Biz Talk with Jacob Vail of Alfa Insurance

Jacob Vail of Alfa Insurance joins the Fusion One Lounge this week! He is going to cover what you need to look out for when shopping for insurance & will explain what sets Alfa apart.

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Sarah: Hey, we are live! Good morning everyone, welcome to Biz Talk! We’ve got a great guest today. Looking forward to today, let’s get started.

Glyna: Hey, hey. Good morning!

Jacob Vail: Good morning everyone!

Glyna: Sorry for the delay, but Jacob got stuck in hair and makeup. We couldn’t get him finished. The talent, it never ends. All right. It is a great day here at the Fusion One Lounge, I’m Glyna Humm and around the square here we have our other social media gurus, Sarah and Kelsi. We’re having so much fun talking with business people so that we can get tips for us and a lot of tips for you all, too. But before we get started, let’s throw up where they can find our broadcasts. That didn’t sound right, put up where they can find our broadcast.

Jacob Vail: Just throw it!

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Glyna: All right, we are, we are ready to go now. Are we all ready?

Sarah: We’re ready.

Jacob Vail: Makeup’s done, I’m ready to go!

Glyna: You look fabulous. I’d have to say!

Jacob Vail: Well, I had my daughters do my makeup this morning, actually, so it’s better than normal.

Glyna: I have to say I was really expecting blue hair.

Jacob Vail: Hey, I’ve got that! We might break that out here in a minute.

Glyna: Rob’s like, “don’t be surprised if he doesn’t come out with the blue hair.” But, I guess I should introduce our wonderful guest here. We have taken Jacob Vail here with us from Alfa Insurance, and we’re really excited to find out about you and a little bit more about your business, Jacob.

Jacob Vail: Yeah!

Glyna: We’re just going to dive right on in.

Jacob Vail: All right.

Glyna: Tell us a little bit about Alfa Insurance.

Jacob Vail: I am an agent with Alfa Insurance. We’re an insurance company based here in Alabama. We’re actually part of the Farm Bureau network of insurance companies, almost every state has a Farm Bureau insurance company. In Alabama, we are the Farm Bureau insurance company. We operate in about 11 different States, but I operate in Alabama only. I’m only licensed in Alabama. I’ve been with the company for almost 10 years, in insurance for about 15. Love what I do, every day is different. That makes it kind of exciting and Alfa is a very well-known household name here in Alabama. We’ve been in Alabama for a long time and a very stable company here based in Alabama so a lot of people are familiar with us.

Glyna: Perfect. Well, if you had to tell somebody about your specialties, what would you say that you specialize in? What types of insurance?

Jacob Vail: Well, pretty much we can do anything. I specialize in home, auto, and life insurance, pretty much. That’s my bread and butter. We do some commercial insurance as well, but primarily home and auto and life is our bread and butter. That incorporates a whole lot of stuff in that confines of those simple listings. There are things like personal umbrellas, personal articles, so there’s a lot more tied into those three main categories, but that’s primarily what we do.

Glyna: So, you said, “if you can live in it or drive in it, you can take care of that insurance.” Right?

Jacob Vail: Yeah. If you live in it or you drive it, we can insure it. Yeah, call us. I guess there’s something out there we can’t insure, but I haven’t come across it yet. But yeah, we can help you with anything that you drive down the road or you live in at night. Or day, whatever time you live in it.

Glyna: I noticed you also have, what really intrigued me was, a home warranty included as well. So, we’ll probably get into that a little bit more, but that’s something that you offer.

Jacob Vail: Yeah, that’s something we started offering, I guess it’s been almost two years now maybe. But, it’s a Home Systems Protection. It’s actually been one of the more popular things we started offering and we can definitely dive into that now or later. But it’s very unique in the industry, used to you had to have a home insurance program and then some people might have a home warranty kind of program. Well, we’ve kind of added something that would take place of a home warranty or compliment some people’s home warranty programs and we call it a Home Systems Protection. Been one of the best things I think we’ve had in a long time. It’ll protect things like your heating and cooling system, your water heater, refrigerators, TVs, computers, even your swimming pool. There are some neat attributes to having that on your policy and it’s relatively inexpensive coverage to have, too. Pretty popular right now.

Glyna: All kinds of great stuff. Yeah. Awesome. Well, we have Cindy Edmunds. I told you she’d be looking out for us.

