Biz Talk with Lisa Phillips of Mary Kay

Lisa Phillips joins our “WiFi Studio” to talk about how Mary Kay’s new marketing strategy has led to a surge in business despite the changing economy.

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Kelsi: Good morning! It’s Friday, 8:00 AM, which means it’s time for Biz Talk!

Glyna: Hey, everybody! Hey! It is a great day in the Fusion One lounge this morning. We are so excited and pumped up about our special guest. I’m Glyna Humm, and to the right of me, I guess depending on how you’re looking at us, is the rest of our amazing marketing team this morning, Ms. Kelsi Munn. At Fusion One, we specialize in getting companies more calls, which always leads to more business. Well, we started Biz Talk to highlight those small businesses that we love, but, also, get some of their tips for the rest of us to use. Now, before we get started, Kelsi, can you throw up our broadcast schedule? You can subscribe anywhere to follow us, but we are live on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, and then you can catch the replay on all the other channels. Don’t forget our new podcast channel, Marketing in a Mic. All right! All the housekeeping stuff out of the way, now it’s time to have some fun! All right. Today, we are so excited about our special guest. All right. I want y’all to listen to this. She is a 15 time Mary Kay car earner. Now, that’s a lot to spit out. Basically, this lady is serious about her business. She has literally earned 15 cars during her career. She’s amazing. She’s a Senior Sales Director for Mary Kay. We want to welcome Lisa Phillips. How are you doing, Lisa?

Lisa Phillips: I’m so glad to be here!

Glyna: I am so glad to have you! You are one of the hardest working people and one of the most successful people that I know. So, I am really, really happy to have you here to share some of your secrets.

Lisa Phillips: I don’t know if they’re secrets.

Glyna: It’s hard work, isn’t it? You work as hard as I do, I know, or more.

Lisa Phillips: Yeah. Yeah. It is.

Glyna: Let’s jump right on into it. Why don’t you give us a little bit about your background, and tell us about yourself?

Lisa Phillips: All right. Well, I’m a Kentucky girl. I was born in Louisville, Kentucky, and you can always tell a Kentucky girl by the way they say Louisville. So, I’ll let y’all know that. I married my college, Michigan State, college sweetheart. His Army career is what brought us here to Birmingham 20 years ago this month, and it’s the longest I’ve ever lived anywhere my whole life.

Kelsi: Wow!

Lisa Phillips: I know. So, my kids graduated from Oak Mountain. I have two adult children, and they now live out of state. One’s in Atlanta, and one is in Greenville, South Carolina. I have two grand babies. I know. Olivia’s five and Conner is two. Right now, that is such an awesome age. I love it.

Kelsi: That is great. So, you’ve been in Alabama for 20 years, you said. Right?

Lisa Phillips: 20 years. I cannot believe it.

Kelsi: Well, you’ve been with Mary Kay for 27 years. Correct?

Lisa Phillips: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Kelsi: Which is phenomenal. So, what stands out about the company that’s encouraged you to stay with it for so long?

Lisa Phillips: It has just fit every season of my life, from having little ones, because they were four and six when I first started, and Chris went to Korea during that time. So, I always say I was a happily married single parent for a year. Then you go through those teenage years, and college, and it just fit every season that I was in. Plus, the culture of being able to put family first over your career is really important. You’ve never heard anything bad about the company. Right?

Glyna: No.

Lisa Phillips: So, we’ve never gone through any of those scandals or struggles. It’s just been a joy to grow with the company for 27 years. I mean, who stays with a company that long. Right?

Glyna: Nobody.

Lisa Phillips: No one.

Kelsi: Someone that’s very happy!

Lisa Phillips: I know! So, there must be something about it. Yeah.

Glyna: Most definitely. Well, we have people already tuning in this morning, Lisa. So, I’m going to tell you who we have watching this morning. We have Roxie Kelley, is saying good morning. We have Cindy Edmunds, who’s also saying good morning. We have Sarah, who’s watching this morning. She said miss all of us. Sarah, hope you have your lip balm on, like Kelsi and I do, that Lisa gave to us. And good morning from Lavon Chaney.”

Lisa Phillips: Oh! Good!

Glyna: So, we’ve got a lot of people already tuning in. If you guys have any questions, make sure that you ask them. So, you were talking about Mary Kay. Like you said, you never hear anything bad. Now, we’ve just recently gone through this “corona crap”. That’s what we call it here at Fusion One.

