New YouTube Advertising Features

new YouTube features

New YouTube features have been unveiled for creators and advertisers to make money. The internet’s dominant video site has struggled to compete recently with other platform giants like TikTok. With these recent enhancements, YouTube is hoping to generate creative ways to tap into its users across streaming, shopping, and audio. For advertisers, investing in YouTube Ads means reaching the right people in key moments to better connect with them. Here’s more information about all the new features available with YouTube Advertising.


Expanding Audio Ads to All Advertisers

Audio Ads provide an outlet to target users streaming music and podcasts through YouTube. YouTube has long been a destination for music lovers and podcast enthusiasts. In fact, YouTube is now the second most popular destination for podcast listeners. When YouTube first launched its version of audio ads in 2020, they were only available to certain brands. Now audio ads are available globally to purchase in Google Ads and Display & Video 360.  Google also added new targeting options to help reach specific podcast listeners and increased the ad duration from 15-second spots to 30-second spots.

YouTube Audio ads share similar characteristics with video ads, such as running on a CPM basis (cost-per-mile) – where advertisers pay a set bid per 1,000 views. They also share the same targeting options and bidding strategies as the platforms’ video ads.  The format is primarily characterized by a voiceover; however, a still image or animation component will also display on the screen.  This helps advertisers deliver optimal ad experiences to YouTube users. Audio Ads currently only appear on podcasts or music content. The cost to reach these audio listeners tends to be lower than video ads, making it a very budget-friendly option. If your target audience matches the same demographic as YouTube audio listeners, audio ads could bring big revenue potential.


New Updates to YouTube Ads

Along with expanding audio ads to all advertisers, Google announced other enhancements to YouTube video advertising. Here’s a breakdown of what’s new.

Moment Blast

YouTube gives viewers a unique chance to connect with users during key TV moments – like watching live-stream concerts, fitness classes, or sporting events. To help reach these engaged audiences, YouTube’s new “Moment Blast” gives advertisers the ability to place ads during popular events such as sports match-ups and product launches. “Moment Blast” is part of YouTube Select, an existing program that lets advertisers target the top 5% of YouTube’s popular channels. This gives advertisers prime positioning on YouTube Select content on connected TVs and other devices, plus a Branded Title Card and optional Masthead placement.  Title cards are clips of stylized text that advertisers can add to the beginning or end of your ad or between the clips within the ad. A YouTube Masthead is a digital billboard placed on YouTube’s homepage for 24 hours. Moment Blast gives advertisers prime positioning to raise brand awareness during key TV moments.

Product Feeds in Discovery Ads

As e-commerce continues to rise, it’s becoming increasingly easier for people to find and shop for what they love. Because of this, YouTube is finding ways to drive purchases on its platform by expanding product feed advertising. Since introducing product feeds to Shorts, YouTube has seen an increase of 70% in conversions. Now, Google advertisers can bring existing product feeds to Discovery ads on YouTube. Discovery ads can appear in areas such as the top of YouTube search results, the suggested videos section, or on the homepage of the YouTube mobile app. Product feeds in Discovery ads will give creators the ability to tag products in their shorts and videos and link users directly to product pages. Product feeds will also include local offers, allowing brands to show the real-time availability of products in their Google Merchant Center, making shopping even more convenient.


Why We Care

YouTube recently launched a dedicated page for podcasts, giving advertisers an opportunity to reach a wider engaged audience. With YouTube being the second largest platform for podcasts and US podcast spending hitting nearly $1.73 billion last year, it’s no surprise YouTube wants in.

YouTube has also become more focused on commerce, adding features to help compete with Facebook and Instagram. It also wants to keep creators on TikTok happy by giving them more opportunities to monetize their content.

These new YouTube features help advertisers reach users across the board. Whether it’s mobile, audio, Shorts, or long-form video, YouTube has options to reach viewers whenever they are. Advertisers would be hard-pressed not to find their target audience someone within that medium. With its affordable ad options and versatility, it’s an advertising option that could bring in big ROI for advertisers.

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