Jacob Vail: There she is. Good morning, Cindy!

Glyna: Yep. She said, “Good morning, Jacob and ladies.”

Kelsi: Good morning, Cindy!

Jacob Vail: You know, it’s always Jacob and ladies. I live with four women, I have three daughters and a wife. I work with three women. It’s always Jacob and ladies. I’m used to that. Thank you, Cindy, for reminding me again.

Sarah: He’s used to that kind of introduction, Jacob and the ladies.

Jacob Vail: Yes. That’s just the story of my life, I guess God knew I needed somebody to take care of me or something. I don’t know.

Glyna: Well, just so you’re not outnumbered, Steve Johnson just jumped on.

Jacob Vail: Oh, there he is! Well, now Steve knows about hanging out with the ladies, too. Yeah, he can relate. I’ve heard he goes to ladies’ clubs every now and then.

Glyna: I was going to say, I don’t know if I’ll need to expand on that.

Jacob Vail: What’s the next question? Sorry, Steve. Good morning!

Sarah: We’ve talked earlier this week and there are so many things about Alfa that make it unique with the services that they offer. Can you kind of touch on that a little bit more about what Alfa offers? One of them in particular, which was really great, is how they process claims.

Jacob Vail: Yeah. So, Alfa, we’re known as a “hometown company”. You’ll notice a lot of our commercials are geared that way, that’s intentional. We may not always have the funniest. We have some new funny ones out there though, so be looking for that. But, we were known as a hometown company, and one of the ways that we do that is how we pay our claims. Our adjusters are not contracted adjusters, they’re employees of the company so they have an interest in how the company performs, how our customers view the company. I know my adjusters that adjust my claims are just down the street from me. That’s a really good thing when my clients need help with a claim, I know who to call. I can talk to them. We work closely together. That’s a unique thing. Actually, I think this may be the second or third year, but we’ve ranked really high on the JD Power Customer Satisfaction in the Southeast. I think we were number three. The top company is a sister company in Tennessee, the Farm Bureau in Tennessee. Then there’s another company that doesn’t operate in Alabama and then there’s us. So, we’re third on the JD Power Customer Satisfaction index or whatever it’s called. That’s just an example of our customer service record and most of that is based on how we pay our claims. That makes my job easy when our adjusters do the right thing for our customers, it helps sell our product and it makes my job just really, really easy on a daily basis.

Sarah: Yeah, and that accessibility is so key. I know that to be able to file a claim, and you can file a claim 24/7 365, it’s available. And, like you said, having sort of a dedicated claim specialist that’s there for you, you don’t just feel like you’re getting some random 1-800 number and, you know, going in loops. I think that’s a huge standout because filing claims is a lot of times where the headache comes in and makes it easy. I know I’ve been there!

Jacob Vail: Yeah, certainly. One of the things we do unique is the agent can file the claim for you. There are times that people might call a 1-800 to file a claim. I don’t handle every claim so I don’t want to pretend that I do. But, I can remember New Year this year, at eight o’clock in the morning I was filing a claim for a customer that had a house fire. It’s not uncommon. They called me, they didn’t know what to do. I really push that my cell phone number is on all my cards, it’s on all my advertisement. I want customers to call me when they have a question. When you have a house fire or something, you know. I had some customers this past week at cars flooded down south. Sometimes you don’t know what to do and so you don’t want to call a 1-800 number and talk to somebody that doesn’t know you, doesn’t care about you. Our 1-800 number employees, they’re very helpful, but sometimes you want to call somebody you know. That’s why I want people to call me. I get calls and texts and emails all the time regarding claims. Most of the time, most agents are just going to send you to the 1-800 number to file a claim. That’s something we try to push that we do differently and it’s really yielded great results for us over the years.

Kelsi: I imagine having that close relationship with your adjusters helps speed up the response time, as well. You’re not having to go through the chain of command to get to your adjuster.

Jacob Vail: Oh yeah, because there’s no way an agent can know everything about filing a claim, just like an adjuster can’t know everything about selling insurance. So, I rely heavily on our adjusters and you’re exactly right, Kelsi. It is great to be able to call my adjusters, ask them a question, sometimes even before filing a claim because our adjusters really don’t get involved until there is a claim. But, I can lean on them as the agent for questions and concerns and thoughts, whatever the situation is. If there’s a disagreement on a claim we get together on those things sometimes and try to work it out. I think I’ve said, Alfa really tries to find a way to pay claims, not to deny them. There are claims that are denied. There are things aren’t covered, I’m not going to pretend there’s not, everybody knows that. But we do try hard to find a way to pay a claim and that just shows in our customer satisfaction and our record with the general public.

