What Digital Marketing Can Do For You

Digital Marketing is all about connecting with your audience exactly when and where they are spending most of their time: the internet.

There’s a lot to it, but we’re going to simplify it all so you can see exactly how it can be a great profit center for your business.

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Glyna: Good morning.

Sarah: Good morning. Here we are. Here we are.

Glyna: We’ve got a great show today. And as you always say, I’m really excited about this one because it kind of breaks down digital marketing. And I think it’s going to be very helpful to everybody.

Sarah: It so is. That is what’s really exciting about this is it’s going to give you kind of that “aha” moment, or so we hope if we do our job well enough. The simple purpose of digital marketing is to help grow your business, to help get eyes on your business. There’s a lot to it and it can be complex. But we have a great formula to help it all make sense. So we’re going to show you this formula, and again, give you that aha moment. So without further ado, let’s get going.

Glyna: All right. Welcome to Marketing Mix, everybody. Every Friday, we are here to share some digital marketing with you. We try to mix it up. That’s where the mix comes in, in Marketing Mix. And before we get started, Sarah, let’s take a look at where everybody can find us every week.

Sarah: Yes. All right, every Friday we are going live on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn. And you can catch the replay on Instagram. And this also gets broadcast on our podcast, Marketing and a Mic, which is really important. And of course, don’t forget about YouTube, Fusion One Marketing YouTube channel. We’re putting out a lot of great stuff too, and all to help you with digital marketing, which this one is going to be the beast.

Glyna: We’re breaking down the beast.

Sarah: The big kahuna.

Glyna: Exactly.

Sarah: And I think that’s the key, so when you’re explaining digital marketing and what it is, it’s taking a complex subject and explaining it in a simple way so that your clients and can understand it and understand what it’s getting them. So today’s going to be more of a visual demo to help you understand all that.

Glyna: So, all right, let’s get down to it. All right, digital marketing, that’s kind of like one of those phrases that people are like, “I have no idea what that means, but I know I need it.” Right?

Sarah: Right.

Glyna: So, we try to explain it in this way. If we do it correctly, this is the formula that will work for everybody. You have to have visibility on the internet. It’s all about the internet, so people need to be able to find you. Then you add in credibility, which means your reviews. How much stuff do you have out on the internet? How easily can people find you? And then if all that’s done correctly, then comes profitability, which is the thing that everybody wants to have. If this is done correctly, this should really be revenue-generating. A digital marketing program should be actually your number one revenue-generating thing for your business, so that’s where it really gets exciting. And what we love the most is making sure that we’re making money for our customers.



Sarah: Yeah. And that’s the end result, and that’s how we look at it is we want to be making you money, getting you calls. And you often use the phrase: Do you want to know all about it? Say you’ve got pests in your house. Are you calling up the pest control company and you’re like, “Tell me about the chemicals you’re using. Tell me what’s all in it. Tell me what the process is”? Are you more like, “If you get rid of my pests in my house, I’m happy. That’s what I want”? So that’s the way we look at it is, there is a lot to it. But the bottom line is our goal, your goal is to get you more business.

Glyna: Yeah. That’s exactly right. I don’t think that people need to know everything, or what it takes. And honestly, there’s not enough time in the day to be able to explain everything that we do. I think the number one thing, and it’s our tagline, more calls, more business. That’s what the bottom line is. If your phone is ringing and you’re getting more customers and that revenue’s streaming in, that’s really what matters at the end of the day, but we’re still going to go ahead and try to break this down a little bit and help you understand what a great digital marketing program can do for you.

Sarah: Yes, absolutely. We’re going to talk about how visibility works. Right?

Glyna: Yes. Let’s start with visibility. All right. Visibility; and I kind of already said it a little bit, it’s really: Can people find you on the internet? And for instance, let’s do something here. If whoever’s watching, pull out your phones, and we’re going to give you an example. All right, if you go to Google and just put in “pest control” at the top of the search bar, go ahead and do that real quick if you’re watching. And then see what company names come up. And I’m going to do that real quick on mine.

Sarah: Yes, so we’re going to do that. And I did a quick visual of what comes up on my phone. Is it similar or different to what you’re seeing on your phone?



