How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Lives?

artificial intelligence in the worldThe concept of artificial intelligence has been around since 1943.  However, it was not recognized commercially, until quite recently. The inception of AI took charge with the aspiration of such machines that would adapt to their environment and have cognitive ability to perceive things and respond accordingly.

As AI research expanded its footing, numerous misconceptions materialized regarding its feasibility. One of the most common mistakes of AI is adverse effects it will have on the lives of human beings; that is, AI will lead to unemployment, a replacement of human mind, and it will wipe out human beings.

Regardless of whether you are a Terminator fan or not, unfortunately, a majority of people are of the same view. On the contrary, AI has proven to be quite beneficial and will continue to do so in the years to come.

Artificially Intelligence technology has been in our lives longer than we can imagine. From auto correct feature and speech recognition to analytical software, biometrics and widely used smartphones, etc. all fall under the broad spectrum of AI technology.

We have grown so accustomed to these technologies that having our face recognized or being answered by our virtual assistant seems pretty reasonable to us.

Artificial intelligence is playing a significant role in improving peoples’ daily lives. Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa are providing the necessary information and a lot more with a mere voice command.  Moreover, the content that comes to our social media homepage (newsfeed) is influenced by artificial intelligence.

AI takes our past activities on our social media accounts and presents us with content that is most relevant to us in real-time. Furthermore, all the online searches from music and shopping to foreign destinations we travel are taken into account by the appropriate application to provide us with the most convenient experience as possible.

AI is transforming how businesses operate nowadays. What would often take days and months to get collected, refined and analyzed is now being achieved within minutes? With the assistance of faster and smarter software and analytical tools, businesses can make a crucial decision in real-time.

Analytics is playing a significant role in transforming financial and marketing functions as well; it is taking care of all the monotonous tasks, like calculations and report generation, and letting individuals focus on strategic matters.

Similarly, AI is playing an active role in other industries as well. In logistics, AI is utilized to find out patterns to optimally allocate resources, such as fuel and vehicles, etc. In healthcare, AI is playing a significant role in educating and training physicians. Businesses that will turn their attention to AI in the right time will yield real benefits from that or as Mark Cuban puts it, “AI will produce the world’s first trillionaires.”

Artificial Intelligence has been around for a long time and will only grow more in our lives. Regardless of all the concerns associated with AI, it should not act as a barrier between transforming lives for the better.

As Eric Schmidt beautifully puts it, ‘would we have been against the invention of telephones by fearing its misuse by others? or would we have built the telephone and simultaneously planned ways in case of any mishap?’