Kelsi: Absolutely. Well, I’m sure that people call you all the time and ask you questions. What are some of the most frequently asked questions that you get?

Jacob Vail: Oh man. So, I get a lot of questions. Some of the more common ones are things like are certain things covered? I’ll have questions about if this happens or if that happens, is this covered? Then I’ll sometimes even get questions I can’t answer. How much is insurance for this car? Well, I mean, there’s a lot of things calculated into the cost of things. Driving records, cars themselves, coverages, your claims record, all of those things so it’s really hard to just kind of throw a price out. There’s a lot of work involved in determining cost and those kinds of things. Being in the community I get questions from people that aren’t customers all the time about, “Hey, my insurance company is doing this. Can you advise me what to do?” Sometimes I’m just giving free advice for people that aren’t necessarily customers. A funny question, I get sometimes that’s kind of misunderstood is this the does having a red car impact our rates, certain color of the car?

Glyna: Really?

Jacob Vail: That’s kind of an old wives’ tale. Maybe it was at one time, not since I’ve been in the business, but the color of your car doesn’t necessarily impact the rate. Now, if you’ve got a red car, do you like to drive fast? Maybe that’s going to impact it, but the car itself is not.

Sarah: Yeah. The person that drives the car is the main factor.

Jacob Vail: Slow down, Sarah. That’s what we’re trying to tell you!

Sarah: I know, I feel like there’s a little personal attack here, Jacob!

Jacob Vail: Hey, you just look guilty. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just the computer monitor. I don’t know.

Kelsi: Well, can you tell us, what are some of the most important things that individuals need to have together prior to filing their claim?

Jacob Vail: First off, I would suggest you always discuss it with your agent. I say always, most of the time. It may be something that you… If your house is on fire and is burned halfway down, you may or may not need to discuss that with your agent. But, use your agent. Call them and ask questions before you file the claim. One of the things we hear a lot too is, “I don’t like insurance because when I filed a claim, the rates go up.” Well, your rates are based on how often you file claims. So, the likelihood of you filing a claim even is factored into that. When you file a claim, those discounts that you might be receiving for not having claims do go away, sometimes. It’s important to, before you file the claim, talk to your agent. Make sure it’s the right move for you. Make sure it’s a valid claim that you need to file because sometimes the frequency of filing them can really impact your rates in a situation that might cause you to regret filing certain claims. That’s a good question. Most important thing is to talk to your agent, don’t look for opportunities to file the claim. The insurance is there as a safety net, not as a coverall, okay. Unfortunately, in today’s world, people want to always have something kind-of done for them. It tends to make, you want to use that policy over and over again and that’s my rates over the last few decades have really gone up because we tend to use our insurance coverage more often and there’s insurance for everything.

Glyna: Yeah, because you were telling us that you have an insurance score, just like you almost have a credit score, when people are shopping that’s being taken into consideration.

Jacob Vail: Yeah. That’s a good point, Glyna. There is an insurance score, much like a credit score. These insurance scores, sometimes are reflective of what your credit score is, but there are different numbers. I know there are some credit agencies that will offer you an insurance score monitoring along with your credit score monitoring. Yeah, that is a huge determining factor of your rate with most carriers. The claims can impact that insurance score and that’s a fantastic point to know that not just the claims, but there are other things that impact that insurance score. Payment patterns and things like that. Very good point, that’s a huge impact on what your premiums are.

Glyna: Well, we have a few more people tuning in this morning. Samata, I know we have Samata Shah, she is tuning in. We also have Melissa Keck. We had her on, was it last week? Keck Drones & 3D Imaging.

Kelsi: Week before last, two weeks ago.


I knew people would be interested in this part. Obviously, Alfa Insurance has fantastic insurance, but we mentioned that home warranty and that was something that really intrigued me. You call it something different so home warranty, I think you know what I’m saying. But, Cindy wants to know more about that because she’s a realtor so she wants to know the price range, and then she also wants to know can you get the home warranty separately or does it have to come with the Alfa Insurance?