Lisa Phillips: The “CC” Right?

Glyna: The “corona crap”. But Mary Kay didn’t miss a beat.

Lisa Phillips: Mm-hmm!

Glyna: In fact, you said that despite all of that, they had a surge.

Lisa Phillips: We really did. It has really been amazing how these last three or four months, Mary Kay really did have a surge, because I always tell my people that we were made for this time, because our websites were already up and running. Our consultants already have inventory in their homes. We were already delivering. So, we really didn’t miss a beat. When other stores were closing and people could not get their skincare, they were coming to us. So, our business really took off a lot.

Glyna: That’s amazing.

Lisa Phillips: It really did. This was what was really cool, you guys. The company developed two new apps during this CC time, as you all call it. Even if somebody was in Oregon, and I’m here in Birmingham, and I could not see their face, the company developed … It’s called Skin Analyzer. They can download this app. They can take a picture of their skin, and it does this in-depth analysis, and it tells us what their skin needs for texture and fine lines. Then we can tell them the products that it recommends to target those areas. It’s amazing.

Kelsi: Just from a picture?

Lisa Phillips: From a picture.

Glyna: Wow.

Kelsi: That’s awesome.

Lisa Phillips: I know. Then they did an app called Mirror Me. So, they can look, take this little picture, and they can say, “I wonder what Apple Berry lipstick looks like on me,” and they can put it on. Or, they can think, “I wonder what this cheek color looks like,” and they can put it on this app. So, that has really helped our business skyrocket.

Kelsi: I bet it’s also helped you in the sense that even though you don’t like the fact that you can’t meet face-to-face, you’re not having to use your product to test on people. They’re using a virtual product to test.

Lisa Phillips: That’s right.

Kelsi: Which is really neat.

Lisa Phillips: That’s right. It’s awesome.

Kelsi: So, I know that every week you have a leadership team meeting. You do a call to do some training. So, how do you communicate with your customers and the people you lead now that things are a little bit different? What are the main talking points on how you do this?

Lisa Phillips: I think that was one of the reasons why Mary Kay truly has soared during this time, is because from the very beginning, that was one of the first things the company did, was to make sure all of their leaders and all of their consultants were okay. Immediately. To make sure, first, that we were good, and our families were good, and then they talked with us on how to talk with our customers. Because it’s not about the sale. It is about those relationships. That’s what really sets this company apart, is how we treat others. My husband’s company, not once did they ever call and say, “How are you? How’s your family? What do they need?” It really didn’t play into the picture too much. It was just, “Here’s your computer. Go home, and let’s get back to work.”

Glyna: Yes. “Don’t stop working. Please.”

Lisa Phillips: Right. “We’ll figure it out!” Even last night, I was on a call for an hour on how to work with people who are under stress. Now, I am not a licensed therapist. I don’t pretend to be whatsoever. But it just helps you understand where people are, and how to meet them, and how to talk with them through it. So, that has been a true turning point, I believe, on why Mary Kay has been so successful during this time of crisis.

Glyna: Wow. That is amazing. Well, I will say though, you’re not new to building relationships. That’s for sure.

Lisa Phillips: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Glyna: Knowing you for so many years … I can’t even count up how many years. You truly care about what you do.

Lisa Phillips: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Glyna: And it’s not about makeup and skincare. We’ll get into that. I’m probably jumping ahead. To you, it’s always been, “How can I help you?” Period.

Lisa Phillips: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Glyna: Oh! We have Suzanne White joining us!

Lisa Phillips: Hey!

Glyna: She said good morning. We also have Andy and Jonathan Cantrell. Sarah said she loves the lip balm.

Lisa Phillips: Oh, good.

Glyna: We are all in love with the lip balm. So, what is really neat, when we were talking the other day, Lisa, that when we were going through the corona crap again, a lot of businesses were either deemed essential or non-essential. Because skincare was deemed essential, Mary Kay was able to keep operating.

Lisa Phillips: Absolutely.

Glyna: Not only that, they also gave back to the community.

Lisa Phillips: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Glyna: I mean, tell us about what they were able to do, I guess, just in a split second, it seemed like.

