Biz Talk with Pari Barzegari of the Shelby Chamber

Pari Barzegari is the Director of Community & Career Development with the Shelby County Chamber. Join us as we dive into exactly how the Chamber is a resource for professionals and how it can benefit your career.

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Sarah: Good morning! It’s showtime today. 8:00 AM, everybody’s got our coffee, we’re feeling good and we have a great guest today, so welcome to Biz Talk.

Glyna: Good morning ladies.

Kelsi: Good morning.

Pari Barzegari: Good morning.

Glyna: All right. Hello everybody. It’s a great day in the Fusion One Lounge. I’m Glyna Humm, and around the square here, we have our other marketing gurus. We have Sarah Gilliland and we have Kelsi Nicholson. All right, we are having so much fun talking to business people and getting so many tips and great info for all of us. But before we get started, Sarah, could you put up where people can find us?

Sarah: Absolutely. Okay, don’t forget, we go live every week on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. If you have not subscribed to our podcast, go ahead and do yourself a favor and subscribe to Marketing and a Mic and always follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn. Another place you need to subscribe to is our YouTube channel, Fusion One Marketing. We are constantly putting out fresh videos every single week, as I say, all in the name of digital marketing and small businesses and all good stuff.

Glyna: That’s exactly right, and we are so excited about our guests today. If you are a business person, business owner, you need to hear what this lady has to say because she can help you get more business. We want to welcome our special guest, Pari Barzegari, from the Shelby County Chamber. Good morning!

Pari Barzegari: Good morning. Thank you all for having me!

Glyna: You are very welcome. This is, as I said, information that everybody needs to hear. We’re just going to dive right in, Pari. Tell us a little bit about the Shelby County Chamber and the different areas you focus on.

Pari Barzegari: Absolutely. So, the Shelby County Chamber was established just truly to help our investors meet all their needs. I have a fun job where I get to go out and speak to investors, or right now on Zoom, I get to meet with our investors and just really hear about their needs, their incredibly diverse needs. We take note of everything that we hear and see how we can best meet those needs. We are just a true resource to everybody in our community. I get all kinds of phone calls, I was telling you guys about that, but I get some really special phone calls. I just had a grandpa call me this week and said, “I’m going to surprise my grandson at the soccer field. I don’t know where to find it and where can I take him out to eat?” So, I can move him onto one of our great restaurant investors and let him know all the tips and tricks of Shelby County.

Glyna: So cool.

Pari Barzegari: Yeah, so my focus is on community and career development, so I get to work with our Career Readiness Program, existing business and industry, where I’m going out and talking to folks, doing those visits about their needs. We have health services, and then I’m a part of our Women’s Business Council too, so a lot of things going on around here.

Glyna: It sounds like it, but that’s why we’re so excited to talk to you to find out about all this stuff. We have some early birds this morning joining us. We have Mr. Scott Stearns. He said, “Hey, y’all, happy Friday.” Yes, and we have one of our favorites, Mr. Lance Gilliland joining in. He said, “Looking good crew, this morning. Happy Friday.” Good morning to Steve Johnson. Good morning to LaVon Chaney. She says, “Hey Pari.”

Pari Barzegari: Hello.

Glyna: Janet, I hope I don’t mess this last name up, Janet Sherron.

Pari Barzegari: That’s my mom, hey mom!

Glyna: Hey! Mom’s watching, so that’s awesome. Welcome, everybody. That’s great. Okay, so tell me again about what your position is with the chamber because I know you do, like you just said previously, a lot of different things. Then who are the other chamber staff that investors need to know about?

Pari Barzegari: Yes. I love to talk about our crew. So I’m the Director of Community and Career Development, so I do get to work in our school systems with the Career Readiness Program. We have a ton of stuff and we get to ask a lot of our investors or volunteers to be a part of that. Then I get to do all the other fun stuff we do at the chamber too. So, it’s a busy schedule, which is great, but we absolutely have a wonderful group here that makes up the chamber office. We have Payton Thomas, he is our Director of Operations and we just celebrated his five years with the chamber on Monday. He does all of our marketing, a lot of behind the scenes stuff. Every time I break my computer, he’s there for that. Then he handles our website, the weekly emails, and he just really makes sure that the investors stay connected with us. He coordinates all the ribbon cuttings, handles reaching out to city officials and all that stuff, and then he can pretty much answer any questions that you guys have because he’s hanging in longer than the rest of us around here and he remembers everything that happened. Then Jordan Powell is our Director of Investor Relations, so she takes care of our investors, keeping them aware of sponsorship opportunities when we have events. She can answer all their questions, help them capitalize on their investment with us. Then she works hard with me on that Women’s Business Council. Then, Chris Williams, he is our manager of investor development, so you don’t get to see him a lot because he’s out letting people know, “Welcome to Shelby County, welcome to the chamber”, but he is a great resource for everything chamber. Then last but not least is Kirk Mancer, our President and CEO. He has been a leader to all of us. He takes care of everything that we don’t take care of and he keeps us in line. He does a good job. Then he also heads up a few of our workgroups too. Then he works with our board of directors, so he’s just the funnel between them and us, which is wonderful.