Jacob Vail: Yeah. Good question, Cindy! As a realtor, this actually came up this past week. I had a customer that was buying a house in the Shelby County area and they had part of their contract was to have a home warranty, which as you probably know, those can be $300 to $600. It just depends on the coverage, the company, and the house. I really have never sold them, but I know those all play factors in the rates. They had worked that into their contract. Well, in place of that, since we offer the home system warranty which currently, and again pricing can change, but generally you’re talking about $50 to $60 range. It’s really not good to give rates over here, but probably looking at about $50 to $60 range for the coverage. Well, they decided to take our home systems protection, which is kind of can be similar to home warranty, and then asked the person that they were buying the house from who could contract with a home warranty to do something in place of the home warranty. Last I heard, I think that worked out for them. So good question, Cindy, and the home warranty covers- excuse me, the home systems protection covers very similar things.

Glyna: Sorry, I got you.

Jacob Vail: Yeah, you got me, Glyna. Sorry. I guess you’re paying me back for getting on a Sarah earlier for driving too fast. I’m just kidding. You probably never speed. Goodness, I’m going to be in trouble now.

Sarah: I know, we can’t edit it. We’re live.

Jacob Vail: Yeah that’s right. I asked for that three-second delay. I told y’all I needed a three-second delay. But the home systems covers things like your HVAC system, your water heater, microwaves, computers, TVs, those type of things. Even your swimming pool systems. It is a pretty comprehensive plan, but there are, again, things that are not covered in it. But, it’s covered much like a home warranty against mechanical breakdown. So, if your HVAC system is 30 years old and it just needs to be replaced, it might not be covered, okay. Again, every situation is different and that would run through our claims department, but it works very similar to the home warranty that that most people would buy when they’re buying a home.

Glyna: Okay. Perfect. All right. Let’s talk about some red flags in your industry. We don’t have to say any names, we don’t have to talk about any other companies. But, what are some things that people should really look for when they’re searching for a new insurance company?

Jacob Vail: I’m going to start with the number one thing. Probably, if the number one important thing is about saving money, now we all like to be prudent and save money. But, if that’s the number one push, if you can spend five minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes to save a few dollars and that’s all the conversation is about, I think that’s a huge red flag. Because here’s the worst thing you can do is swap insurance to a provider just to save $100 dollars and it cost you thousands down the road because you weren’t covered well. I see people all the time that went with a carrier that advertised quick savings, handling everything alone, not talking to an agent. Then you look at their coverage and they have horrible liability limits where they don’t have coverage that they thought they had. Again, the most important thing is- to just save money is not the only reason to move to the carrier. Now, with that being said, I’m not trying to say that we don’t save money for people at Alfa. We’re very competitive. Sometimes we are the lowest price carrier. So, sometimes saving money is part of that transaction, but it should not be the first thing you look at. That’s probably the largest red flag. The other red flag, this may not be quite what you’re asking, Glyna, but when you have a lot of claims on your record and you’re calling to check around insurance, make sure they know about those claims before you make a change, you do anything. Because the last thing you would want to do is change and be with a brand new carrier with all those claims on your records. A red flag is when somebody is just willing to take you and they haven’t talked about those claims that you have on your record. Be it in your car, maybe have car accidents, maybe have tickets. Or on your house, you’ve got water claims or fire claims or weather claims. Whatever that is, just to make sure you have a discussion about that. Those are big red flags in the insurance industry and you need to have conversations with your agent before you make any moves or any changes.

Glyna: It’s not something that you can really hide. They’re going to see it.

Jacob Vail: You’re right. It just like most people know you have a medical background, kind of like your credit for it, you have a medical background. Well, you also have a claims background check. Yeah, it is hard to hide, but then some people try to hide it. It’s not the best scenario to do that. You can run, but you can’t hide.

Glyna: I’d like to come back over since we have so many questions, we’re just going to reel some more off to you if that’s okay. Samata has, this is interesting, it’s kind of like who pays for what, who’s responsible. So, she’s like, tell us how does Alfa… Alfa covers the tree falling on a house. Like, if your tree falls on your neighbor’s house or their tree falls on yours, who’s responsible?

