Getting 5 Star Reviews

Wake Up Businesses Owners your reviews are the lifeblood of your business. Most owners don’t even know if their business has any bad reviews or where their reviews are to check them.  Most owners are surprised and can’t believe it when someone has left them a negative review.  A review survey from showed that consumers read an average of 10 online reviews before feeling able to trust a local business.  Reviews are a cornerstone of a business’s online reputation.  Managing that reputation and building trust needs to be a priority with business owners now more than ever.

Getting 5 Star Reviews

Make Getting 5 Star Reviews Simple

Getting 5 star reviews is easy if you have a plan in place.  Just asking customers to leave you a review as they walk out of your business or when you have completed a job is not a plan.  First, you need to deliver five-star products or services before you even think about asking for a review.  Understanding your customers is the key to a successful Review Plan. Here are things to think about when creating that killer plan for five-star reviews.

Make it Easy

If your customer has to stop and login, then forget it.  It doesn’t have a chance of succeeding. Let’s not overthink this issue and make it more complicated, because it is not.  Android users use a Google Account on their phone that is already logged into Google. So asking these users for Google Reviews is a snap if they can click and go to your GMB listing.  Are you looking for Facebook Reviews? 75% of women in the US use Facebook every day, and most of them use the app on their phone.

Send them a link that takes them to the place to leave a review. Don’t ask them to search for you.  You are just asking for frustration, and eventually, they will say they will do it later and off they go.  Well, you will never see that review.

Pick Your Customer

You or your employees know if that customer had a good experience.  Ask them if they would mind leaving you a 5 Star Review (Not just a Review). Ask them to mention your name in the review. This makes them feel they are giving a review to you and not just the company.

Set A Goal

All great plans have goals.  Target [insert number] Five Star reviews you want to attain each month, then break that down on how you will meet that goal.  Make sure you have a plan on what you are going to do if the first week you fall short.  Don’t accept your shortfall; adjust to make the goal.  Understand this is not a short-term gig. This will now be the way of life to get reviews each month.  Think about how you are going to communicate this plan effectively with your employees and how this benefits them.

Show Off Your Reviews

You worked hard for your reviews, make sure you show them off.  Post them on your website, share them on social media, and if you have a business location, make sure they are displayed.  It shows customers that you have pride in your products or services.  Potential customers will see others have reviewed your business with high marks and will want to do the same.

Ask Past Customers

The best place to start when looking for reviews is past or returning customers.  This should be a slam dunk, as these customers know of your products or services and have been coming back for more.  More than likely, you have created a relationship with them, so there should be no hesitation in asking them for a 5 Star Review.  Phrase it that “You want to see if you could help me out.”  If you have built that trust, then you will be well on your way of getting your online reputation built up quickly.

Are you looking to boost your online reputation? Or just don’t know where to start? Call Fusion One Marketing to get your plan started on Getting 5 Star Reviews.  We can assist in a custom plan and systems to achieve your goals.