Your Brand Colors: Find Out What They Mean

Whether you realize it or not, your brand colors say a lot about your company. Colors have the power to evoke emotions — both good and bad. If you’re thinking about picking out your brand colors or revising your current colors, consider these common associations and what they mean.


Blue: Sincerity

Brands that use blue often wish to convey a sense of approachability and sincerity. One of the most popular brands to use the color blue is Walmart. Another well-known brand that uses blue is Facebook.

Red: Daring

Red can be a tricky primary color for branding. But, if used correctly, it can speak volumes. Red communicates excitement and passion. Popular brands who only use the color red in their marketing are Coca-cola and Target.

Orange: Friendliness

Often associated with affordability and friendliness, the color orange typically communicates a non-threatening atmosphere. Home Depot, a brand that prides itself on approachability, uses orange in their brand marketing.

Green: Freshness

Green is the easiest color for the mind to process. In most cases, it communicates freshness and health. This could be a reason brands like Whole Foods and Starbucks use it in their branding.

Yellow: Positive

Yellow is probably the most “happy” color, as it is strongly connected with sunshine and brightness. Energetic and eye-catching, yellow is used in several big brands’ marketing like McDonald’s, Ikea and Best Buy.