Biz Talk with Kelly Daniel of Scout & Cellar

Wine lovers rejoice! Kelly Daniel joins us to talk about Scout & Cellar’s commitment to providing wine that is “Clean-Crafted”, meaning it is free of chemical additives. You’re going to need a bottle…or 12. Don’t miss this episode of Biz Talk!

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Sarah: Okay guys, it’s 8:00 am, and we’re here to talk about wine!

Glyna: Woohoo.

Sarah: Wine lovers will rejoice because we have a great guest this morning who’s going to talk about an amazing company, and we can’t wait to get started.

Glyna: Hey everybody, it is a great day to be in the Fusion One lounge. I’m Glyna Humm, and around the square here, we have our other marketing gurus, Kelsi Nicholson, and Sarah Gilliland. We’re having so much fun talking with business people to get tips and great info for all of us. Before we get started, Sarah, could you please put up our broadcast schedule?

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Glyna: Awesome. Well today we are so excited for our special guest. I think we are all very excited. I think there’s a lot of people who are going to find all of this very interesting. I want to introduce Kelly Daniel. We’re going to have to take a closer look at that cup. Kelly Daniel with Scout & Cellar, clean crafted wines. Good morning. I love it.

Sarah: I love it.

Kelly Daniel: Good morning.

Glyna: She’s like, there could be wine in this cup.

Kelly Daniel: Good morning.

Sarah: Check out the background, might I add.

Kelly Daniel: Maybe.

Sarah: The background is blinged out.

Kelly Daniel: Maybe.

Glyna: It is. She’s got it blinged out with her bottles. I just want to go grab one of those off the shelf even though it’s only what, 8:02. That’s all right though.

Sarah: And Glyna, you’re wearing wine colors so…

Glyna: Well I did that on purpose. No, I’m kidding. Well, we are so excited Kelly to have you on this morning, and we can’t wait to share all your cool information about your wine. So, we’re just going to dive right in. Why don’t you tell us just a little bit about Scout & Cellar, and how you got started in all of this.

Kelly Daniel: Yes. Thank you all so much for having me. This is so much fun. I had just seen so many friends that lived in Florida, constantly talking about this delicious wine, and it’s clean crafted. I never gave it a second thought, because in Alabama we can’t, I thought we couldn’t get shipped wine in. So, I just never gave it a second thought, and I just kept seeing it. Finally, I reached out to a friend and just like, “Goodness I just wish so bad we could get this shipped in and it looks so much fun, and it’s great.” And She was like, “Matter of fact, you can. We’re one of the few companies that have figured out how to make that happen.” So, I did a little more research on the company and fell in love with the company and the wine. We started, Sharon Shadonix, which is our owner and founder, started studying to be a wine professional. In the process of it, she just started realizing she was having headaches, really bad headaches, and started feeling really gross. So, she consulted with some wine professionals, wine producers, health professionals, and she found all the yucky stuff that is in the commercial wines, and all the added sugars. And so, from that, Scout & Cellar was born. It’s just been a great journey ever since then, and I’ve loved it. All the good stuff sometimes doesn’t always taste the best, but this stuff tastes great and is better for you. It’s been great. Yeah, it’s been so much fun.

Glyna: That’s fantastic. Yeah, I know what you mean. This food and this stuff is good for you, but it tastes horrible.

Sarah: Yeah it does. Yeah.

Glyna: I’m glad to hear it’s not that way. This is so funny. Steve Johnson is joining us this morning, and he said he opened a bottle of Gallivant Chardonnay from Scout & Cellar last night.

Kelly Daniel: Yes. Yes. It is so good. I’ve had that kind, and Steve it is so delicious.

Glyna: I can’t wait to get my hands on some too. Cindy Edmunds, I think you know her Kelly, she said, “Good morning, it’s so great to see you!”

Kelly Daniel: Hey Cindy! How are you?