Lisa Phillips: It truly was in a split second. The government called them and said, “We need hand sanitizers.” Because we have a state of the art manufacturing plant here in the US … It’s just south of Dallas. We were able to switch one of our lines and start immediately manufacturing hand sanitizers. We love that. We stepped up to that. That was a pure donation. So, to date, Mary Kay has donated over $10 million to the COVID-19 relief effort globally in monetary donations, product donations, and production supply. We’re very proud of that. We love that. We are proud that we were able to do that.

Glyna: Wow.

Kelsi: Very impressive.

Lisa Phillips: Yeah.

Kelsi: So, Mary Kay quit manufacturing their makeup lines to make hand sanitizer for the community?

Lisa Phillips: Absolutely.

Kelsi: And you still did well!

Lisa Phillips: And we still did well! So, everyone had to step up. Now, I will say that we could not help with the toilet paper situation. Somebody else had to do that! But we did help with the hand sanitizer. Also, so many of our consultants gave back their profits to help with their local community. I know that so many of my customers helped me provide hand creams for hospital workers, and we helped Jackson Hospital, Doctor Hammonds, down at Jackson Hospital in Montgomery, and we donated hand creams over 100. We’ve also donated hand creams to hospitals in Georgia and Indiana. So, I want to thank all my customers that helped us do that. But you know what? It really is an effort, a team effort. So, you know what? Thank you. Everybody, thank you. It’s all of us pulling together? Right.

Glyna: Yeah.

Kelsi: Yeah.

Lisa Phillips: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Glyna: Yep.

Kelsi: So, how has the switch from in-person consultation to live streaming in your consultations changed your business? Has it expanded your reach a lot?

Lisa Phillips: It has! Because we’ve always been around the kitchen table. Right? I think everybody’s probably familiar with Mary Kay’s marketing plan, that we come into your home and we sit around the kitchen table, and we play in makeup. Right? And it’s fun. We’ve been doing that for 56, almost 57, years. So, making this little bit of a pivot, and we were a little leery. How would it work, and what would it look like? But, you guys, it has been so much fun. Because, for instance, I’ve always done birthday parties. But if you were doing a birthday party, we were really limited to your local friends. Recently, we did a birthday party, and we did it virtually. But now you could invite your friends who were out of state. Now, all of a sudden, people were inviting their high school friends, and their college friends, and their grandma. Now, they have people from all over the country. So, that was really fun. So, it really has opened up a whole new world. It’s been exciting.

Kelsi: That’s awesome.

Lisa Phillips: Yeah.

Glyna: That is awesome. You’re doing lives every Monday evening. Correct?

Lisa Phillips: I am.

Glyna: 6:30 central?

Lisa Phillips: 6:30 central. Right.

Glyna: So, everybody can tune in. Now, talking about the birthday parties, if someone has a birthday coming up, they can contact you and you can help them get something fun like that set up?

Lisa Phillips: Absolutely. They are fun!

Glyna: I think that’s awesome. You can pour you a glass of wine, or margarita, or whatever.

Lisa Phillips: Margarita or your drink of choice!

Glyna: Well, I admire how you’ve really come along with your lives. Well, you’re a natural, anyway. Kelsi, can’t you tell how much she loves talking about this? You just light up when you talk about doing these things. Anyway. It shows through, why you do so well. I know your team appreciates you so much. So, how have you been able to use the lives to train?

Lisa Phillips: Well, so many times, people, I think, think, “If I wanted to do Mary Kay, how would I be trained?” If Lisa’s in Birmingham, or if my consultant … Not just me, but if my consultant lives somewhere else, normally, what we would have done is find you a local director, and have you piggyback on that. But now …

Glyna: Doesn’t matter.

Lisa Phillips: It doesn’t matter, because I can say, “Watch me on Monday night,” and you can watch what I do. So, the training now has streamlined so easily. Now, I can train one or 1,000 at the exact same time.

Glyna: Wow.

Lisa Phillips: So, this has truly pivoted our world, but yet still kept it very personal.

Glyna: Yeah! People can get started, like you said, this is an industry that you can work no matter if there’s coronavirus. It doesn’t matter what’s going on. I know a lot of people that lost their jobs, and this would be a viable thing for them to get into. How long does it take to train somebody?

Lisa Phillips: You train as you go.

Glyna: Okay.

Lisa Phillips: I mean, there is no downtime for training. I loved, last week, what Roxie talked about. I encourage everyone, if you did not catch that episode of Biz Talk, to go back and look at Roxie Kelley. Find out what is essential in this world. So many businesses lost their livelihood. I know my neighbor is in the medical field. Never in a million years, never in a million years did they think that they would be without a job, and found out that they are right now. So, we really do need to look at that, and to have almost a plan B, and to look at what is essential. Women are always going to worship their face.