Kelsi: Fantastic. So tell us, how does one get started with the chamber? Then can you explain what the investor reception is?

Pari Barzegari: Yeah, absolutely. Again, Chris is an excellent resource when people call and just say, “I’m new to the area, or I’ve been here a long time and I’m just learning about the chamber.” We funnel them over to Chris, so he can speak to them about all the different investor levels and then when you become an investor. But I like to talk it out with people when they call and just say, “Tell me about your needs before I start telling you what you need.” I love to hear what people are looking for first. Then Kirk and I have a lot of workgroups and Payton does as well, so I kind of encourage them to visit some of our different meetings or back when we were having events, please come to a luncheon and meet everybody before you make that commitment. Then we do have our investor reception. Glyna got to come last week, or this week, for our Zoom investor reception. Normally we get to eat together and hang out and meet everybody. But it’s truly just a way for us to explain very clearly how your investment works in the Chamber, so everything that we give back to you once you’re part of us. That’s a lot of fun.

Glyna: Yeah. It really was and I learned so much. I was part of the Chamber years ago, but it was so neat to see everything that you guys have going, even in this climate that we’re dealing with here.

Pari Barzegari: Absolutely.

Glyna: We have a few more people joining us this morning, Julie-Ann Schultz is here. We have Melissa Dixon who is going to be on the Board, I understand, of the Shelby County Chamber. So, that’s exciting, she has a new seat on the board. Then Payton is joining us. He goes, “Whoop, whoop.” So, he gave himself a shout out.

Pari Barzegari: Absolutely.

Glyna: All right. Well, yes, I learned so much the other day, but can you fill people in? I know that was over an hour or something going over the information, but can you give the highlights of what an investor gets and some of the benefits that they receive?

Pari Barzegari: Yes, absolutely. So once your investment comes through, you’re going to hear from us all the time. We have a weekly email that just keeps you informed of what’s going on at the Chamber, what events we have. You’re able to create your own account through our web-based platform. Then you can tag yourself in as many mini-categories, as you might cover. I know you guys cover a ton of different things, so that’s really important that you set that up and let people know when they’re looking for you in our directory, sometimes when you’re online shopping for a business, you might not put in exactly what you’re looking for, so you have to hit all those “tags”, we call them then. Like I said, in our weekly email, and you’re going to hear about all our events and then any information you need, we have a lot of investors that like to use other investors for their needs. I field a lot of phone calls saying…I just got a call from a local restaurant and one of his guys had a broken windshield. He was like, “Who can I use with the Chamber for that?” So we really push people towards that directory. We know everybody very closely so that we can say, “Here’s their cell number, call them, tell them we sent you” and we’ll get you taken care of that way. Then we have like I was talking about Payton handling our social media. We love to share, especially right now during the pandemic, when a lot of people are on social media, more than we should be. We like to share everybody’s bits on our social media. We take advantage of, just like you guys, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. We’ll really go above and beyond to cover any investor’s needs. You just have to ask.

Glyna: That’s good to know because we have a lot of needs. No, I’m kidding.

Pari Barzegari: I take it back.

Glyna: Yeah, really. She’s like, “Did I say it everyone’s needs?” I can see Sarah’s wheels turning, that’s why I said. She’s thinking.

Sarah: You saw my look.

Glyna: I know.

Sarah: Yeah, definitely a lot of benefits if someone becomes an investor, that’s for sure. So, okay, this year has been a doozy when it came to in-person events and networking and you all have done a really great job pivoting and navigating through that. Will you tell us some of the networking events that you currently have going on or some of them coming up, because I know we’re closing out the year and just what your networking events are that you have right now.