Sarah: We always love having Cindy watching us. So, tell us a little bit more about the Clean Crafted portion of it. Because this was a little eye-opening for me in that there were so many additives. What does that mean, and what makes you all different?

Kelly Daniel: Yes. So Scout & Cellar is actually patenting “Clean-Crafted”. There are up to 250 additives and chemicals in your conventional wine.

Glyna: Wow.

Kelly Daniel: Yeah. Not to mention all the added sugars. That’s why we drink a couple of glasses and we can feel just yucky. So, we patented the name Clean-Crafted, which means we have no added sugars, zero chemicals, and additives, and zero pesticides, including RoundUp, believe it or not. So, without that yucky stuff, a lot of our customers find that they can drink our wine and not have the negative after effects of what they can get from mass-produced wine.

Kelsi: Wow.

Glyna: Awesome. And you were telling us a little bit about the people who own the vineyards, that they all even pick the grapes at a certain time of day to even avoid problems.

Kelly Daniel: Yes. Our wines actually go through two rounds of lab tests before they’re even bottled to make sure that they are truly qualifying for what we consider Clean-Crafted.

Kelsi: Wow, that’s fantastic. Really taking it a step further. So tell us, what all types of wine do Scout & Cellar offer?

Kelly Daniel: Oh my goodness, we’ve got all your typicals. We’ve got everything from canned wines, red wines, white wines, sparkling wines, and all your rose’. We’ve got a wine for every type of wine lover and whatever taste that you like.

Glyna: Wow. That’s fantastic. We have a few more people joining us this morning. Stephanie Christian, I think you might know who that is.

Kelly Daniel: That’s my mom. Hi mom!

Glyna: Mom’s here! And the Shelby County Chamber, Pari is on with us she said, “Here for the wine talk.”

Kelly Daniel: Yes girl. Yes.

Glyna: And then Melissa Keck with Keck Drones and 3D Imaging, she’s like this is so impressive. She had no idea there were so many bad things and additives in wine.

Kelly Daniel: Oh. It’s terrible. I didn’t either, and you know what’s so funny is I had this particular type of commercial wine that I always went to and I loved it, and it was my favorite. It was always my go to. Since I’ve started drinking Scout & Cellar, I cannot even taste that wine anymore, and it was my favorite. But it does not even taste the same. Is that so wild? That once you’ve had something that’s so much better for you, and you go to something that probably isn’t it just tastes different. Crazy.

Glyna: Yeah. It’s not crazy, it’s good in that you found a Clean-Crafted wine. Let’s talk about the Wine Club membership. That sounds like something a lot of people would be interested in.

Kelly Daniel: Yes. I’ve been an actual Wine Club member myself. We have the Scout & Circle Club and I’ve loved it. I’ve been doing it for about four months. So basically, you pick the kind of wine that you prefer. So if you want an all-white, or an all-red, or even get a mix of both. Then you pick how many bottles you want. So you can get four, six, or 12. Then you pick how often that you want it. You can get monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. And then based on what you choose, it’s a flat-rate pricing, free shipping, and it will come to you however frequently that you want. It has just been so great. I love it.

Glyna: Wow.

Kelly Daniel: Not only do you get the Clean-Crafted wine shipped to you, but you also are going to get access to exclusive labels that aren’t available typically to your regular consumer. With your boxing, you get these amazing stories of where the wines came from, the vineyards. It talks about these farmers. It’s great. I’ve had a blast. Like I said I’ve been doing it for about four months, and I get six bottles of white. I think I’m about to switch it over for the fall and maybe do a mix of white and red. But it’s just so fun. You get the opportunity to try wines that I would never go and buy in a grocery store. That I would never get to try, and you get the opportunity to try them. And it’s just been a whole lot of fun to look forward to.

Glyna: Exactly. That sounds like so much fun. I love Michelle Blanton, she’s like, “Wine. Did someone say wine?” Because she’s all about it.

Kelly Daniel: Yes ma’am. Yes ma’am.

Sarah: That’s pretty cool. So they give you a little reading material while you’re drinking your wine so you can learn more about what you’re drinking.