Glyna: Yep.

Lisa Phillips: They are.

Glyna: Yep.

Kelsi: It’s true. It’s very true. Roxie said, “Thank you, Lisa! You are so kind!”

Lisa Phillips: It’s true!

Kelsi: You both have given great advice already. So, I know that a common misconception about Mary Kay is that it’s just makeup. It’s just skincare. Can you talk to us about how that’s not true?

Lisa Phillips: Yeah. It is. I think most people would be surprised to know that Mary Kay did not set out to be a cosmetic and skincare company. In fact, even to this day, that is not what we are. This is what just excites me the most. She did not want this to be a skincare and makeup company. She set out to, first, create a company that had a rewarding experience for women. Because back in 1963, that was not the case. There was not a way for women to have it all. She was a single mom of three. She was constantly passed over for jobs, and the pay was not equal, and she was not able to put her family first. She wanted to create a company where she could put her faith and family above her career. Then she wanted to be able to make an impact on her communities. It was only after she had those two things in place did she realize that she needed then a product. She looked at something that was consumable, essential, and for women. That’s when the cosmetics and, really, skincare … It wasn’t cosmetics at first. It was skincare. Nine products. She started with nine products. That’s when it started. So, the business plan was there first, way before the product. Now, we’re a global company, making an impact on the world. Our charitable foundation has donated over $80 million to two main causes, and that is cancers affecting women and ending domestic violence. Then, again, with the COVID relief globally, of $10 million here in just, what, two months? It’s amazing what we give back. So, that is our main purpose of Mary Kay, is to give back, and we do that because of the sales of our products. So, for every time someone buys a hand cream or a lipstick, it is because it is fueling those two causes. So, we thank our customers for that.

Kelsi: I was just going to say, too, that you’re also fueling women’s confidence.

Lisa Phillips: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Kelsi: That’s a big deal.

Lisa Phillips: Absolutely.

Glyna: Well, we have Cindy, who wants to know … She said, “Would you say more of your business comes from the skincare?” You may have just answered that. “Or, the makeup products?”

Lisa Phillips: Skincare, skincare, skincare. Skincare’s our bread and butter, because you know what, you can’t have … We always say you can’t be a 10 if your skincare is a two.

Glyna: Well, it’s true.

Lisa Phillips: Skincare first, baby!

Kelsi: That’s amazing.

Glyna: All right! Well, it’s such a great opportunity. I know anybody would love to work with you. Besides that, you do have some pretty phenomenal products. We’re going to talk about your tip of the day. What would be one of the most fantastic Mary Kay products that you would recommend for the Summer?

Lisa Phillips: It’s really hard. That’s like saying, “What’s your favorite lipstick?”

Glyna: I know.

Lisa Phillips: I know. It’s impossible, but because you said Summer, right now, with all the humidity and everything, so many times … This is good for men and women.

Glyna: Okay. Cool!

Lisa Phillips: Okay? So, this little bottle, it’s called our Finishing Spray, and this is going to be everyone’s best friend. It does not matter, again, if you’re a man or a woman, if you have dry skin or oily skin. It does not matter. Everyone needs this product. It’s sort-of like hairspray for your face and body. So, you can put this on before your foundation, after your foundation. You can dot it on your eyes. It doesn’t make your eyes crease. If you find your makeup sliding off during the day because of humidity, you do a little spritz of this. But the men, if you perspire and you make those little marks here, you can spray this on dry skin and then put your deodorant on. It’s great for bald heads. Any time you glisten. Women do not sweat, they glisten.

Glyna: Of course, not.

Lisa Phillips: We glisten. But if there are some places on your body that you glisten, you can take a little bit of this and spritz it on your back or other places.

Kelsi: Should I say where?

Lisa Phillips: What’d you say, Kelsi?

Kelsi: I said, “Should I say where?”

Lisa Phillips: You can go ahead. I’m not saying it.

Kelsi: I’ll go ahead and say it. You can use it for your boob sweat!

Glyna: Sarah is dying. Sarah’s like, “Okay, y’all!”

Kelsi: You gotta let them know!

Lisa Phillips: I’m just going to say this. You’re not going to see this printed in any Mary Kay literature.