Pari Barzegari: Absolutely. We’re hosting currently, or we have been hosting what would be our luncheons or awards programs, just honoring different groups in our community via Zoom. We’ve asked our volunteers to get out and meet those folks. We’ve done some cool yard signs and plaques and everything. Then when you’re on the call, we have a chance to connect with everybody and network like we normally would at the luncheon. Then I’ve really been reminding everybody a great way to get involved is through our workgroups. We have a ton, we have something for everybody. Mine are Career Readiness and health services because healthy employees come to work, so that’s super important. We normally get to do a lot of fun and interactive stuff in that group to existing business and industry, so I get to here, I’m not just in my chamber bubble. I get to hear what’s going on with everybody else’s companies and connect with them. Then we have governmental affairs, tourism workgroup and then Payton heads up that ambassadors workgroup, so they’re really our face for the chamber, those folks. Joining one of those is super easy, just letting us know that you’re interested in trying it out. I love to network with people in those ways. Then our Women’s Business Council has got a great group too and it’s easy to join. We want to have you ladies in there for sure.

Kelsi: Let’s talk about that, the Women’s Business Council. So that’s a separate networking opportunity that is provided through the Chamber, how do business women get involved with that?

Pari Barzegari: Yeah, so we’re coming up on our third year. Well, 2021 will be our third year. We started in the fall of 2019. Kirk came to Jordan and me and said, “I’ve had some interest in women in business, let’s have an interest meeting.” We were like, okay, maybe five, 10 people. I think we ended up with like 38 women crowded in this small room, pre-pandemic, and so we were able to do that. They had just amazing ideas, so Jordan and I took that on and we had each month, even now that we’re meeting via Zoom, we have excellent speakers and that’s kind of how the meeting works. We have a speaker and then time to network with each other, hear if women are having any issues or needs, and then how we can meet those as a group. We have some secondary groups in there, like community outreach. Right now, we’re doing a stocking drive for the Shelby Foster Association. We have a group that works on finding our speakers and all kinds of people working hard behind the scenes for the Women’s Business Council. All you have to do to join is just let us know you’re interested. There’s no cost and you don’t have to be even a Chamber investor. You can just pop into any meeting and see if it’s a right fit for you.

Kelsi: That’s fantastic!

Pari Barzegari: Yeah.

Kelsi: You can network and help your local community, all together.

Pari Barzegari: Yeah.

Kelsi: I love that.

Glyna: Yeah, and it’s a great group of women. Even though it’s just on Zoom right now, the couple of times that I’ve been on there, you still have a really good group.

Pari Barzegari: It’s very diverse, I really enjoy that.

Glyna: Yes.

Pari Barzegari: We’ve got all ages, all different places of employment. People that are starting to retire and looking at what that looks like, and then ladies that are just starting out in the workforce, so you can learn something from everybody in there.

Glyna: Yeah. That’s one of the main things that I really liked about it. Melissa Dickson is saying that she loves serving on the Career Readiness Group and that Pari does an amazing job as its leader. I know that leads me right into our next question. You do champion the Career Readiness Program, so since Melissa mentioned that, can you fill us in on what that involves?

Pari Barzegari: Yes, I will tell you that’s my baby. That’s my favorite part of my job. We have a program in place for every grade level in high school where the schools let us come in, normally in person, but right now they’ve been incredible to, like you said, to pivot and let me do these programs virtually, which we didn’t know what that was going to look like, so it’s amazing that they were so open to that. For our ninth grade year, we have a program called Keeping It Real and we get to go in and talk to the ninth graders. Usually, we go in through that career readiness class or that career prep class, and they’re already learning these crazy things about what’s going to happen when you graduate. We just talked to them about budgeting and getting ready to be more responsible than you are now. Then for 10th grade, we have a program called Connect to Careers and it’s a big field trip, so that’s on hold. But our inaugural year, last year, we had 70 plus companies come out and bring all kinds of cool equipment. Chick-fil-A came and brought sandwich-making kits where they could race each other, making sandwiches and every kind of technology thing you can think of. So we had a great group for that. Then for 11th grade, we do, it’s called Communication Matters. So, we’re getting them ready for those interviews, whether it’s straight into the workforce or college, sports, that kind of stuff. We just go over some fun interview tips, and then we usually get the principal involved and they’ll show us some funny interviews and then the right way to do it. They love seeing their coaches and administration getting up there and acting crazy, which is really fun. For our 12th grade program, we do the Student and Educator of the Year. So, the students get to compete for a scholarship and then our teachers that are nominated by their principals also get to compete for some money for their classrooms. All those programs take place throughout the year, but it’s a great way to give back. We do that because as I said, we’ve been out talking to businesses for the last few years and they’re telling us like, this is what we need. We need students that are coming to work for us at 16 and 18 and 19, 20 to really be able to step up and have these skills. So, that’s why we see the value in putting that out there.