Glyna: Actually, mine’s a little bit different, in a different order. There are still some of the same companies, but they’re just in a little bit different order. And we talk about this, the most important thing is to be found in your area, and that’s what we’re working with here. Now, the weird thing about it is, and I would imagine if you’re looking on your phone and you’re playing along if you want to put in the search or in the comment bar what you have pulled up, I’m sure it’s going to be different. This is what’s going to blow your mind, Sarah, and blow everybody else’s minds. There are, I think, over 700 combinations of ways to search for companies, or for let’s say pest control. And what I mean by that is your results depend on what type of phone you have, what type of software, how old it is. That’s just phones. Then we go to tablets. Then we go to desktops. So it’s all this big mix of stuff that can affect your search. So the reason we bring this up is that if you have a reputable digital marketing company, they’re able to really optimize your visibility online to show up no matter how people are searching.

Sarah: That’s the key right there. That’s the key. When you talk about that, if a digital marketing company knows what they’re doing, and you talked about all those 700 different scenarios, and we’re going to run through all 700 right now.

Glyna: Starting with the iPhone.

Sarah: Let’s go through them all one by one. Just kidding. That’s the thing if you have a company that knows what they’re doing and can factor in all of those, all those types of things, that’s what comes with growing that visibility sort of organically, as we’ve talked about.

Glyna: Yes, exactly. So all right, let’s talk a little bit more about visibility. Okay, obviously search, putting it in Google, and not even just Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, Yellow Pages, everything, we put you everywhere people can find you on the internet, and make sure that you’re showing up no matter what device is being used. So, let’s give an example. This is kind of cool. All right, this again is about visibility and people being able to find you in your area. Do you have that slide that we can pull up about a client of ours, and what their map looked like before we started working with them?

Sarah: Yes. So yeah, kind of going along the lines of this, of visibility. That’ll be really key for you. I want you to explain this too because this kind of blows my mind.


what digital marketing can help


Glyna: Okay, all the people watching us live are chiming in. See, this is a perfect example. LaVon’s search results include Orkin and Terminix first. Kelsi had Farmers, Knox, Iron City, and Mr. Buggs. Steve had Prowess, Orkin, and Cooks. Lisa had Cooks, Orkin, and Wayne’s. So, that is the perfect example of what a mess it can be if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Sarah: Yeah, right.

Glyna: So anyway, thank you, guys, for chiming in. All right, back to the map. Okay, this is an actual customer of ours. And what this map represents is the area where they’re located, and it’s Florence, Alabama. All right, so this is a map of Florence, Alabama.

Sarah: So that number one in green, that’s where that company is located.

Glyna: Yes, that is their actual location right in the middle of Florence. Then all the little dots all the way around it are areas right around that same area in Florence that are a mile apart. So for instance, if you look up above the green, that number four is a mile from their office. If you go over even diagonal to the one that says 21, that’s another mile from their office. So each little circle is a mile apart. So, in this map, what this is showing when we started working with them is where they were ranking, and this is just Google before we started working with them. So, if you look at this, okay, yeah, they’re number one at their actual location, but you should be. If you’re not, you really have a lot of problems.

Sarah: Yeah.

Glyna: And as you look out, look at the diagonal one up in the right. Go up and right, I guess to the first diagonal one, where it says 21 plus, just a mile from their office, they were showing up 21st in the searches.

Sarah: And this is so wild. So this is, if I’m searching and I’m a mile away from the location, you’re saying that they’re showing up 21st in the search results. Is that right?

Glyna: Right, in their own area, and only a mile away from their office. So again, this is before we started working with them. And I don’t know about you, Sarah, but do you scroll to the 21st business listing to pick the person that you’re going to be doing work for, or work with?

Sarah: No, never. Never. And I mean, that is such a good example of I’m so much less likely to consider a company that’s so far down the list that I mean, you’re right, I’m not going to keep going to the 21st page of Google, for sure.

Glyna: Yeah. So as you can see, this visibility is very poor. But let’s point out again, this is before Fusion One Marketing.

Sarah: Right. Big disclaimer, hello.

Glyna: Can we pull up the one that shows after we worked with them?


what digital marketing can do for you


Sarah: Da, da, da, da.

Glyna: So huge difference, this is the exact same map. And this is after working with them for a while. Everything’s green, which is good. Means you’re in the top three positions in your area. And obviously, the visibility is huge. So now they can be found everywhere in their area, which is very, very important. So it looks a little bit different, doesn’t it?

Sarah: It does look a little bit different. That’s absolutely amazing. And that’s the key to this, is that this map, what’s significant is that this is their servicing area. This is where their customers and potential customers are. So that’s why it’s so crucial through all the efforts that you all did, is to make sure that they are visible, and that when people are searching for whatever service it is, that they’re showing up.

