routinely releases updates and announcements pertaining to technology, then having a LinkedIn presence is the platform for you.

You strongly benefit from networking

If your business hinges on collaboration, then LinkedIn is a great platform for you. The whole purpose of having a LinkedIn presence, after all, is to link together like-minded people. It’s the digital way of “rubbing elbows” with important people in your field. Instead of viewing everyone as competitors, LinkedIn allows you to tap into other people in your field and benefit from a friendly exchange of ideas. Plus, it allows you to stay in the know with what other people in your industry are doing.

You’re growing your team

When LinkedIn first started, it was used as a tool solely for finding jobs and hiring potential employees. If your business is currently growing and looking to add employees, then LinkedIn is a great way to identify candidates and schedule interviews. Having instant access to millions of resumes allows you to see who has the skills you need to grow your business from a human resource standpoint. New talent is overflowing on this social media platform!

You want to attract a more business-oriented crowd

LinkedIn has a pretty different audience than Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. So, it has countless viewers who probably haven’t been exposed to your product or service. If you want to attract a more business-savvy crowd that perhaps isn’t familiar with what you have to offer, then you should engage with LinkedIn.