Glyna: Wow, that’s fantastic. Can I ask what schools it includes? Do you have a particular school that you work with or just anybody in Shelby County?

Pari Barzegari: We’ve been very lucky to hit all our school systems. We’re in Pelham City Schools, High School, Thompson, our private schools, and then the Shelby County school system. Nobody tells us no, thankfully, they let us keep coming back. It’s been great working with our school systems. They go above and beyond all the time.

Kelsi: I wish I had that in high school. Man.

Glyna: Yeah.

Pari Barzegari: I say that all the time! I had no clue!

Sarah: What tremendous value in that, because when they exit high school, there’s a lot of life skills and finance skills and budgeting skills that immediately come into play. If there’s been no preparation, it’s all-encompassing not just like head-on college, it’s how can I manage my life?

Pari Barzegari: Absolutely.

Sarah: Yeah, that’s tremendous. Scott said, “I serve on the board of the Trussville Chamber and this info is fantastic. I’m taking notes. Thank you for sharing for the good of all.”

Pari Barzegari: Thanks, Scott!

Sarah: Yeah. Okay, so you are focused also in promoting local businesses. You said the other day when we talked about “Keeping the Cheer Here”.

Glyna: I love that.

Sarah: Around the holidays. I loved it, it was so catchy. What are some of the ways that the chamber recognizes local business?

Pari Barzegari: We have a great small business award program that we just wrapped up. But we really focus on, and especially during the pandemic, just looking for our small businesses and getting the word out. When things first went down in the spring this year, we came up with some more, they make fun of me, but we came up with some more catchy hashtags, like #wellnesswednesday and #takeouttuesday and all that stuff that I’m sure you guys are amazing at thinking of. But I had to really brainstorm with a lot of pieces of paper to come up with just those simple things, just to remind everybody you can’t go out to eat right now, but these are the places that are open for takeout. Yes, you should be taking care of yourself. Here’s our eye doctor’s article on keeping up your eye health while you’re staring at your Zoom screen all day and just doing stuff like that. With the Women’s Business Council and working on this stocking drive, you know, folks have asked, “Where should I go buy these needs, these sweet wishlists that we got?” We’re like, “Well, go to our directory. We’ve got some amazing small businesses that we want you to shop at.” That’s the heart of our community. That’s the majority of the Chamber, these small businesses. So we love to support them and then all the other companies that make us up. They’re great folks.

Glyna: Awesome.

Kelsi: Did you mention ribbon cuttings?

Pari Barzegari: Yes. No, thank you! Payton will kill me. We have the opportunity for ribbon cuttings all the time, anytime. It’s a complimentary thing, so you don’t have to be a Chamber investor right now. We hope you will be, but you don’t have to be right now. Then, like we were talking about the other day, I love to celebrate a milestone. I went shopping at a boutique, of course, the other day. They said, “We’re coming up on five years.” I’m like, “Let us come and cut some ribbon and celebrate.” We don’t just have to celebrate the day that you opened, because that can be so incredibly hectic. You don’t even know what your company or your business is going to look like yet, so celebrating those milestones, later on, can be really special too.

Glyna: I’m very interested in how you said that you can also do a virtual ribbon cutting. I’m very interested about, what does that look like?

Pari Barzegari: Yeah, we’ve only had to think about that one time, but I was just talking to, we did a ribbon-cutting yesterday and she said, “We have a company in another area that unfortunately they’ve had a rise in cases and they can’t do that.” We talked through, we can always put together a Zoom and celebrate you in that way and invite our investors. We don’t ever want you to shy away from an opportunity because we can’t get together in person, so where there’s a will, there’s a way, kind of situation. We can make it happen.

Glyna: It sounds like it. We have Harry Slagle visiting us this morning from Mr. Bugg’s Pest Patrol. Hey, Harry.

Kelsi: All right, so what tips can you offer businesses once they join the Chamber so that they can get more involved?