Kelsi: Where your grapes came from.

Kelly Daniel: Absolutely. And the stories are amazing where these wines come from. As I said, we take the small-batch vineyards. It’s just amazing the true blue people that bottle these wines, and the love that goes into it. It’s just wonderful to learn about it.

Sarah: Absolutely. So, that’s a really neat membership program because of all the options. Could I just buy a bottle of wine just without being a member?

Kelly Daniel: Oh Yeah. Absolutely. There’s no minimum for how much you can purchase. So if you find one that you enjoy and want to try, and you just want to buy one, two, three, or six of those. No judgment. There’s no minimum.

Glyna: Six, 12.

Kelly Daniel: No minimum, no cap.

Sarah: It’s just between you and your consultant! All the emojis over here, the comments are cracking me up.

Glyna: I know they’re cracking me up.

Kelsi: Okay, so the website mentions wine tasting. Is that something that anyone can partake in? And given the climate, is there a way to do it virtually?

Kelly Daniel: Absolutely. Yes. Normally, pre-Covid, what I would do is I would buy wine for you, I would bring it to your home, and we would invite all your friends, all your family, and we would just have a fun little wine party. We would serve hors d’oeuvres, or appetizers, or desserts, you know whatever. It would be your party and I would bring the wine, which is the best part, and we would just share all the great wines with your friends and family. And get to taste some fun wines. But of course, Covid hit, and we’ve had to get a little creative. What I would be able to do is offer a virtual party if you will. Basically, we could invite all your friends and family, just the same as we would to your home, and we can invite them virtually to a Facebook page or private group. Through that, I would be able to share all the great information about Scout & Cellar and the Clean-Crafted wine but also run promotions, discounts, and then give away some gift cards. So be a fun little way to get people involved. The great thing is, if you decide to be a host, based on how much your friends and family were to purchase, you would get a sweet little discount on your next order. Which would be so fun.

Glyna: Oh, I love that!

Kelly Daniel: It’s a great little discount.

Glyna: You know what though? If you knew who was going to be coming, you could give the person the wine a little bit ahead of time, huh. And then I could distribute it to the people beforehand, and then we could still kind of have a tasting. I don’t know, maybe.

Sarah: Yeah. That’s a good option. It’s a good thought.

Glyna: Well, let me ask you this. The website is awesome, it’s amazing. It’s got tons of stuff on it. So, how can you help someone navigate it?

Kelly Daniel: Okay. Yeah Glyna, it can be really overwhelming. There’s a lot of different wines out there. Everyone’s got a different taste bud. Everyone’s got a different preference. So it can definitely be a little overwhelming. But that’s been the most fun for me, becoming a consultant. I get to help people find that perfect wine that they love. So, that’s just been the best part. So, if you’re really not sure, or not sure what kind of wine you may like, please reach out to me. I’m definitely no wine expert, but I’ve tried a few of our wines, and I can make recommendations on what I do think that you’d enjoy. All of our wines come with great pairings for whatever the occasion, or whatever dish that you’re wanting to enjoy it with. I can definitely help!

Glyna: Awesome. I know you were telling us a little bit about all of them the other day. Cindy does have a couple of questions. Oh. Did you read my mind? You’re ready to go. She’s like, “First big question. Since there are fewer added sugars, are there fewer carbs than in regular wines?”

Sarah: Ah. That’s a good question, Cindy.

Kelly Daniel: Absolutely, Cindy. Absolutely. There is definitely a significant amount of fewer carbs in our wines. Now, of course, it will vary … but yes, there are definitely fewer carbs. So, you’ll find that our wines are more Keto, Paleo, Whole 30 friendly. So if those are the type of lifestyles that you’re trying to stick to, or even just the low carbs lifestyle, this is definitely the wine for you. You don’t have to give up your delicious wine to look good.

Glyna: Well at least it would be 10 times better than the regular wines with all that added sugar because it’s a natural sugar at least.

