3 Things to Consider Before Going Freelance Full-Time

In recent years, freelancing has become a popular way to make a little extra money. While some people freelance outside their regular jobs, others have made a full-time gig out of it. If you’re thinking about spreading your wings and going freelance full-time, then consider the below points.

1.) Have a plan 

3 Things to Consider Before Going Freelance Full-TimePop culture paints a beautiful picture when it comes to freelancing — managing your own hours, taking days off, working in pajamas, etc. However, freelancing, like any other career, requires some (actually, a lot) of planning! Once you decide you want to go out on your own and pursue your dreams, start drafting a plan. Consider your finances, time commitments and how much you want to devote to your passion project. It’s best to build up some income as a safety “cushion” before you leave your steady 9-5 gig. Establish a few reliable clients who you know will send you projects on a regular basis. Having a solid plan is key to establishing a smooth transition to a full-time freelance job!

2.) Network, network, network. 

This can’t be emphasized enough. Never underestimate the power of getting coffee with someone who has found success in your line of work. Make time to reach out to others in your field who have found success, and pick their brain on how they got there. Chances are they’ll share insider tips (and be flattered that you thought of them as someone who has mastered the trade!) Forming a support community that can help you gain your footing is critical to jumping into the freelancing world.

3.) Stay organized. 

Going freelance full-time means you’ll likely have to keep track of invoices, deadlines, multiple schedules and a long list of other items that you might have relied on your former employee to manage. Establish a system that works for you from the beginning so you can easily dovetail into a new work environment. If your business is big enough, it might be wise to consult with an accountant who can make sure your finances are in order