Glyna: You’re not advertising that?

Lisa Phillips: No.

Kelsi: I said it.

Lisa Phillips: Okay. So, this is just in the field, things that we’re finding that it works for. Mary Kay will not stand behind that claim.

Glyna: For all those on the podcast. “What was that?!”

Lisa Phillips: Do not turn me in! But it is a great product. Again, for men and women, it truly makes a difference. It is amazing. But you spritz it on. You can do a little X and a plus, and it goes on wet, but it is amazing. It is just like magic. Immediately, it evaporates, and it just sets your makeup. It just evaporates everything. You don’t sweat. Your makeup looks like this. Because you know what? We don’t have time to reapply.

Glyna: No. Mm-mm (negative).

Lisa Phillips: We don’t.

Glyna: No.

Lisa Phillips: So, ask your consultant about it. Finishing Spray.

Glyna: Finishing Spray. Everybody needs it.

Kelsi: Perfect.

Lisa Phillips: Men and women.

Glyna: That’s so funny.

Kelsi: So, has anybody commented that you want to shout out, Glyna?

Glyna: Jonathan’s dying laughing. He said “I’m crying because I’m laughing so hard”. But, hey! That’s real stuff. That’s a great tip for men and women.

Lisa Phillips: That’s right.

Glyna: I’m going to be ordering mine.

Kelsi: Well, I know that you talk about confidence a lot and how important that message is to everyone. Would you mind sharing the story that you shared with us earlier this week about your trip to the grocery store?

Lisa Phillips: When a woman looks and feels good, it shows. When she doesn’t, it shows. Mary Kay always wanted a woman’s confidence to be at the highest, because she knew that made a difference in her home. She knew it made a difference with her friends. She knew it made a difference in all of her relationships. You’ve all probably done this. I know I have. Have you ever, maybe, not looked your best? Maybe you didn’t have on your makeup, or your hair, or you just didn’t have … You just threw on a pair of pajama pants or whatever and a shirt, and you had to run to the store.

Glyna: Oh, yeah.

Lisa Phillips: And you just hope what?

Kelsi: Nobody sees you that you know.

Lisa Phillips: You don’t see anybody. You’re just going to run right in and right out. Right? We’ve all done it. Well, I did it once, and I was like, “Oh, my God. I hope I don’t see anybody.” So, you know what happens.

Glyna: Of course.

Lisa Phillips: You see someone. Well, I was at the end of an aisle, and I saw my neighbor. So, like what anybody else did, I ran. I ducked. I went the opposite direction because I was like, “Ah! There she is!” I didn’t want her to see me! I was so embarrassed! So, I went the opposite way, was darting in and out of the aisles. “Is she gone?!” I didn’t want to see her. I’m looking like, “Oh, my God. Is she out the door,” before I would make my way around the bread, so that I could check out and leave. So, I was sure I was in the clear, and she didn’t see me. So, I was all good. It wasn’t until a couple of days later that she called me. She was real timid. I’ll never forget this conversation. It almost makes me cry. I’ll never forget, she called me and she said, “Could we talk?” I said, “Yeah.” Our boys were the same age at the time. She said, “Did I do something? Are we okay? Are you mad at me?” I’m like, “Why?” She said, “I saw you at the grocery, and you ignored me. In fact, you ran. So, I’m just wondering what did I do?”

Glyna: Aw.

Lisa Phillips: You guys, for two days, she lived with that, wondering, that guilt, what did she do? She, obviously, saw me, and she saw me ran. She thought she had done something, whereas, I just didn’t want her to see me.

Glyna: Yeah.

Lisa Phillips: It was all about me, and that taught me a lesson right there. It’s because it’s not about me. It’s how we make other people feel. That taught me a huge lesson. It was my lack of self confidence and how that portrayed to someone else. So, we have to really think about that.

Glyna: That’s true.

Lisa Phillips: So, you know what? When we’re in a grocery store, and we don’t make eye contact, and we look down, and we don’t say hello to someone, what does that make that other person think?

Kelsi: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Glyna: Don’t think about that. You’re all caught up in your own world.

Lisa Phillips: That’s right.

Glyna: Great lesson for everybody.

Lisa Phillips: That’s right.

