Small Business SEO – Top 10 Reasons Why You Need It

The old adage “you build it and they will come” isn’t true for digital marketing. “You build it, market it and optimize it, and then they will come,” should be the saying.

Small Business SEO

Without SEO (search engine optimization), you’ll have an incredibly difficult time attracting potential customers to your website.

Here are the top 10 reasons why your small business should invest in SEO:

1. Better rankings

By boosting you to the top of search engines, SEO enables you to get better rankings. After all, we all know that most people don’t even make it to the second page of search results anyway.

2. Better user experience

Strong SEO is not only great for your business, it’s good for your consumers. SEO scores depend on quality content and design. By ensuring that your website has strong SEO, you are in effect ensuring that your audience has a good experience while learning about your product of service.

3. Increased visits and sales

If more people know about your business, your chances of landing more sales increases. It’s that simple.

4. Better brand credibility

People buy from companies they trust. You are also increasing your brand’s reliability by boosting your SEO.

5. Your competition is doing it

Even if your competitor offers a product of lesser value, if their SEO is strong, there’s a good chance they may be stealing some of your business.

6. It’s cost effective

You’ll definitely get more bang for your buck by investing in search engine optimization. The results you’ll get will last for a long period of time and push you to the top of your consumer’s feeds.

7. Higher conversion rate

Because search engine optimization improves online visibility, you have more chances to close deals and create new customers. You’re optimizing your chances to be seen by the right people by specifically targeting people who have interest in your product.

8. It’s social media friendly

Many of your SEO efforts are directly related to social media networking. This includes meta descriptions and keywords, which improve your content and visibility on social media powerhouses like Facebook and LinkedIn.

9. It’s mobile friendly

Like everything else in the digital world, SEO is mobile friendly. Strong search engine optimization ensures that your brand looks the best it possibly can on mobile devices.

10. Better brand awareness

This goes hand in hand with better brand credibility. The more times you show up in someone’s search results, the more you establish your name in the back of your audience’s minds  — which builds awareness and greater credibility.