Social Media Trends: LOVE IT or OVER IT?

social media trends

Marketing etiquette, social media pet peeves, genius ideas; we’re covering it all! The internet is a big world, and with every brilliant idea, there are some that just fall flat. We’ve got our picks from current social media trends and we want your help deciding if you LOVE IT or are OVER IT. To learn […]

Chatbots vs. Live Chat

chatbots vs. live chat

Today we’ll be talking all about chatbots and live chat and how your customers feel about them. They’re both vastly different options that are here to serve different purposes and ultimately different price points. At the root of all this is customer service. If you’re looking at the difference between chat options, you need to […]

3 Reasons Video is King in 2021

video marketing 2021

Video marketing is the undeniable king of 2021. When we say it’s undeniable, we mean it. The statistics alone prove that video is the most powerful tool you can use for online marketing. Whether it’s on YouTube, social media, or on your brand’s website, video is an incredible sales tool. If 2020 proved anything, it’s […]