Glyna: Well, Lisa, you’re known for going above and beyond, period, for everyone. In fact, I’ve been getting my Mary Kay from you for years, and every single time … I’ve got to show y’all this. I’ve got to just show y’all this. All right. Seriously, people. I have ordered so much Mary Kay from her, and every single time, no matter when it’s been, I get this beautiful package. It’s hand wrapped. It has a beautiful bow. It has a note to me. It has a lot of little extra special things. Then, I mean, it even comes in a beautiful pink envelope. I mean, share with us how those extras play in your business? It’s a natural thing for you, but you love doing that, don’t you?

Lisa Phillips: I do. I do. I really do. I really feel that buying a cleanser is not fun. I mean, it’s not. It’s like buying underwear or flour. It’s just not fun. I really want the experience with me to be fun.

Glyna: Yeah.

Lisa Phillips: I want your experience with Mary Kay to be fun. So, I do go the extra mile. My customers, I want for you to know that when you get something from me, it’s not going to be just a cleanser in a plastic bag.

Kelsi: No.

Lisa Phillips: It’s going to be something to look forward to, and it’s going to be something that had thought into it, and the samples that’s there, or the note, or just whatever, that there’s going to be thought into it, and it’s going to be customized for you, because you deserve it.

Glyna: That’s awesome.

Lisa Phillips: Yeah.

Kelsi: Well, I have to say, I got my very first Mary Kay delivery this week from you, Lisa, and it was so exciting to see that beautiful pink thing. I was like, “What is this?” I opened it, and I had my personal little note and my little samples. It was the most fun I’ve ever gotten receiving some lip balm in my life. That personal touch, it really does go the extra mile. It made me feel special that you thought to write that note to me. So, thank you.

Lisa Phillips: You’re welcome. You’re welcome.

Kelsi: What are some of the new things that we can anticipate from Mary Kay as a company? Are there new products coming out soon?

Lisa Phillips: Well, there are. As a Director, I always get a sneak peek, but I’m sworn to secrecy.

Kelsi: Aw.

Lisa Phillips: But I will tell you that our Fall line does come out in August, and I can’t…

Glyna: Maybe something to do with lips.

Lisa Phillips: Coming out, but my lips are sealed.

Glyna: Is it this? (Uses lip balm)

Lisa Phillips: But you’ll be excited. But you’ll be excited.

Glyna: That’s all I can say!

Kelsi: I’m going to share your contact information, so that if anybody out there listening wants to contact you, they can. For anybody on the podcast, if you want to reach Lisa, you can go to her website at, one word. L-I-S-A P-H-I-L-L-I-P-S.

Glyna: Thank you. Thanks for remembering to do that! Did you want to give her phone number?

Kelsi: I can! You can reach her by cell phone at area code (205)-229-7083.

Glyna: Perfect! Also, not only if you’re interested in product, but joining your team. I think that would be a blast to really make this a career. So, how about people wanting to join your team? What has it taken? Are there any specials going on right now that can help somebody get in?

Lisa Phillips: There are! Mary Kay has a special going on until the end of the month (June 2020). So, it is an amazing opportunity. They can get started for as little as $30. So, it’s a great eStart offer that May Kay has pivoted during this time for those that really want to get started and start their business virtually a little bit.

Kelsi: That’s amazing.

Glyna: Oh, wow.

Kelsi: $30?!

Lisa Phillips: That’s right.

Glyna: Wow. That is amazing. I mean, if you want to do it part-time, I mean, you have people doing that, too. So, I think it would be a great alternate income.

Lisa Phillips: Right. That’s right. We all have to have a plan B. We never know. I think we all learned that March 13th. Right?

Kelsi: We did.

Glyna: Yeah.

Kelsi: Yeah.

Glyna: So, Suzanne says, “Lisa is amazing.” That’s coming from a lady who’s amazing herself.

Lisa Phillips: Absolutely. Absolutely.

Glyna: That says a lot.

Kelsi: So, Lisa, who would be the best referral partners for you? Is there anything that we didn’t cover today that you would like to mention?