Sarah: Boy that’s great. Keto friendly! Okay. So, put your consultant hat on. So I want you to help us right now with how we could figure out what types of wines would be best for us that you offer.

Kelly Daniel: Oh. I would love that.

Glyna: Yeah. Yeah. I’ll go first. Pick me!

Kelsi: Start with Glyna.

Sarah: Okay. You’re going to ask us three questions. Right? Three specific questions that will help figure it out.

Kelly Daniel: Yeah. Definitely. You all tell me what kind of flavors, tastes do you like, do you not like. If you drink wine or have before on the regular, what kinds do you typically go to? And then what kind of foods do you typically drink your wine with. In what kind of environment do you typically want a drink, do you just drink it on weekends? When you’re outside? Do you like to drink it in the evenings with a movie? You all just kind of give me some information on what you all like, and then I’ll help make some good picks for you.

Glyna: Okay. Well, I would say as far as, I don’t drink a lot of wine, because I have never found one that I really, really like. But I do know that I don’t like anything very, very sweet. And I don’t like anything really, really dry. And if I had to pick, I do like the chardonnays. Probably my favorite. If I was to drink wine, as you talked about the environment, it’d probably be just to kind of unwind. Like in the evenings, something like that.

Kelly Daniel: Okay. Okay, so there are two wines, that I think that you would love. And they’re actually two of my personal favorites. We have a 2019 Fiddleneck Chardonnay, and it is my absolute go-to white wine. And then we have a 2008 Fieldhouse Pinot Noir. The chardonnay is delicious, like I said, it is one of my go-to white wines. It is fruity, it’s crisp, it’s very light. You’re going to see or taste notes of yellow apple, candied lemon peel, pineapple. It’s going to pair perfectly with chicken and fish. Fun fact actually, this wine is aged in a combination of steel and french oak barrels for three months before it’s even bottled.

Glyna: Wow.

Kelly Daniel: So it’s my absolute go-to. The next one, as I mentioned, is the Fieldhouse Pinot Noir. It’s going to have hints of red cherry, and ripe cranberry. It’s going to pair well with chicken as well, but then also really bold cheeses. So it’d be good with a charcuterie board. But it’s also one of my favorites. I love it. I really think that you’d love that. Yeah.

Glyna: So cool. And is that a screen share Kelsi? I wanted everybody to kind of take a look. This is the coolest website ever. You can kind of see here, it says notes of, and it’ll tell you a little bit about the tastes that are in it. Then it tells you what it pairs well with. So, it gets you all set up there. And then I don’t know if you scroll up a little bit Kelsi, does it have even more information? Yeah. It even tells you about the journey of that specific wine. All of the info. It really is, from someone who builds websites, it’s one of the coolest websites that give you all of the info.

Kelly Daniel: Yes. Yes. I do love our website. Like you mentioned earlier Glyna, wines can be overwhelming. And not knowing how to navigate them can be a little challenging. Our website is definitely user friendly. My favorite part though is down at the bottom and learning about each wine. I mean, how often do you get to know the journey from the vine to the bottle? And I just love that feature, getting to learn about each of the wines.

Glyna: I’ll stop hogging all the wine, cause I’m sure Sarah is wanting to go next. What do you like there Sarah?

Sarah: I’m a little opposite of Glyna. I do prefer dry. I like dark wines, I prefer Cabernet and Pinot Noir. I like them to have a little bit more of, no fruit absolutely no fruit, but more of kind of that okay, I don’t know, earthy kind of flavors.

Kelly Daniel: Yeah.

Sarah: Sort of thing. And I like to drink typically at night, after work.

Glyna: Typically.

Sarah: The quarantine may have affected some of my schedule.

Kelly Daniel: Afternoon.

Sarah: Right. Exactly. Now that the sun is setting earlier, it’s making me feel a little bit better.

Kelly Daniel: This is a no-judgment zone.

