Apple Maps

Apple Maps

Apple Maps is the mapping app developed and maintained by Apple. It was created to compete with the popular Google Maps.

Back when the iPhone first launched, it came preloaded with Google Maps on it. That’s why in 2012, Apple launched its own version. When it was released to the public, it fell under harsh criticism. It had fallen so short of what users had come to expect from a mapping system. There were so many glitches, errors, and inaccuracies that Tim Cook had to come out with a public apology.

After that, things changed for the better. Apple has kept its word and made significant strides in the development of Apple Maps. They’ve introduced new features, corrected errors, and integrations with other companies like Yelp and public transit. Even transportation companies like Uber and Lyft have integrated with it.

iOS 11 introduced lane guidance, indoor location mapping, and a speed limit widget on navigation. For iOS 12, Apple has proclaimed they’re totally revamping Apple Maps and rebuilding it from the ground up, and they delivered. In early 2020, Apple completed a complete overhaul of its maps in the United States.

This newly rebuilt version of Apple Maps features significantly greater detail overall.  From updated parks, sports fields, pools, building massing, and more. They even released a new feature called “Look Around” that is comparable to Google’s Street View. As they continue updating it, they’re expected to roll out these changes to more countries.

Today, Apple Maps is the most used mapping system in the world. This can be attributed to the fact that it is built-in as the default program on every Apple iOS Device. Every iPad, every iPhone, and every Apple Watch adds up to some major numbers! It is also used to power the Find My iPhone app.

If you’re a small business owner, it’s crucial that your business shows up on Apple Maps. With how many people are utilizing Apple Maps, including by asking Siri, you could be missing out on exponential amounts of potential clients. Claim your free listing for as many physical locations as you have through the following link All you need is an Apple ID, and you’re good to go!

The platform itself is pretty simple and is a similar setup to Google My Business. Setting your hours and providing other basic information is all it really takes. From there, enjoy the rewards of being plugged into such a powerful online tool.

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