Pari Barzegari: Yeah. I always harp on folks to just keep an eye on our calendar, what’s going on, stay invested, stay with us. I know things are weird right now. As much as you put yourself out there, the more you’re going to get back, which is awesome. So our social media has kind of blown up right now because we’ve pushed our companies to tag us and everything, let us share it, let us let you know whatever’s going on. We want to know about it. We want to come if we can. Your Chamber people love to be out and about shopping in your businesses and checking out your Santa’s and stuff like that. Our active investors will tell you this too. The more that you put yourself out there, the better the return on your investment will be, so stay busy in those workgroups, I love those, and all of our different ways to connect. Hopefully, very soon we’ll be back to, we have twice-monthly luncheons, Network 280, business after hours, we have coffees with the Mayor and then CoffeeNet. So, if you’re a morning person, you guys are just chugging your coffee, you can meet us there and then you can be in bed early. Or if you’re a night owl, we’ve got those events too. So we’re pretty all-encompassing covering. Then we cover all the Shelby County too, so we’re having events in every little corner. So we like to get to see all of our people in different places. We’ll come to you, don’t worry.

Glyna: That is so true. When I had the presentation the other day, the investor reception, they actually showed a map of where they had had all of their events and it really covered the whole county, so you don’t leave anybody out.

Pari Barzegari: No.

Glyna: I know you answer the phone a lot for resources and businesses in the area. But if people don’t want to bother you on the phone, where can they go to find all of your businesses that are in the Chamber?

Pari Barzegari: Yeah, we have a beautiful webpage, There’s a tab right at the top for “directory”. As I said, you can pretty much type anything in and find the right people because we encourage our investors to set up their own accounts so they can tag in there everything they can possibly do. I use it all the time myself when people call saying like, “My daughter just had a baby. I’ve got to send her flowers.” I’m like, “Let’s get on this directory. We’re going to find you the right place to go.” There’s all kinds of stuff on there too. We keep our upcoming events. We keep recordings of our Zoom events on there, so if you did miss it, you can follow up and see what you missed, so you don’t forget to join us next time. That page holds all the Chamber goodies.

Glyna: I know you have like hot deals and all that kind of stuff that people can put up there.

Pari Barzegari: Yes, we do. We let our investors have full reign of our calendar. They can post anything on there. If they have a deal that they want to share with our 1200 plus investors, they can put that in there. We call it a hot deal, it’s kind of catchy. We let them know just everything on there, and they can put job postings, which can be very important because we have a great group of folks that they would definitely want to hire, so we like to share those too. Once you share, it populates automatically, which Payton loves, right to our social media.

Glyna: Oh awesome.

Pari Barzegari: Yeah. Payton loves that step.

Glyna: Yeah, I heard he’s helping us out. He has the website right there.

Sarah: Yeah, Payton’s on it. So it’s

Glyna: All right and Shawn Troughton of TemperaturePro Birmingham is tuning in. He says, “Chamber member here!” So we’ll give a shout out to Shawn. He said, “Can you set up a luncheon at Shiloh Clays? Asking for a friend.”

Pari Barzegari: Yes, I’m down for that. I want to shoot some clay too. They were one of our small business recipients last year, an incredible family. We need to get out there for sure. You don’t have to ask. I want to go too.

Glyna: Okay, that sounds like something we need to find out about.

Pari Barzegari: Yeah.

Sarah: Right. Pari, you do so much, and you’re heavily involved with the Shelby Chamber, but I’m curious to know what is your favorite part of all of it?

Pari Barzegari: I don’t know. I mean, I don’t want to call out anything. I say all the time I love my program of work, which is getting to work with the students. We have the best kids in Shelby County. They’re going to be our future workforce here in Shelby County. I tell them all the time, statistics are in your favor. Even if you’re trying to get away from your parents, physically, you’re coming back. You’re going to be living here. You’re going to be my neighbor, so don’t try and leave me just yet. I’m looking forward to them growing in our community, being part of the Chamber one day, and then just, that Women’s Business Council is a cool group. We get to do a lot of fun stuff. There’s nothing that I don’t like. I love being out and about. You all can tell I love to talk, so getting to see people. Right now during the pandemic, people have just been an incredible community to their neighbors, reaching out to each other, so we’ve been excited to be a part of that.

Kelsi: Great. Is there anything else that we haven’t mentioned that you’d like to cover?

Pari Barzegari: No, I think I’ve talked you all to death, but I just want to remind everybody that we’re here as a resource to the community. People call all the time and say, “I don’t think I’ve called the right place.” I’m like, “Honey, it’s fine. We’re going to figure out what your need.” So, if you have any questions, even if you don’t have the time, just email us, call us and we’ll figure it out for you. We don’t want anybody struggling out there in any way.