Sarah: It’s got to be at night when the responsibilities start to decline. Yeah. We all get it. Dinner, or at night watching TV. That would be kind of my environment.

Kelly Daniel: Absolutely. So, another one of my really huge favorites is the Fiddleneck Syrah, which I would never have picked up a Syrah in a grocery store. But I think Sarah that you would love this one. It does have tastes of wild plum and cherry, so it’s not that super fruity, or super sweet fruit flavor. It’s just a really bold red wine. It pairs perfect with steak or burgers, or barbecue. A fun fact about this wine is the grapes for this wine were hand-picked from vines planted 30 to 40 years ago. So, it’s got just an amazing bold flavor. So, I do think that you would really enjoy that one. The other one I think that you would like, there’s a 2018 Gallivant Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s got flavors of raspberry and black plum. So again, it’s going to have those really deep fruit flavors, but not super sweet. You know? And it goes great with a delicious steak as well. I think those are two that you would really enjoy. Like I said, that Syrah is one of my favorites. Actually, a fun fact about that Syrah too is my husband is not a wine drinker. He is learning to be one, but as I started this journey, every once in a while when I would place my personal order for wines, I would call him in here and I’m like, “Hey. Pick out a wine. Any wine you want. Let’s try it together.” And so that was actually the first one that he picked out. Of course, he only picks it out because of the cool label. But, I was shocked. I would never pick it up in a grocery store, so it was just something fun for us to try together, and that was one of his favorites.

Sarah: Wow.

Kelly Daniel: So I think you’ll enjoy that one, Sarah.

Glyna: Awesome. All right Kelsi.

Kelsi: All right. So, I am not a wine drinker. For anybody out there that’s watching this episode all about wine, that’s also not a wine drinker. But I would say that if I’m going to drink it, it’s going to be under social settings. No F.O.M.O. Over here. If everybody else is drinking, I’m going to drink. I would prefer something that’s more fruity, but not very sweet, but also not dry. It cannot be dry.

Sarah: What’s that thing that you say Kelsi that made me laugh so hard. Like you make your cheeks pucker.

Kelsi: It pinches them.

Kelly Daniel: One more time, we missed it. One more time, we missed it. It’s a shame that we didn’t freeze on that.

Glyna: Right. I don’t know, Sarah is pretty fast with the screenshot.

Kelsi: So, what do you have for me, the non-wine lover. Oh, also I like bubbles if I didn’t mention.

Glyna: Oh. Yes.

Kelly Daniel: Yes. They’re fun. Honestly, all of our canned options would be great for you Kelsi. But I would actually lean, for you, more towards our Epic Pursuit of the white wine spritzer. I know when you and I had talked previously, my first question was do you like ginger because I was really shocked to taste how delicious this was considering it had ginger in it. But it’s got lemon and mint and ginger, which would not be my typical go to. But when I say this is so refreshing, and it’s in a can. It can fit in your purse or your cooler, or wherever you’re going, it’s easy to travel with. It’s also low on alcohol. Lower in alcohol. So, if you’re not a typical wine drinker, you can enjoy all four of these. They come in four in a pack and still be able to walk around a function.

Kelsi: That’s important.

Kelly Daniel: And so, I love the fact that it’s lower in alcohol. But it pairs perfectly with any social setting. Any kind of outside. But it’s just really light, really crisp, it’s got a slight bubble to it. They’re really delicious. So, I love those. The next one I would recommend for you, there is a 2020 Dove Hunt Dog Rose’. I’m not usually a rose’ fan, but I took this bottle to the beach, and I actually froze some strawberries, blended it up, and mixed it with this and made like a little froze’. Again, this one’s a little lower in alcohol. It was delicious. It’s great by its self as well. It’s going to have notes of strawberries, watermelon, and blood orange. It just pairs perfectly with everything. Could we go back to the white wine spritzer real quick?

Kelsi: Sure.

