The Importance of Investing In Your Logo Design

Let’s talk about that one important piece to your company’s brand: Your Logo. Your logo is one of the first and last impressions you make with a customer.  Which is why you should invest in a high-quality design that genuinely reflects your image. We’re going to break down the key factors to consider when designing a high-quality logo.

The Importance of Investing in Your Logo

It’s The Face Of Your Business

A good logo should draw your customers in and be memorable.  It’s the identity and symbol of your brand and should appeal to your customers.  If customers like your logo, they’re more likely to wear it on apparel and become walking advertisements for your business.  It’s important to consider your demographics, colors, values, and image when designing your logo.  It should reflect who you are and distinguish you from everybody else.

It’s Designed Professionally

A great logo can only take you so far if you don’t have the right files or format to use it.  Ever seen a blurry logo on a company’s website? Not ideal. Working with a professional graphic designer will ensure that your logo will be created on the proper design software and can be resized without looking blurry and pixelated.

You’ll also want to have multiple formats so your logo is transferable on any platform or promo material. Some formats are ideal for print, while others are optimal for web use or apparel.  A good graphic designer will provide all the various files you need to maximize your branding.

It Can Be Everywhere

Your logo may look good on paper, but what about everywhere else? Whether it’s in your store, on a mug, on the internet, or on a t-shirt, your logo design should look great no matter where you showcase it.  Additionally, make sure it is still legible no matter the size.  If you can’t read it when it’s displayed on a business card, you might want to rethink your design.

It Builds Brand Recognition

Your logo should represent the tone of your business.  Visual identity plays an important role in the eyes of customers.  Versace’s logo captures sophistication, luxury, and the heritage of their brand. On the other hand, Levi Brands is about laidback, casual, and comfortable apparel.  While it’s important to build trust by providing a good product and service, your logo should remind customers who you are and why they value you.

Bottom line, your logo can have a major impact on how memorable – or forgettable – your brand is to a customer.  A well-designed logo says a lot of your company and is the trademark of your business.


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