Glyna: Yes, exactly. And this is a team effort. I know you keep saying us and you and all of that, but this is a team effort. It’s not just Rob and me. It’s us, you, our incredible team that we have. It’s all of us working together doing our different pieces to give that visibility, so that’s the first thing that we work on is visibility, making sure that they can be found on the internet. Again, it’s not just Google, it’s everywhere people are looking. So let’s move on to the second thing. When you take visibility-

Sarah: I want to put this up, this too. We’ve got to put up this other thing, so I want to make sure, I’ll put it up after. Now we want to talk about the reviews, which that’s another big, big thing.

Glyna: Yes. Now you’re visible, that’s our first thing. Now we need to make you credible. What does that mean? When people are looking, they want to feel confident that you know what you’re doing. And the number one thing that people look at are reviews. Okay, I don’t know about you, Sarah, but I don’t buy anything or work with anybody until I read all the reviews.

Sarah: 100%. I would like to think like most people, that comes into play nearly every time, in any type of buying decision scenario, is I want to make sure that these guys have a good reputation. How do I know that? By the reviews that they’re getting.


Glyna: Yes. This is a great company. This company had been in business for over 50 years, but they just didn’t know anything about the internet and making sure that they’re showing up. So obviously, it wasn’t their fault, but they knew they needed help. So the credibility of this company, if you’ve been in business 50 years, you should have some credibility. So when we started working with them, they only had three reviews, and the rating out of five was a 2.4-star rating, so that wasn’t all that great. And think about that first map, we have that plus the only three reviews. And they were only getting in 36 calls per month, so that’s not much profitability.

Sarah: That’s certainly not, so that’s a scenario where they’ve got to get that boost up. So do you want to show the after on this, or do we want to kind of expand on this point?

Glyna: No, I think that kind of drives the point home. Everybody knows what reviews are and everything, so let’s go ahead and bring up the after. After we started working with them. All right, okay, so the credibility now of this company, and actually, this may be a little old because they may have more reviews than this, but we worked with them with our review system and took them from three reviews up to 46 reviews with a 4.7-star rating. And now they’re getting … Last month, they had 457 calls come in for that month.


what digital marketing can do for you


Sarah: What an improvement. So you’ve got to bear in mind, they had 2.7, three reviews. And then they went from 36 calls to 457 calls. And again, this is the thing when you put all the stuff together, you build up their visibility, you build up their credibility, which leads to profitability. So I kind of talk about digital marketing a little bit like a roadmap. It’s a recipe, we’ll have to say, it involves a lot of things, and when they all come together in unison, then that’s when you just get that … It’s like on steroids and things just really start coming together. So for us, we kind of talk about when we expand on the profitability, there’s almost like a roadmap to success, to get you to exactly where you want to go.

Glyna: Yes, exactly. We kind of say it’s a recipe, a complete recipe, to make sure that we get the companies that we’re working with profitable. I mean, our job is to make you money.

Sarah: That’s right.

Glyna: Obviously, we want you to be able to pay for our services. But second, our goal is always to just blow your revenue out of the water and make sure that you have more coming in. So it is a complete recipe. And if all the parts work perfectly together, then that profitability’s going to come in, so yeah, it’s all set up correctly.

Sarah: Yeah. So here’s sort of what we call the marketing roadmap to success. Setting up a digital optimization plan is going to bring you kind of that best level of success. So if your company’s brand new, and we’ll just kind of walk through these arrows here, if your company’s brand new, or you need to kind of revamp your business, it’s kind of good to start with your logo, your branding, and those types of things, and get that strategy in order. And then, kind of move on to of course the website. And the website, once that’s established, that’s when you can really kind of put it in overdrive with our digital optimization.



Glyna: Yes. Exactly. And that optimization package is really the key. If you can get your business to that point and it makes sense for your business to pay for that and work towards getting that revenue coming in, that’s really what we want to work toward. And that’s again where our formula of visibility plus credibility equals profitability. So you want to explain a little bit what’s involved. We don’t have to break it all down, but our digital optimization package, which gets you all of that, is what it includes here.

Sarah: Yeah. So then we talk about optimizing your website so it can be found easier online, setting up your SEO and your content, and getting content all over the place, to make sure that’s increasing your visibility. Establishing your social media channels, and starts to help again with the visibility and building that brand awareness. Also, talk about the review system. That’s how we were able to also bump up those reviews. We actually have a really great seamless review system. And it’s a convenient way really for you to get more positive reviews in, and on a consistent basis. And we talk about too, pay per click. Now pay per click ads we can consider that too, and that’s a paid search ad. It’s used on Google or social media, where your ad appears when people search online for your type of related product or service. So that could come into the fold if that’s something that would give you the best level of success. And then all of that, which if you want to talk about Dash, Dash is absolutely amazing.