Kelly Daniel: So something I want to note, which I just also found… One of the other wonderful about Scout & Cellar. If you’ll scroll down. We actually, for all of our Epic Pursuits brand, we actually donate 1% of the proceeds of purchases to a foundation called One Percent for the Planet, which is a nonprofit organization and it focuses on bee conservation and then research through sustainable farming practices. So these are super important for our environment, and especially our farmers. So, we give back. 1% of these proceeds actually go to that nonprofit, which is super fun.

Kelsi: That’s fantastic. Gives me even more reason to buy that.

Kelly Daniel: I know. I know. But I do think you would really enjoy these. Both of these are great. The Rose’ is awesome too.

Kelsi: I have to say, I love the packaging on all of them. So, even if I didn’t enjoy the taste of it, I would like to put the bottle in my kitchen.

Glyna: I think Kelsi you’re up.

Kelsi: Oh. Sorry! Okay. So Kelly, tell us what’s your favorite wine?

Kelly Daniel: Well, honestly all of the ones I recommended for you all are my favorites. I mean really. I think my top pick would be the chardonnay I recommended for Glyna. That Fiddleneck Chardonnay. That’s probably my favorite. The Syrah I recommended also earlier, is probably one of my tops. We’ve had that a few times for our anniversary dinner. Those are probably some of my favorites. I will say that these are also, these little guys, are also some of my favorites. These are our 14K wines. This is a bubbly white. But these are some of my favorites as well because they’re packaged in these cute little cans. This can is actually a perfect single glass pour. And so, what I love is I can throw them in my husband’s cooler and not worry about opening a bottle of wine and having to re-cork it. These come in a package of four. They are a regular glass of wine, so they are a little bit higher in content. So you have to be a little careful of these little guys. They’ll sneak up on you. But these come in red, a rose’, and then a bubbly. So these are super fun. I enjoyed having these over the summer.

Glyna: Awesome. Well, I know you’ve told us about a few of your favorites. Are there any other favorites? You’re like, “I could talk about all of them.” But are there other favorites?

Kelly Daniel: I know. I think those would probably be my top, but as I mentioned before, I just really enjoy trying wines that I would never have ventured out to try. And usually, because I was afraid they were going to make me feel yucky. And so, I’ve had a blast honestly. I have not, I know this sounds like such a business plug but it’s not, I’ve really not had a wine that I have not enjoyed. This has just been a lot of fun.

Glyna: So cool. Well, there’s so many good ones, so many favorites that everyone would have. Do you get any discount if you want to buy multiple bottles?

Kelly Daniel: Absolutely. For a $99 purchase or more, you’re going to get free shipping. For a purchase of six to 11 bottles, you’re going to get 5% off, which is very easy to do, and put six bottles in your cart. Very easy to do. For 12 bottles or more, you get 10% off. And so, when you add in free shipping and 5% or 10%, you can really rack up a great deal on some of these wines.

Glyna: Yeah. Awesome.

Sarah: Yes. Let’s talk about the holidays and holiday gift sets. I know you all have got some, and they’re packaged so beautifully too. Would you tell us what kind of holiday gift sets you’ve got for sale right now?

Kelly Daniel: Yeah. Right now, we’re running a promotion. We’re going to do it for 12 days, we’re on our 5th day. Each day, we feature a popular wine and we offer 20% off on that particular wine until midnight that night. And so every day is a different one.

Glyna: Well, look at that. There’s 20% off this product on Friday, which is today.

Kelly Daniel: I’ll just do this. I’ll just do this. Look at that. There’s my face. I can’t do the opposite. I can’t figure out the opposite. Okay, there we go. Anyhow, so you guys [inaudible 00:34:14]. So yesterday, we did the Syrah I recommended earlier. Today is this Middle Jane. A lot of it is going to be the higher-priced wines. So to get that 20% off is great. These are great gift ideas. If you’re not really sure who to buy for, this is on everybody’s Christmas list. At least mine. This is a great option. But, you were talking about the packaging earlier, are we able to get the website up, cause I’d love to look at that.