Jacob Vail: Oh, Samata, you’re throwing me a curveball. I like it. You can always rely on her. Good question. So, first off, let me tell you, I’m not an attorney so I’m not going to give legal advice, but I will tell you insurance with trees is one of the… what’s a good word? It can be very contentious dealing with tree claims. Let me give you a kind of a scenario. When a tornado comes through, a tree from your neighbor’s yard, two blocks away could end up in your yard. Determining where that tree actually came from can be difficult in a situation like that. So, the tree is normally going to be the responsibility of the yard that it falls in. Some people might call those acts of God. It’s caused by wind or it’s caused by even if the tree dies, that’s considered an act of God. Just because your tree falls in your neighbor’s yard doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to be liable.

Glyna: Really?

Jacob Vail: That’d be a question to talk to your adjuster when it happens, or some people might consider legal advice on that. But just remember, most people are not responsible for that tree falling or dying. Normally, that’s something that was uncontrollable. Normally it can be the responsibility of the yard or the property that it lands in.

Glyna: Really?

Jacob Vail: Yeah!

Glyna: I call foul on that!

Jacob Vail: Yeah. I know it’s kind of crazy. That’s normally not the answer people want to hear, either.

Glyna: I know.

Jacob Vail: Another thing with that too, she mentioned falling on the house, but do keep in mind, the trees themselves are normally not, there are situations where they can be, they’re normally not part of your insurance coverage on your homeowner policy. The things that they land on might be, so your driveway, your house, storage, your she-shed, or whatever. Whatever item they land on, if that’s a covered structure then it might be covered, but a tree just dying or falling in the yard may not be covered. For most situations, it’s not. Good question, Samata!

Glyna: Interesting, I’m glad I know my Alfa Insurance guy so I can call and ask him when my neighbor’s dead trees fall in my yard.

Jacob Vail: Oh no. It feels like a really touchy subject there, Glyna.

Glyna: Just saying! All right, Melissa wants to know if you cover golf carts.

Jacob Vail: Good question!

Glyna: It’s a hot topic in Trussville.

Jacob Vail: Yeah. It is a huge topic, man. If you join any neighborhood Facebook feeds, you’ll see golf carts. People love them and people hate them. Wow. We can cover golf carts.

Sarah: That is a good question, Melissa.

Jacob Vail: Yeah. Yeah. It is a very good question. This is another reason why you really need to talk to your agent. There are several companies out there that are now at excluding liability on your homeowner policies for golf carts. It’s an automatic exclusion. Sometimes you can buy back that coverage, but there are a lot of times that liability is covered. Most of the time, the coverage for the golf cart doesn’t exist for theft or damage or something like that until you do insure it. Some companies have a standalone golf cart policy, some add it onto your auto policy. You can add those on even if they’re not street legal. Most golf carts are not street legal. Now, when you go down south at the beach and you see all those people driving around and rental carts, those are normally street legal carts. They have tags and go at certain speeds and have all the horns and stuff. That’s what I’m referring to when I say “street legal”. But, most of the golf carts you see in the neighborhoods around town are not typically what you call street legal, but they can still be covered under your insurance policy. But, that is a very good question because there’s a lot of policies out there nowadays that exclude liability from that. If you’ve seen recent reports in the last few years there’s been people hurt, there’s been occupants or drivers hurt on golf carts and there could be liability situations in both of those cases.

Sarah: Gosh. You think about, too, in the neighborhoods when they’ve got teenage kids that are driving because that’s what I hear on the complaint system on my neighborhood pages.

Kelsi: The kids on the golf carts?

Sarah: I don’t know about anybody else but that’s a common complaint.

Jacob Vail: Oh my goodness, yeah.

Sarah: “To the person with the white golf cart”.

Jacob Vail: Yeah. Most of the time there’s a picture associated with that, too, right?

Glyna: Always.

Jacob Vail: What’s the term everybody’s calling everybody, that when you report stuff? Is it called a Karen?

Sarah: A Karen.

Jacob Vail: Are there any Karen’s on the line?

Glyna: No Karen’s today.

Jacob Vail: I don’t know where that started.

Glyna: I don’t either, how did Karen get such a bad rap?

Jacob Vail: I don’t know, my mother-in-law’s name is Karen. I feel bad for her. She gets offended when people talk about Karen.

Sarah: My mom’s name is Karen. I’m like, “mom, Karen, you’re being a Karen.”

Jacob Vail: Well, she’s always being a Karen, though, let’s be real.

Sarah: I know. Right. She may have coined it.

Jacob Vail: We’re going to get ourselves in trouble here in a minute.

