Grow Your Business with LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups for networking to grow your business

LinkedIn Groups are a great way to connect with like-minded business owners. There’s a group for all kinds of interests, areas and networks. If you have an interest in learning more about a market or industry, there’s a group full of experts to help.

If you’re a part of a professional network or association, there’s a group of members for you to join. There’s a community around LinkedIn Groups that you can harness to find customers and prospects for your business.

Use LinkedIn Groups to Build a Community Around Your Business

LinkedIn is a growing resource for networking. There’s an existing pool of users who work in your industry or have expertise in a field you want to know more about. Joining LinkedIn and connecting with teammates, employees and colleagues is the first step. Becoming a member of a LinkedIn Group is the next step. This gives you an opportunity to share your business with second-degree and third-degree connections.

Interact within Groups

Interacting in a group is like sharing and exchanging information on a forum. Have a conversation versus blatantly promoting your business services. The best approach is to share your knowledge and show interest in the topic of discussion in a group.

Each time you comment, like, or post to the group, you’re literally sharing your business. How so? It’s accomplished through the title placement under your name each time you leave your mark — or post. This interaction leads to engagement with others who’ll likely check out your company page or directly message you on LinkedIn to learn more about you and your services.

Grow Your Business with LinkedIn Groups

Create Your Own Group

What better way to gather people in one place for a common cause than to start a group? Starting a group on LinkedIn is simple to do and allows you to target users who may be potential customers. With this power comes the responsibility and opportunity to facilitate group participation.

For example, your line of business may be the heating and cooling industry. You could start a group aimed at HVAC professionals for commercial clients. Within this group, you could start discussion topics about common issues your customers face and exchange information on resolving them.

Share News and Updates about Your Company

Since the LinkedIn social media platform leans more towards business, it’s ideal for sharing news and updates about your business. Does your company have open positions you’re hiring for? Share this with your groups where and when appropriate.

These are some ways to use LinkedIn Groups to expand your business. Whether to increase the workforce, gain insight about your industry or connect with potential sales leads, it’s a useful tool. This also positions you as a helpful authority in your field, which ultimately helps you promote and market your business.