Glyna: Perfect. Yeah. Cue the banner. Exactly.

Kelsi: There we are. So for anybody out there that wants to reach out to Pari, again, she is the Director of Career and Community Development with the Shelby County Chamber. You can email her at That’s She mentioned before the website for the Shelby Chamber is, so check that out.

Glyna: All right. Well, we are so excited about being a new member of the Shelby County Chamber, so we really appreciate you giving us all this info. Now we’re going to have a little fun. So we’re going to send, Sarah, is it time for the hot seat?

Sarah: It is time for the hot seat. Let’s go.

Kelsi: Alrighty, let’s get rid of this guy.

Glyna: You found it, there’s our wheel.

Kelsi: All right, here we go.

Glyna: We’re going to see what game you get to play.

Pari Barzegari: I’m nervous.

Kelsi: Famous movie quotes.

Glyna: Oh, are you a movie buff?

Pari Barzegari: Well, I may need to phone a friend.

Glyna: We’re going to have to add that in because everybody asks us that every single time.

Sarah: About phoning a friend?

Glyna: Yeah.

Sarah: Oh goodness. Okay, so here’s how it works. I’m going to be giving you, we’re going to do this all in 60 seconds, okay? I’m going to start listing out famous moving quotes and you have to tell me what movie it’s from. Are you a movie buff at all?

Pari Barzegari: I’ve been to the movies. I like the popcorn.

Sarah: Okay, so does anybody have the timer for me by chance?

Kelsi: I got you.

Sarah: Okay, perfect. Okay. Pari, are you ready?

Pari Barzegari: Yes, ma’am. Let’s do this!

Sarah: Okay. All right, here we go. “I see dead people.”

Pari Barzegari: Oh, Ghost? Him, the guy with the bald head.

Sarah: I think you meant to say The Sixth Sense, right?

Pari Barzegari: Yes, The Sixth Sense!

Sarah: Okay.

Pari Barzegari: I was just recently talking about that movie.

Sarah: Okay, “Show me the money.”

Pari Barzegari: Oh, Tom Hanks … Oh, no, wrong Tom. My parents wouldn’t let me watch it.

Sarah: Cruise.

Pari Barzegari: Tom Cruise, yes.

Sarah: Jerry Maguire.

Pari Barzegari: Yes.

Sarah: Okay. You ready for this one?

Pari Barzegari: I love that one song.

Sarah: Yeah, me too. We could just clip to that. “I’m the king of the world.”

Pari Barzegari: Oh, Titanic.

Sarah: Yes, you got it. “You’re going to need a bigger boat.”

Pari Barzegari: Oh, I don’t know.

Sarah: Okay. How about this one? “Nobody puts baby in a corner.”

Pari Barzegari: Dirty Dancing, my favorite movie ever.

Sarah: Yes. What about this one? “Hello, Clarice.”

Pari Barzegari: Oh, he’s biting everybody’s faces off. Hannibal. I love that movie.

Sarah: I love the parts of the movie that you remember.

Pari Barzegari: Yeah.

Sarah: Oh my gosh.

Pari Barzegari: I failed miserably and got an F.

Glyna: I think you did fine. I think you really did well. A lot of people were like, “Don’t call me. Don’t phone me for help.”

Sarah: Did we hit our 60 seconds, Glyna?

Glyna: Yeah, we did.

Sarah: Okay.

Pari Barzegari: Kelsi’s like, please stop this.

Kelsi: No! I didn’t realize I was muted the whole time. I’m sorry.

Glyna: Oh, that is so funny. Don’t feel bad.

Pari Barzegari: I’m sweating for the rest of the day. Thanks guys.

Glyna: It’s like, is it hot in here?

Sarah: Well I’ll tell you, Harry knew all of them and he said, “I’ll help.”

Glyna: We may include that phone a friend before it’s all over. I’m sure that would get interesting. But once again, Pari, we want to thank you so much for joining us today. We had such a great time and you gave such great information. I’m sure you’ll be getting some people wanting to contact you.

Pari Barzegari: Thanks for having me.

Glyna: You’re very welcome. Thank you everybody for joining us today. Again, it was such a great time and we appreciate the people who follow us and share all of our programs. So don’t forget, you can join us Tuesday at eight, for Marketing Mix, and then we’re taking the next week off because of Thanksgiving, so happy Thanksgiving to everyone. We’ll be back two weeks from today for another Biz Talk at eight o’clock, so until then, have a great time.

Sarah: Bye everyone.