Glyna: I think so. For everybody who doesn’t know, you can find all of this stuff. Those specials every day are on Kelly’s Facebook page, Uncorked and Unwind, and we’ll be running that on the bottom here in a minute. So go to Facebook now you all and get to her page.

Kelly Daniel: Yeah. So, shop holiday gift sets, right there on the front page. Which is so great, easy to access. So all of our packagings, what we’ve done is we’ve paired a couple of wines together, and you can do a single wine or you can do two bottles. You can get these for yourself, or you can use these for gifts. These are great for every wine lover. If you look down at the bottom you’ll see your sparkling lovers, your white wine lovers, your red wine lovers. These are going to be great gifts for anyone and whatever kind of wine that they typically enjoy. These wines are going to be packaged in a beautiful box. All materials that we use to package our wine are 100% recycled. They’re going to come with a tasting card, so they’re going to give recommendations. What to pair them with, they’re going to give you the back story of the wine. So these are just beautiful gifts. You can get those shipped to yourself and then deliver them yourself, or you can get them delivered directly to whoever you want to gift them to.

Glyna: Cool.

Kelly Daniel: So they’re awesome pairings. Yes. And I will say too, we offer a mixable which is also, and I could go on forever and ever, but it’s a different type of alcohol alternative. So it’s fun to mix for the holidays. So we do offer a gift set for that as well.

Kelsi: Cool.

Glyna: Fun.

Kelsi: So how long does it take once you’ve added all those wines to your cart and had them shipped. How long does it take for you to receive them typically?

Kelly Daniel: Seven to 11 business days, excuse me, seven to 10 business days is standard. Recently we’ve opened up several new distribution facilities, so we are working to get those days lowered. Most of the time, it’s coming in sooner than that. Of course with the holidays, that’s pretty standard. It’s seven to 10 business days usually. My laptop’s about to die, so let me plug it in.

Kelsi: This is a fun episode.

Glyna: It looks like people are a little concerned about us. Andy wants to know what’s in our mug. Cindy’s like, “What’s in your coffee cups?” And Harry’s like, “Have you all been drinking this morning?” We will never tell. All righty. So, in Alabama, I know it can get a little tricky shipping alcohol over state lines. But, Scout & Cellar has even come up with a way to do that, that’s awesome. So tell us about how we can get our wine in Alabama.

Kelly Daniel: Absolutely, I was a little nervous starting with Scout & Cellar because I was afraid the process would be difficult. Because I didn’t know of any other wine companies doing it. So, I thought for sure this has got to be a pain in the neck. But, placing orders myself it’s a super easy process. We do have to go through the ABC Store of course. But what would happen is we go online, and through my personal link we’d place your order. I would reach out to you and we would talk about the most convenient ABC store that’s either close to you or close to work that you would prefer to have your wine shipped to. The wine would go directly to that ABC store. And it’s basically just so they can open it up, make sure we’re not bootlegging anything we’re not supposed to be sending in. And then, I or the ABC store would call you and let you know that your wine’s ready to pick up. So for me, I picked the ABC store that’s on the way to the grocery store. I pick up my wine. Priorities. Then I pick up my groceries. It’s super easy, and I will say for most other states, I’m a little jealous, their wine goes straight to their doorstep. So, in Florida, they get it straight to their doorstep. So, if you have family or friends that you want to send gifts to in other states as well, that’s an option and it’ll go straight to their door for Christmas. Yeah, we do have to go through ABC, but it’s really not an issue. It’s super easy, and I handle the rest.

Glyna: Well, let’s face it, and I can’t speak for everyone, but I make a trip or two to the ABC store. That’s not a problem.

Sarah: You’re going to be going there anyway.

Kelsi: What I want to mention here really quick, when you log on to the website, this thing pops that says are you 21, check yes, and it asks you to choose your state as well. So, I think that if you’re in a state where they can’t deliver it to your door, it’s going to pop up and tell you there’s a little caveat here. So, if you have a relative that’s in Wyoming or something, go in there and click Wyoming and if it can be delivered to their door, then it won’t do anything it will just say buy all the wine.

