How to Use LinkedIn Ads: Part 2

LinkedIn Ads

Last week we started an in-depth discussion all about LinkedIn ads. We walked you through the first half of the process, from determining your advertising objective to using their targeting system. Today, we’ll be walking you through the remaining steps to creating a successful LinkedIn advertising campaign.

LinkedIn Ads By Type

Let’s start by talking about the different ad types LinkedIn offers. There are five different types:

  1. Sponsored content
  2. Text ads
  3. Sponsored InMail
  4. Dynamic ads
  5. Programmatic display ads

Each of these ad types targets different actions. Do you want people to click on your website? Do you want them to download a free PDF? Do you want them to apply for a job? Or do you want them to learn about your brand to start building brand recognition? It would be best if you kept this at the forefront of your mind when crafting your LinkedIn advertisement.

Sponsored Content

Sponsored Content is by far the most natural-looking ad option available on LinkedIn. It’s similar to boosting a post on Facebook, where it takes a traditional post look and promotes it to more viewers. This option offers the ability to boost a single image, video, carousel, or lead generation ads.

Text Ads

Text ads are probably the least visually appealing option for ads. They are similar to traditional Bing or Google ads. Picture a company’s logo next to a text block and headline. These even operate on a similar level that Google ads do where you pay per click or for the number of impressions. One perk is that they show up in the sidebar as users are on LinkedIn.

Sponsored InMail

Let’s be honest; we’ve all gotten a random message from a company we’ve never heard of on LinkedIn. Sponsored InMail is that option. It is a great option when you’ve already built brand recognition and trust with a user. Using a warm approach will lead to better results than a cold call approach here. This option is pretty pricey, as it costs more because it is such a targeted option. You can create a curated list of users you want to message. Sponsored InMail is excellent because the content of the message is totally up to you.

Dynamic Ads 

A Dynamic Ad is hands down the most customizable ad option on LinkedIn. Advertisers can choose to promote content downloads, a company’s page, job postings, or drive traffic to a website via spotlight ads, which also appear on the newsfeed. You can even have an ad translated automatically or use pre-set templates to design it. This ad is specifically designed to be easy to create.

Now that you have had a full sneak-peek behind the scenes of LinkedIn ads, it’s time to create your own. As you do, be careful to consider every aspect of the customer journey. The process we have laid out will help you successfully navigate your ad creation from determining the ad’s type to the overall objective you have. We can’t wait to see what you do with them! Feel free to reach out to us through our contact page.