Glyna: Yes. And we’re all about I think another reason we are different than most digital marketing companies is that we prove that we can perform for you every single month. And the way we do that is by tracking every single thing. We put what we call tracking numbers on all of our efforts, so that you know at the end of the month how exactly how many calls came in, how many social media hits, how many search hits, all of that. You know what you’re paying for, so it’s all tracked. We use those tracking numbers. And we put them on all of our marketing campaigns. So our clients never have to worry about they’re getting their money’s worth. I think you and I talk about this all the time, Sarah. It blows me away when I meet with customers and they’re paying thousands of dollars a month. And I’m like, “Great. Well, how many calls are you getting for that thousand, couple thousand dollars?” And every time, they don’t know. They have no idea what they’re paying for. They have no idea how it’s performing. So this tracking, you’re going to talk about where the rubber meets the road, expand on that a little.

Sarah: Yeah. This marketing dashboard, Dash is what ours is, it’s where the rubber meets the road. It holds us accountable because our clients are getting real data, real results that they can look to see how everything is working. And like you said, it’s so essential. I mean, if you’re going to be doing all this marketing stuff, and the company, if you’re working with a digital marketing company, they should be able to show you actual trackable results. That is so important. And in any scenario, whatever you’re spending your money on, your marketing dollars, you should know exactly. How many calls am I getting? Are you seeing a difference in what you’re doing? It’s so essential, so the dashboard is sort of that last thing of where we say that we can take all of those marketing efforts that we’re doing, plug it all in one spot so that you can get real data to see how everything is working.

Glyna: Exactly. So all of this comes together, excuse me, in the perfect storm. So we have our visibility. Can you put that little thing up you made that’s so cool, the little slide that says the visibility plus credibility?

Sarah: Yes.



Glyna: So again, it all comes together when we have the visibility, credibility, and we’re making you some money. That’s the most important thing. And we’re able to track it, so you want to make sure you’re getting what you paid for.

Sarah: You do. You want to make sure you’re getting what you paid for. That is so true. So one final point that we want to make here is: Who should be using digital marketing? Who is digital marketing best suited for? Well, our short answer is everybody, every business. I mean, truly, because everyone is on the internet. Everyone’s searching on the internet. That’s where you’re spending your time. And so that’s why it’s so important. And there’s a lot to it to get shown up. But if you’re doing it correctly, you want to position your business so that when someone is searching, you pop up there. So, there are some industries that do extremely well with digital marketing. And we mean that they’re sort of that model child. We’re going to name off some, and if you hear your business on the list, we expect a call from you today. Okay?

Glyna: Yes, right away.


what digital marketing


Glyna: We’ll be manning those phones. We are available all day, so give us a call. But you’re right, every business can use it at some way, shape, or form. But this is where our golden goose, geese, goose. Isn’t it goose? So, if you have a multi-location business, and what I mean by that, let’s just say pest control industry again, if you have a pest control company that has multiple locations, then we can do this digital optimization for each location to make sure that you’re showing up in all of those places, so that is the perfect scenario. But home service industries, I mean, you do great with digital optimization packages like this.

Glyna: HVAC, cool thing about HVAC or heating and air companies, sometimes there are co-op dollars that the distributors will give to the heating and air companies, so it pays for our marketing, so that’s awesome. Pest control industry, yes, we are, I would say pest control experts. We’ve been doing that for 10 years with pest control companies. Roofing companies, water restoration. If people come to your home to do the service, that fits perfectly. And then home service distributors, I mentioned it kind of before. Who do these home service companies buy their equipment and their goods and services from? Those are good people that we need to meet because we can help them help their customers.

Sarah: Exactly. And again, digital marketing can benefit every business, so we want to make sure that we make that clear. But as Glyna mentioned, these particular businesses, it can be just a huge, out of the gate, good profit center if it’s done correctly.

Glyna: Yep.

Sarah: And that’s the key. So that’s a wrap for today. I hope that kind of gives you a little bit more clarity of the whole idea behind digital marketing and what it can do for your business. And if you want any more information, or have a conversation, and just sort of see where you’re at and if there are ways that we could help your business, we’d love to chat with you, as always.

Glyna: We sure would. And until next time, have a great week.

Sarah: Bye-bye.