How To Determine the Best Social Media Platform For Your Business

social media for business

In a world that is increasingly more digital, deciding how to represent your business online is a huge deal. There are so many options, from Google to Yelp and then the ever-changing scenery of social media. It can feel overwhelming for small businesses, especially if you’re not up-to-date on the changing trends.

You may find yourself asking the question, Which social media platforms should my business be on? It’s a fair question, and it is so important to know which platforms are worth your time.

Before we delve into the different platforms available or how you can decide which ones best suit your business, let’s talk about something vital. Your business does not have to be represented on every platform out there. You can take a deep breath knowing that you don’t have to be everywhere online all the time. Some platforms will be better than others for your specific industry, target audience, and demographics. Keeping this in mind will help you save precious time and you can focus your energy on plugging into the platforms that can truly help move the needle for your business.

Visual Platforms

When looking at social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, these are primarily visually-driven spaces. People go there to be inspired by beautiful photos, engaging videos, and social influencers. These types of platforms are great for businesses like realtors, photographers, clothing companies, and retailers. If your business can produce well-curated photos and engage with customers in an authentic and helpful way; with tips, humor, and plenty of inspiration these can be a great boost for your business.

These platforms are especially powerful when it comes to selling physical products online. Each of these offers phenomenal sales tools and can lead to real money for your business. Another great platform is the powerful, Liketoknowit app, which has changed how the younger generations shop for home decor and clothing.

Professional Platforms 

LinkedIn is the first “professional” platform to come to mind, but there are so many great options out there like Meetup and Xing. When you think of these social media giants this is where people go to make professional connections and boost their credibility online. If your company works in business-to-business sales, is recruiting new employees, or if your main clientele is business-people, this is a great place to be. These platforms are also advantageous if you’re in the educational arena and want to get your offerings out to those who are actively looking to better their careers.

If you are seeking to boost the connections your business has with other local businesses and citizens, this is a great option. It provides you with a platform to build trust with your key demographic while building a true community around your business.

Video-Based Platforms

 Many companies today overlook video sites for marketing. While it may seem like more people may be going to these platforms for funny videos or makeup tutorials, it’s just not true. In fact, YouTube is the second most used social media site on the internet. That means the potential to reach people on these platforms is huge.

YouTube, Vimeo, and Tik Tok are a few key examples of video-based social media platforms. Companies can reach vast audiences if they create engaging videos that are well-produced. Video-based platforms are especially great if your business is already utilizing video marketing. Creating how-to videos or product-review videos are a great place to start. Really, the options are endless.

Age-Specific Platforms

While all of the platforms we have mentioned above are used by multiple generations, some are more age-specific than others. Facebook is now known for Millennials and older, while platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram are predominantly for younger users. This is important to take into account because you need to know where your audience is actually spending their time. If you’re looking to sell clothing to tweens, teens, and twenty-somethings, Facebook probably isn’t your best bet. Instead, we’d recommend you spend your time on Instagram.

One great way to figure out which platform is best for the generation and audience you want to target is simply to Google it. Find out what age ranges are using each platform and use that information to influence where you will spend your time and energy marketing your business. Remember this too, you aren’t necessarily your target audience. They may be on platforms you haven’t heard much about or used yourself and that is okay.

As you spend time researching the best social media platforms for your business, take your time. Feel free to start small with one platform if that’s what you need to do. The important thing is to start somewhere and to be actively engaging with your target audience online. In the fast-paced world of social media and the internet, it is no longer optional to have your business represented online. It may seem overwhelming, but if you aren’t utilizing social media, you could be missing out on potential clients and ultimately, revenue for your business.

The great thing is you can always outsource your social media. This could be by using an employee at your company, or even an external marketing firm like ours. If you’re totally lost, we’re here to help with social media management so you can totally hand off the reins if that’s what best serves your company. As with any business decision, we say maintain control over what needs your specific touch and outsource what you can to be able to make your business more profitable.

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