Kelly Daniel: Absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah. There are very few states that don’t allow us to ship to them. I had a friend of mine who wanted to send a congratulations gift to a friend of theirs in New York, and so it went straight to their doorstep. So I was able to help her purchase it, we added a gift message of congratulations. No hassle. She sent the gift. It was in one of our beautiful packagings. There is a form that will pop up for those of us in Alabama when you select Alabama, but I handle that for all of our customers. It’s a super simple form that I just submit with their order, but I handle that for all of our customers. So all you have to do is just go place your order and we’ll talk about the ABC store that works for you.

Kelsi: Perfect.

Sarah: Let’s put this up here. Okay. We have thoroughly enjoyed this. Time has really flown and we’ve learned a lot. So, a lot of ways you can contact Kelly. On the website, she can be your personal wine consultant, which isn’t that great? But it’s Scout & Cellar. You can email her at, call her directly at 205-767-8340, or follow her on Facebook @kdanielscwines. And there we go.

Kelsi: When you go to Scout & Cellar website it’s /kellydaniel.

Kelly Daniel: Yes.

Kelsi: And then you’ll be shopping underneath Kelly.

Sarah: Great.

Kelly Daniel: Yes. Just any way that you want to contact me.

Sarah: Well we’re wrapping it up, but we have one last thing for you. We’re going to put you on the hot seat.

Glyna: Yeah.

Sarah: Let’s go.

Kelly Daniel: Oh. Boy. Now I’m nervous. Drink my wine, I mean my coffee.

Kelsi: All right. Here we go.

Glyna: Let’s see what you get to play.

Kelly Daniel: I’m not good under pressure.

Glyna: All right. Sarah’s getting it put together here.

Sarah: Yes. Okay, so have you ever played the 5-second rule before?

Kelly Daniel: With food.

Sarah: Oh, that’s classic. I’m going to just shout out a category and you give me the first three things that come to mind in 5 seconds. Okay. Okay, here we go. Three forms of communication.

Kelly Daniel: Oh. Text. Email. Phone.

Sarah: Good job. Three things you cut.

Kelly Daniel: Hair. Carrots. Phone line.

Sarah: This is a good one. Three types of drinks.

Kelly Daniel: Oh. Wine. Beer. Tequila.

Sarah: Love it.

Kelly Daniel: That’s really bad. That makes me sound like an alcoholic.

Sarah: Three things that smell bad. Did she hear me?

Kelly Daniel: Diapers. My husband. And, that’s about it.

Sarah: Oh my gosh. Three words you shout.

Kelly Daniel: My husband’s name. My daughter’s name. My dog’s name.

Sarah: Okay. Three fast-food restaurants.

Kelly Daniel: Oh. Chick-Fil-A. I’m going to throw Starbucks in there. And Panera Bread. Those are my fast foods.

Sarah: That’s time.

Glyna: Woohoo! You did well.

Sarah: Yes.

Kelsi: You did really well.

Glyna: Well this did go so fast Kelly, but we really, really appreciate you joining us today. and i know that there will be people reaching out to you for your wines. We just really want to thank you so much, and we’ll be getting with you. That’s for sure.

Sarah: That is for sure.

Kelly Daniel: Yeah, and I appreciate it. Thank you all so much. I just want to make sure to mention please reach out to me. Let’s try some great wine. If you don’t like it, if you’re not 100% satisfied with it, then I’m going to get your money back 100%. So, it doesn’t hurt to try it, just give me a call or touch base with me on Facebook and let’s uncork and unwind.

Kelsi: Love it.

Glyna: I love it. Well, thank you so much. And I want to thank everybody for joining us today. Had such a great time. As always tune in next Tuesday, eight o’clock for our marketing mix segment and then we will be back next Friday at eight o’clock for another Biz Talk. So until then, everybody have a great day.

Sarah: Bye.

Kelly Daniel: Bye.