Sarah: I know, hopefully, my mom’s not watching. Love you, mom! Goodness. The biggest question, as we conclude this, is why Alfa? There are so many key differences about Alfa versus the competitors, but can you kind of dive into that a little bit more of really why would somebody want to call Alfa over another business?

Jacob Vail: Okay, good question. The number one reason why people have insurance, outside of because the state mandates you have it on car insurance, put that to the side. But the number one reason why people have insurance is if a claim were to occur, okay, they don’t have insurance just so they can find the cheapest rate on it. They don’t have insurance because they just love spending their money on insurance. I haven’t found anybody that likes to do that yet, okay, including this one. But the number one reason is when you have a claim, you want to make sure you’re covered. The number one reason I would say why Alfa is because we have one of, if not the best, reputation in town for paying our claims when you need us and being there for you when you need to. Again, it doesn’t mean we’re perfect. It does…

Kelsi: Lost his audio.

Sarah: We got to do charades. We can’t hear you. X on the hear.

Glyna: There you go.

Jacob Vail: So, we learned something new. When your phone rings and you’re using a headset and it’s tied to two things, it mutes it. Yeah, just the learning curve. What did you hear last? That’s a good question.

Sarah: Well, we were talking about that you find a way to pay a claim and that there are circumstances where it doesn’t.

Jacob Vail: Okay. I was just ignoring my phone ringing and talking, not realizing y’all couldn’t hear me. I’m sure that was kind of funny looking.

Glyna: We just thought you really wanted to play charades.

Jacob Vail: Hey, you block out everything you don’t want people to hear. Right? I was saying the number one reason why you have insurance is so that a claim is paid, and Alfa has one of the best reputations. Call your roofing companies, call your body repair shops, call your restoration companies, and ask them about the company that you have. Ask them about the company you’re considering. I think you’ll find out Alfa ranks pretty high with those carriers. Not because we pay them to say good things, but because when they are dealing with the adjusters, they realize Alfa takes care of their customers. Number two, I would say, we are a local-based company. We’re a large employer in the state of Alabama, particularly. We’re where you live and you’re supporting your local municipalities by supporting a home-based company here in Alabama. But also, we do operate in other States as well and so the same claims experience you experience here in Alabama, you also experience in our other States that we operate in, as well.

Glyna: Perfect.

Sarah: Yeah, that is huge. The accessibility and your strength at how you pay claims.

Glyna: That’s the main thing.

Sarah: Yeah. Membership run company, which tells us about that, too. How that’s just another key differentiator.

Jacob Vail: Yeah, yeah. We’re not a stock run company, we’re a membership run company. That’s something that’s a little bit different. It means we’re not just out to have our stock price go up. We do have a member-run company, so it’s a little bit different than a lot of the other carriers. We’re run by the Alabama Farmer Federation, which is part of the Farm Bureau Network.

Glyna: Cool.

Sarah: Yeah. That is. Let’s put that contact information up there everyone can give you a call.

Jacob Vail: What’s that? Scrolling at the bottom. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do? I always see people doing that. Yeah.

Sarah: Yes, there we go. Jacob Vail with Alfa Insurance, you can reach him by email You could call a cell at (205) 837-5179 and as always, visit the website.

Glyna: You got it in there.

Jacob Vail: You got it. Yeah. That’s it.

Glyna: We are always racing the ticker.

Jacob Vail: You did a good job reading. I would call it “speed reading”, but I know that’s sensitive right now.

Sarah: Reading while it’s moving, too.

Jacob Vail:

Yeah, that’s pretty good.

Sarah: Oh boy. Okay. Well, we’re going to have some fun.

Jacob Vail: Okay.

Sarah: And we’re going to move into our Wheel of Games.

Glyna: That’s just fun all over.

Jacob Vail: Time for fun.

Glyna: You may want to get that screenshot, Sarah. You probably already did that.

Sarah: Oh my gosh, I absolutely love it and yes I will.

Kelsi: All right. I’m about to bring up the Wheel of Games. The Wheel of Games.

Jacob Vail: This just the part y’all warned me about, right?

Sarah: This is it. Okay, so we have four games. Famous movie quotes, five-second rule, fill in the blank, or this or that. This is totally random, we have no idea what it’s going to give us. Kelsi’s going to go ahead and do it.

Jacob Vail: Do I get to phone a friend?

