Why Consistent Branding Matters

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was great branding. Exceptional branding is marked by easily recognizable imagery supported by even more recognizable messaging. There’s a reason why one of the world’s most popular fast-food chains only has a few colors in their stylebook. McDonald’s knows that its arches and simple color palette are all they need to make consumers recognize their menu.

Your branding is your calling card.

And then there’s Apple who has, well, just the apple. They don’t need a rainbow of colors or the entire fruit group for customers to recognize their brand.

Consistent branding matters for a long list of reasons. Whether you sell a product or a service, your brand can instantly be enhanced by offering consistent messaging.

Take Coca Cola for example. The soda’s logo has remained largely unchanged for about a century. The script font and unmistakable red lettering is recognizable all over the world, even when displayed in different languages. Now, Coca Cola does have millions of dollars allocated toward their marketing budget — but they definitely spend next to nothing on shaking up their imagery and messaging because they’ve found a formula that works.

So, how do you develop consistent branding? It’s easier than most people think. It all boils down to coming up with a brand logo and sticking with it no matter what. Once you have a logo that appeals to your target audience, stamp it everywhere. It might seem like overkill at times, but always remember there is always someone experiencing your brand for the first time. Make sure you greet that person with a firm, consistent handshake.

If you’re just getting the ball rolling on creating consistent branding, here are some tips to remember:

  • Don’t be afraid to be boring. Some of the simplest logos are the best. Flashy branding isn’t always the best branding.
  • Your brand guidelines are your roadmap to consistency. Your guidelines should specify your logo, fonts, and colors. These guidelines ensure your branding will remain consistent across numerous applications.
  • Consistency eliminates confusion. Chances are, you have a few competitors out there. By creating consistent branding and sticking to it, you are differentiating yourself from your competitors.

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