How To Get More Views On YouTube with TubeBuddy

How To Get More Views On YouTube with TubeBuddy

When it comes to YouTube, it’s often assumed that the only way your videos will get noticed is by having millions of followers or capturing that one viral moment.  However, there’s a little secret weapon out there that will have a huge impact on your YouTube Channel: TubeBuddy.

TubeBuddy is an innovative software platform that helps to significantly improve the way you post videos on YouTube.  By integrating directly through your channel, YouTube not only shows the analytics and performance of your videos but also several checkboxes to ensure you’re doing everything to make your channel shine.

TubeBuddy’s optimizations toolkit is configured to help set up the title, taglines, and keywords to improve the search visibility of each video on your channel.  The keyword search tool takes it a step further by not only showing how to optimize your video, but it’s relevance for current searches. There are over 65 features to help boost your videos, but here’s a breakdown of the major features we love.

SEO Tools

One key feature, and in our opinion one of the best, is the huge amount of SEO tools that help get your videos into the YouTube algorithms. YouTube algorithms is a search and discovery system that sorts through and ranks videos based on their relevance, engagement, and quality.  When you incorporate these SEO tools and meet YouTube search criteria, it in-turn dramatically increases views, suggested searches, and new subscribers to your videos.

Key Features

  1. Suggested Tags
  2. Keyword Explorer
  3. SEO Studio
  4. Best Time to Publish

In-Depth Analytics

This feature helps to grow your channel by understanding what works and what doesn’t. In doing this, it enables you to fine-tune your videos and create more focused content that will drive more viewership.

Key Features

  1. Retention Analyzers
  2. Health Report
  3. Competitor Scorecards
  4. Social Monitor
  5. Rank Tracking 

Productivity Tools

This feature is simply a time saver.  It automates a lot of actions that you would normally have to do manually on YouTube.  It works as a catch-all system to ensure a seamless set up to all your videos.

Key Features

  1. Bulk Metadata Updates
  2. Canned Responses
  3. Publish to Facebook
  4. Thumbnail Generator
  5. Video Topic Planner


The setup process to connect your channel to TubeBuddy is simple, and you can access all available tools from your TubeBuddy dashboard.  There’s also a helpful add-on extension for chrome that helps you spy on your competition and get insights on how well your videos are performing.  You’ll also have access to several templates for creating cards and end screens.  TubeBuddy offers a free version as well as a paid version with access to all its features for $9/month.


TubeBuddy is by far the best YouTube SEO and growth tool out there.  It’s very easy to use and install and is loaded with features. When you combine all these tools with your quality content, your hard work becomes a little less and makes a big difference.

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