Lisa Phillips: A great referral partner is really anyone that, first, maybe, has a need in the community, especially, maybe, some of the hospitals. If they know of a need, I’d love to talk with them about that. Would be great. Anybody that is in charge of, I should say, women’s luncheons or women’s get togethers would be great, as well. Two things that I did want to mention that is really important. With so many people doing virtual meetings, one thing that I do … Sarah did a great training on Zoom etiquette. Right? I love it. At the beginning here, we were all learning together. Where to put your camera, where to look and what to do, and how to … what not to do. Now that we’re all trying to get into that rhythm a little bit, I have one client, and she called and she said, “Okay, I’m ready to up it a notch.” She said that now it’s the way that they’re going to be going, her doing meetings. So, we did a virtual makeover. Meaning that she was not happy with the way she was looking on camera. So, with her lighting, we worked on her makeup, because she realized that when you’re on camera, as everybody is, your makeup needs to look a little bit deeper, and your lipstick needs to be a little bit brighter. So, she wanted help with that. So, if anyone out there wants to have those virtual appointments, they’re so easy. We can do those back and forth, too. I would love to do those virtual appointments for anyone that wants to look a little bit better on camera. Right?

Glyna: Awesome. Yes.

Kelsi: Wonderful.

Glyna: Because there’s no excuses now. We’ve gone through the weird part. Like that lady said, you’ve got to kick it up a notch, or try to.

Lisa Phillips: Yeah. She’s a professional in a high corporation here. She said they’re not going to be going back. We’re not going backwards. So, she knew that she had to get out of her pajama top. It was time to step back up. So, that meant everything.

Glyna: So, awesome. Well, gosh, Lisa, I can’t believe our time is almost over. It’s been so fun. We still have a little bit more fun before we leave. So, I’m going to get us ready for the Hot Seat. Let’s go. All right. I actually have our timer ready, Kelsi. Can you believe it?

Kelsi: I can. You came prepared!

Glyna: We’re going to go 60 seconds, just having a little bit of fun. Kelsi will ask you just some off the wall questions, and you just answer however you think about it.

Kelsi: Ready?

Glyna:Ready to roll?

Lisa Phillips: I am. Hey, Roxie did awesome last week. I don’t know if I can do as good.

Glyna: Oh, you will.

Kelsi: You can.

Glyna: All right. Let’s go.

Kelsi: What was your favorite Halloween costume that you wore?

Lisa Phillips: Dorothy of the Wizard of Oz.

Kelsi: Do you have a pet peeve?

Lisa Phillips: Don’t leave stuff lying around.

Kelsi: What is the place you would most like to travel?

Lisa Phillips: Walt Disney World.

Kelsi: Do you have a lucky number?

Lisa Phillips: 13.

Kelsi: What color was your prom dress?

Lisa Phillips: Peach.

Kelsi: What is a must-have item that you always keep in your purse?

Glyna: (Lisa holds up 4 lipsticks) I was going to say, she has to unload her purse. It might be a while.

Kelsi: What is your go-to comfort food?

Lisa Phillips: Chocolate chip cookies.

Kelsi: What sauce do you dip your chicken nuggets in?

Lisa Phillips: Honey mustard.

Kelsi: What was your first concert?

Lisa Phillips: Barry Manilow!

Kelsi: Do you believe in aliens?

Lisa Phillips: No!

Kelsi: That was great!

Glyna: You did awesome! That’s so fun!

Kelsi: Do you want to tell us what all that is right there you got?

Lisa Phillips: Lipstick!

Glyna: How many do you have in your purse? Do you have any clue? I mean, she has a purse in her purse just for lipsticks.

Kelsi: Her lips always look good.

Glyna: What would you expect from one of the best Mary Kay representatives in the world?

Lisa Phillips: These are just the ones sitting right here on my desk.

Glyna: Well, you’re always ready.

Lisa Phillips: That’s embarrassing! These are the only ones I could literally just pick up right there. I’m still looking at four right over here.

Glyna: Oh, my gosh. Well, Lisa, it’s been a blast, and you’ve just made me laugh this morning, which you always make me happy. You’re one of the most positive people I know, but thank you so much for joining us.

Lisa Phillips: Oh, thanks for having me. I hope that this was beneficial to everyone. If they want to hop on Monday night for Melt Proof Your Makeup, that’s what we’ll be doing on my page.

Glyna: Perfect.

Lisa Phillips: Let me know, and I’ll send everyone an invite.

Glyna: Awesome. Well, I want to thank everybody for joining us today, and we will be back Tuesday for our next Marketing Mix segment. We’re going to be taking a week off next Friday because it’s so close to July 4th, but we will be back July 10th at 8:00, with our special guest, Steve Johnson, with N2 Publishing. So, y’all have a great day, and we will just see you next time. Bye!

Lisa Phillips: Bye!