Kelsi: No lifelines!

Jacob Vail: Oh gosh. I have no idea what this is. Let’s see. Five-second rule.

Sarah: All right. Well, don’t worry about it. It’s completely…

Glyna: Is that the one, Sarah, you were like, “this is the hardest one ever.” No, I’m kidding.

Jacob Vail: Oh great!

Sarah: Yeah. Hang on. Let me get, make sure I’ve got my sheet.

Jacob Vail: I have a feeling it’s not the same five-second rule I know about, right? Dropping food and eating it, right?

Glyna: No.

Jacob Vail: No, okay.

Sarah: It’s not, it’s not. I’ve got to get my… Somehow I’m missing a piece of paper.

Kelsi: I have the five-second rule questions if you just want to work the buzzer.

Sarah: I got it. I got it. I’m okay.

Jacob Vail: She was looking for the hard one. Payback.

Sarah: I’ll go look at that extra hard one and that’s the one that I’m going to print.

Jacob Vail: I knew it. Hold on, let me fix my hair.

Glyna: There we go.

Sarah: Okay. Here we go.

Jacob Vail: I’m getting nervous!

Sarah: For those of you not played this before, we want to name three things in five seconds. It’s the first thing that comes to your head and five seconds. When the five seconds is up, I’m beeping you. Okay? I’m going to put my timer set. This is, by the way, one of my favorite games.

Glyna: So, Sarah, you’re going to say something and then he has to come up with three things that apply to that?

Sarah: That’s right. That’s exactly right. I’ve got my timer set, so we are good to go. All right. Are you ready?

Jacob Vail: I don’t know. I’ll find out.

Sarah: Okay. So you’re going to name three things in five seconds. Ready and go. Three forms of communication.

Jacob Vail: Text, email, phone,

Sarah: Three things you cut.

Jacob Vail: Paper, fingers, cords.

Sarah: You made it. Three ways to say hello.

Jacob Vail: Hola. Hello.

Glyna: Hola was your first one?

Jacob Vail: I don’t know that was tough!

Sarah: Three things you find in a garage.

Jacob Vail: Car, tools, and people.

Sarah: You made it. Three types of drinks.

Jacob Vail: Oh gosh. Alcohol, coke, bourbon. Two are the same. Goodness.

Sarah: Three sharp objects.

Jacob Vail: Scissors, scalpel, lawnmower blade.

Sarah: Three modes of transportation.

Jacob Vail: Car, motorcycle, plane.

Sarah: Come on. Good job. Three things that smell bad.

Jacob Vail: Farts. Rotten tomatoes, that doesn’t smell bad. I don’t know. Does that smell bad? Toilets!

Sarah: Three pro football teams.

Jacob Vail: Titans. This came from Titans. Braves. Oh, football. Dadgummit! I’m sorry. That should’ve been an easy one.

Sarah: Three words you shout.

Jacob Vail: Hi! No! Stay!

Sarah: Okay. Three fast-food restaurants.

Jacob Vail: Arby’s, McDonald’s, Taco Bell.

Sarah: Oh, good job. Three vegetables.

Jacob Vail: Cucumber, tomato. Is a tomato a vegetable or fruit? It’s a fruit, right?

Glyna: You’re good.

Jacob Vail: I missed the easy ones! Vegetables and football teams?!

Glyna: That was great.

Jacob Vail: This is intimidating. Okay, that was fun.

Sarah: I’m looking for that team, the Braves, on Sunday.

Jacob Vail: Yeah. Hey, listen. It was an accident. My head was this tightness of the hat was causing problems.

Glyna: I think he did really well. I was feeling so much pressure for you, but you came through.

Jacob Vail: I was feeling the pressure. Five seconds is not a lot of time.

Glyna: Well, I can’t believe it our time’s up, Jacob. But we really, really appreciate you coming on and it’s been so much fun.

Jacob Vail: Yeah, I’ve enjoyed it. It’s been fun. We’ll do it again sometime.

Glyna: I think we just might. All right, we also want to thank everybody else for tuning in today and want to remind you that you can catch us on Marketing Mix every Tuesday at eight o’clock and then join us next Friday for another episode of Biz Talk at eight o’clock in the morning. We have a special guest Mary Maze Beasley with Let’s Be Frank Designs. You’ll want to tune in then, and until then, everybody have a great week.

Sarah: Bye!