8 Creative Ideas for Holiday Promotions


It’s no surprise that the holiday season holds the potential for businesses to make more than they do at any other time of the year. Each year 20-30% of retail sales happen between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Even though the holiday season may look a lot different this year, sales are still projected to boom. One great way to increase your revenue and brand awareness is through promotions.

From sales to giveaways, there are so many opportunities for your business to reach new customers. So, how can you take advantage of this prime time of the year to attract shoppers in a safe, comfortable way? We’ve gathered together some easy and effective promotional strategies to help you market your business well and increase your revenue.

 1. Spruce Up Your Website

Since the majority of U.S. shoppers plan to shop online this season, their shopping experience needs to be seamless. Spend the time ensuring your website is in tip-top shape with fast load speed and easy navigation. Make any adjustments now to ensure a great user experience.

2. Offer Safer Shopping

Customers respond to convenience now more than ever. This holiday season, offer safe alternatives to in-store shopping such as curbside pick-up and contactless payments.  Don’t forget to use social media and email to notify your customers that you’re providing safer alternatives for them.

3. Throw in a Bonus Gift

Who doesn’t love free stuff? No matter how small or extravagant the item, attaching a free bonus gift grabs people’s attention. This will actively help you earn more as customers will be motivated to earn the promotional gift. An example of this is a shoe store offering a free tote bag with a $75 purchase.

In fact, 90% of customers say receiving a free gift with purchase increases brand loyalty. That means you won’t just increase sales during the holiday, but you’ll earn new, loyal customers who will become repeat consumers of your brand.

4. Offer a Sale

Sales are perhaps the most popular way to promote your business around the holidays. From smaller sales to larger BOGO offers you can’t go wrong with this tactic. When done well, they boost sales in the short-term. They also attract new customers, lead to repeat purchases, and prompt positive online reviews

5. Hold a Limited-Time Secret Sale

Words like “Exclusive” or “Members Only” can be irresistible. Send your VIP list a secret link (to a page on your website that can’t be navigated to any other way) where they can unlock special deals or give them exclusive promo code that lets them save big on certain products. Give them a short duration like 48 hours to ramp up the sense of urgency and encourage sales.

6. Bonus Gift Cards

Similar to throwing in a bonus gift, offering an extra gift card with the purchase of a gift card is an effective incentive for customers to make a purchase. It is a great way to reach multiple new customers and increase the average purchase price of gift cards. IE If your average gift card sale is normally $25, offering a promotion where if a customer purchases a $50 gift card they get a $5 gift card for free, they will be more likely to purchase the $50 gift card.

Not only will the person purchasing the card receive their own, but they’ll also have the additional gift card to give away. The person who receives the smaller gift card will most likely spend more in your store when redeeming that gift card. It’s a classic win-win situation.

7. Host A Contest on Social Media

This is a fun way to increase engagement, increase user-generated content, and get people talking about your business.  One simple example is to run a social media photo contest showcasing features of your products or services.  Simply ask users to snap photos of how they use your products in returns for entries.  Choosing a winner can be a simple as asking people to vote for the best photo or even via a panel of judges. As an added bonus, use a custom hashtag around your campaign and offer a small prize for the most engaging photo.

8. Live Stream Giveaways

The holiday season is the time for festivities so why not show off your personality by creating a fun holiday live stream giveaway?  Dress up in some fun holiday attire and grab some goodies that your viewers would love.  Audiences love the spontaneous nature of live stream shows and anonymous winners.  So pull together a few people from your team and press record!

We hope we’ve given you enough ideas to help your own business and get your registers ringing. Whatever you decide, we wish you a successful and profitable holiday season!

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